Writer: It's time to be offended

Over the past 30 to 40 years, homosexuality has outted itself fully into society and more recently, transgenders have been pushing the same way. While making up only a tiny fraction of a percent of the population, their impact from bathroom usage to pronoun distinctions has created confusion and even legal and practical complications for government and businesses.

Changing hair color or adding a tattoo may modify the appearance of an individual somewhat, but it doesn’t generally change their legal status or impact on society. The altering of gender either physically or simply by self-identification, however, introduces a myriad of issues which must be dealt with.

The left is pressing hard the idea that the individual may absolutely self-identify as either male, female or something else, and that government (and society) must be accepting of that decision. In other words, despite genetics, science or even plumbing, a person is whatever gender classification they say they are.

The homosexual lifestyle has been injected into the curriculums of the public schools for decades. Now there are even transgender events/activities scheduled in public libraries for elementary and pre-school children.

The left is all about keeping Judeo-Christian values and influences out of government, but they are quite comfortable with inserting anti-religious ideas and actions into both government policies and institutions. Concerning gender, their intent is obviously to gain greater acceptance of both homosexual and transgender lifestyles. Further, they are intent on indoctrinating our impressionable young children with these views — whether their parents want this or not.

Democrats harp on and even make legal policy to defend “protected” classes of citizens from being “offended.” It is well past time for moral-based heterosexual adults to be offended by this continual assault on our values. Our religious values are the very ones upon which this country was founded. And those values are the very ones the left is working to erode and eventually eradicate.

Not unlike the frog in the pot of water gradually heated up until it is cooked, the left has been heating up the assault on traditional American values for decades. If you are an American of principle with those traditional values, there is no more time left to languish on your phone or in front of the TV.

Get up. Be offended. Make your voice heard before the left flushes their sewer of ideas throughout our society.


Madison Heights

Aim higher, News & Advance

I have been a regular reader of The News & Advance for the 16 years since I moved to Lynchburg to live in the revitalizing downtown area. I have been a participant by writing regular letters to the editor and suggesting articles to a number of journalists whom I got to know over the years.

One of the major problems with the paper that I observed is that good reporters do not stay around a long time. Lynchburg is often just a waystation in a journalistic career. The men and women who have reported on city politics have usually seemed to leave just when they were getting an idea about what and how things happen in town politics.

However, two recent topics covered in the paper have given me hope that in-depth and investigative journalism may find life here. I am speaking of the article about the significant number of evictions and court actions by the housing authority and the article this week about unreported police shootings in the state, including in Lynchburg.

People in a representative democracy depend on the media for much of its information. We cannot bring about change when it is needed and demand justice when that is necessary if we do not have the necessary information and background.

I commend The News & Advance for its reporting of critical issues. I hope this trend will continue. Part of that process is to continue with the follow-up articles and reports of citizen reaction to the information published. It also includes getting reactions on the record from City Council members, city officials and local, state-level politicians. Since our system is to elect people to represent us, it is absolutely imperative for the local media to help us understand how those elected people are responding to the issues brought to light by the newspaper.

I look forward to reading my local newspaper online each day. At this moment I have increased hope that each issue will bring enlightenment about important issues and events.



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