Time for transparency in Richmond

After 22 years of GOP control of the House of Delegates, it’s time for transparency, according to Transparency Virginia, a collection of advocacy and nonprofit groups. This is especially true now that prominent Republican strategist Thomas Hofeller’s hard drives and thumb drives have been released by his daughter, a year after his death.

Hofeller was the redistricting specialist that advised GOP federal and state legislators on how to deprive minorities of the power of their vote to increase the chances for GOP candidates. Imagine taking an oath of office to protect the constitution of your state or federal government, then going right to work conspiring to undermine it by depriving select districts of the power of their votes.

The GOP in North Carolina battled in court to have the evidence destroyed or sealed. Thomas’ daughter, Stephanie, has posted her late father’s files online. Remember that 11 districts were so gerrymandered in Virginia, as determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. According to Transparency Virginia’s website, the state of Virginia has “a proud tradition of service to the people of the Commonwealth.” Seriously?



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