Keep the Assembly in GOP hands

Gov. Ralph Northam has an agenda which is a radical change for Virginia. The only thing stopping him is a Republican House of Delegates and a Republican state Senate.

He supports abortion up until and after birth. This is murder by any other name. He would make Virginia a sanctuary state with all the problems that come with it, including the burdens on schools and the medical care system. Crime would increase with no ability to support the federal government in deportation efforts. He would expand Medicaid to levels which are unsustainable.

As far as the Second Amendment, which gives every American the right to bear arms, he is likely to follow Beto O’Rourke’s lead and call for the confiscation of automatic rifles.

To avoid becoming like California with its high taxes and leftist policies, Virginians must elect a Republican General Assembly. Don’t be fooled by the Democrat or independent who claims to be a moderate. If he or she votes with the Democrats to organize the legislature, the committees will be chaired by Democrats. There will be enormous pressure to support the governor’s programs. A vote for the GOP would also signal that Virginia will not condone a governor and attorney general who have a history of racism and a lieutenant governor accused of sexual assault.



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