Why the elites just despise Trump

“They are not after me, they are after you, I am just in the way.”

That sentence superimposed over a dark, fierce looking Donald Trump got a lot of play on Facebook a few months ago. It was lauded and belittled as your politics demanded.

That said, I asked a sample of zealots, in one way or another, what Trump had actually done to make them so hate him. I asked privately so as to encourage a little objectivity.

Those who answered at all, and most did not, offered character traits which is not something you do, and of course this impeachment story which almost no one understands, which changes by the day and which anyway only has been an issue for only a few months. All in all, no one offered any sort of answer to the question.

What has he done?

I think that meme might be more true than we realize. Now I know that most zealots are rock throwers and not policy wonks, but behind or below them someone is. The internationalists and bureaucrats hate him. Trump has actually acted to make us a nation of free people once more. Borders, self-identified, self-interested and defended. He had defended us abroad militarily and economically. He has acted to promote the policies he ran on and has done so against the most determined inexplicable opposition I have ever seen. He has kept his promises. He has acted with vigor to make us energy independent. Appointed pro-freedom, pro-life judges; strictly pro-law enforcement; an avid deregulator. Whatever he said during the campaign, he doesn’t seem a religious man, but he has done more to promote religious freedom than any president in my lifetime. I don’t think it’s the religion part of that phrase, but the freedom part that motivates this man.

The socialists and the bureaucracy, which by definition is socialist, the Democrats and all who advocate big government to help us understand what we should think, what we should buy, at what price and, most importantly, from whom we can buy and sell — for whom we can work, or must work, he pounds hammer and tongs against.

Yes, I think the meme was right. It really isn’t him they want, it is us, he is just in the way.



A fan of Dave’s Killer Bread

I read The News & Advance article about the $25 million expansion at Flowers Bakery with great interest. How awesome for Lynchburg! I had no idea Dave’s Killer Bread had any connection to Lynchburg.

I first bought Dave’s Killer Bread a few years ago, struck by its story of an ex-felon who made good by starting a bakery and hiring other ex-felons. According to Dave’s Killer Bread, ex-felons accounted for about a third of its workforce.

Soon, though, we started buying Dave’s Killer Breads simply because they tasted so good. Now, I can feel even better buying these delicious breads knowing there will soon be a local link to Lynchburg. I hope this means the CEO and managers at Flowers Bakery will keep Dave’s original mission of hiring ex-felons locally, too.



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