Cartoon misses the mark

Your recent cartoon of May 14 by BRANCO appears to be a new trend in your newspaper. Next to his name appears the name of Americans for Limited Government. This is a conservative organization headquartered in Fairfax, Va. which in the past has received funding from the Koch Brothers’ Donors Trust group. If you do any research of this cartoonist, you’ll discover that he pushes many right-wing groups that I shall not name here. Your cartoon shows Uncle Sam walking out a door labeled “Economic Recovery” being restrained by the Democrats. The cartoon equally could have had a scientist or a doctor doing the restraining and urging caution. This cartoon was way overly simplistic. If the intent was to illustrate that many Democratic (and Republican) governors are doing a better job of protecting the citizens of their states than Trump, it missed the mark.

In the course of its history, the ALG has been active in aiding the establishment of Tea Party groups around the country. Since Trump took office, the ALG has participated in White House meetings, advising on issues such as proposed changes to the health care law, the debt ceiling and U.S. trade policies. This is hardly a non-partisan group, nor are any of the other groups BRANCO represents.

I fully understand that political cartoons are used to make a political point, but they should strive for accuracy.


Madison Heights

Governor Northam, let people work

As an eighty-three year old great-grandfather, I am in the most vulnerable age group for the coronavirus infection. To protect me you are going to keep everyone basically under house arrest until you are sure I will be safe.

Most of us, in my generation, have spent a large part of our lives working to make it better for our children and grandchildren. Why in the world would we want you to destroy their lives as you are doing by not letting them go to work, just to save ours?

Some of our children and grand-children are going hungry because they can’t work. Some are going bankrupt. Some are losing their homes and small businesses. Most are losing the opportunity to better their lives. All are losing the dignity of supporting their families.

My generation can quarantine ourselves. Let the younger folk go to work. They are not in much more danger of dying from the coronavirus than they are driving to work. The course we are on will ruin the economy for a generation or worse.

Governor, it is time for you to open Virginia up for our workers. There is no such thing as an unessential job that you can just shut down by fiat. Every job that puts food on a family’s table or a roof over their head is essential to that family.

I know that this is a hard decision and you will be criticized either way you go but remember that the first rule in medicine is to do no harm. By not letting people go back to work now, I believe you are doing much more harm than good.



(Wilkins is a former Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates)

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