I don't recognize this America

Beijing? Moscow? Pyongyang? No, it’s Washington, D.C.

Being a staunch conservative republican, I am an ardent supporter of our military. I served, my dad served, my brother served, my son served and my grandson has recently enlisted. I couldn’t be more proud. Military service is an honorable commitment, and we salute all who serve and have served. Because of their service, we are free. That being said, the Fourth of July — Independence Day — is to our president “The Donald J. Trump Show. “

Our country is accustomed to seeing displays of military power in belligerent bullying countries but in this citizen’s opinion, this is out of line for the U.S. We do not portend to be aggressive bullies. On our Independence Day, a day that should be greatly unifying, Trump is proudly declaring that he is a self-promoting, egotistical narcissist. He is crude, he is rude, he is vulgar and he is the least presidential man who has ever held the presidency of this great nation. He has shown that if his lips are moving he is lying.

He is the most divisive president in America’s history. If the Republican Party desires to ever hold the presidency again, they should deny him the nomination in 2020 and put forth a man or woman with a moral compass. Well, I’m gonna go now while I am still being kind.

As for me, as many of you know, I am now and shall ever be “Always on the Right.”



Tanks on the National Mall?

President Trump insisted there would be tanks on display during the Fourth of July festivities in our nation’s capital.

Trump must be oblivious to the historical resonance of deploying tanks in a city. (Shades of Tiananmen Square, 1989!) America is not Sparta but Athens — or at least it used to be.



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