No respect for life in Campbell

Kudos to the enlightened Campbell County Board of Supervisors for spearheading the efforts of herds of residents in the region for establishing safe havens for gun violence.

Why do these individuals refuse to see that the issue is one of unchecked gun violence? Prosecution of a murder after the fact is meaningless. To my knowledge, law-abiding citizens who own guns for sport or self-defense do not typically engage in gun violence. However, does society really need to have assault rifles readily available to all, including those with mental issues and who constitute a threat to society?

How can one proudly proclaim to a loved one, friend or neighbor that empowering murderers has greater value than taking reasonable efforts to preserve lives and reduce gun violence? In my opinion, establishing a gun sanctuary is totally selfish, self-centered and arrogant.

It is quite unfortunate that the state Republican Party has chosen to follow the lead of national Republicans in trying to divide citizens and instill fear. Will people use their intelligence to recognize this fact?

To refuse to support actions to protect life shows a total lack of respect for life. Where is your decency?



‘What to think’ think tank

What a front page news flash! “Liberty University launches think tank” headline in the Dec. 4 issue of The News & Advance was a real eye-catcher. I immediately envisioned the practice of interdisciplinary research combined with free thought and open dialogue.

Much to my dismay, after reading about its purpose and close ties with Donald Trump, I believe that “think right tank” would be an appropriate middle name to add to this illustrious group.



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