UnAmerican and unpresidential

Donald Trump: the savior that God sent our nation, the man who’s going to make America Christian again, the man ordained to “Make America Great Again.” God help all of those who believe, preach, teach and/or relate this blasphemy to others in anyway!

If God had a hand in “Anything Trump,” it was to show us the type of person/president that we never again want representing America and/or her Christian values and principles. Implied in all of this “Chosen One” hogwash is the creation of a theocracy in America when actually, just the opposite is what America is all about. Actually, Trump — because of the kind of person that he is — is incapable of representing the best of who we are as a nation.

Unlike the Trump administration, we are not a nation where white nationalism rules the day; where racial bigotry is used for political gain; where misogyny, sexual misconduct and abuse are honorable behaviors; where growing attacks on immigrants and refugees are acceptable; and where reducing programs for the poor while cutting taxes or the rich are positive governmental programs. We are not a nation where the the normalization of lying by the nation’s highest leaders, xenophobia and environmental mismanagement are positive measures of how our government is functioning.

However, these are the qualifications Trump brings to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. God, in his wisdom, has certainly showed a majority of us the qualities and behavior that we do not want our leaders to have, and for that we can be eternally thankful!



A top-notch medical staff

On May 21, 2019, my life changed dramatically. I was sent to get an MRI by Dr. Michael Diminick of OrthoVirginia. This MRI was to be routine to find out about pain I was having in my left shoulder.

Dr. Steven Braff of the MRI department saw what he described as a possible aneurysm in my brain. After this report, my life was a whirlwind, going to different doctors to get second and third opinions. I went down to Virginia Beach and to Richmond but decided to have my surgery done here in Lynchburg by Dr. Suman Nalluri.

My surgery was successfully done on Sept. 19 in Lynchburg General Hospital by Dr. Nalluri. I wish I knew everyone’s name and could personally give thanks. Since I don’t, I am now giving my heartfelt thanks to all of the staff, nurses, doctors and any other personnel who, I feel, saved me from possibly having a stroke or even death from this aneurysm. I believe we have the best doctors and hospital in the area. Thanks again to everyone!



First, know your opponent

I would like to thank Loretta Zimmerman for her letter to the editor in the Nov. 12 issue of The News & Advance in which she explained why she voted for, supports and plans to vote again for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

When the Rev. Dr. Martin Marty spoke at then-Randolph-Macon Woman’s College back in the mid-1980s, he made one statement in particular so profound, it has stuck with me verbatim ever since: “In order to effectively address any opponent, one must first understand that opponent.”

Marty was, at the time, part of a group of scholars studying various religious, political and nationalist movements around the world, and because their purpose was to understand each of these groups, they made it a point to give each group a copy of their report for comment and revision. They would also give them a copy of the report on their opposing movements. The response they invariably got back went something like this: “You got us right, but boy, did you miss the mark on those other guys.”



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