Writers discuss House races

Byron in the 22nd District

I support Kathy Byron for my delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates, and here are the reasons why:

(1) She is very accessible. I have been able to see and talk to Kathy about my concerns each and every time I have visited the capital during session. She has been most gracious, inviting and engaging.

(2) She stands for traditional family values; along with Sen. Steve Newman, she championed the Virginia Marriage Amendment. Marriage and family are very important to Byron — her voting record proves that.

(3) She is for:

» Abortion clinic regulations to protect vulnerable women. (This is not an endorsement of abortion — abortion clinics should meet the same standards of any other medical clinic or vet’s office.)

» Parental permission before a child can participate in Family Life Education or is provided with any sexually explicit curricula.

» Establishing education savings account for families to use on K-12 private school tuition and/or school supplies.

(4) She is against:

» Universal compulsory pre-K education programs.

» Abortions up to and including moment of birth.

» Casino gaming in Virginia.

» Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which will undermine all the gains women have made.

» State funding of all elective abortions consistent with the federal Hyde amendment.

» Elevating “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to a protected class in private sector employment.

» Legalizing physician assisted suicide.

If these positions best match up with yours, I would encourage you to get out and vote for Byron and take someone with you.



The next California?

What kind of vision do you have for Virginia’s future? This is a most important question to ask yourself as we get closer to the Nov. 5 election for the General Assembly.

Virginia has a razor-thin Republican majority in the House of Delegates and Senate. A flip to Democratic control could mean real changes to Virginia that looks much like California which includes:

» Strict unconstitutional gun control laws that take law-abiding citizens’ rights away, who must “prove your innocence”;

» The “Green New Deal” and skyrocketing electricity costs;

» Abortions through all nine months of pregnancy; and

» Sanctuary cities for criminal aliens;

That is why your vote is critical if you want Virginia to remain a place where you want to live.

We need a leader like Wendell Walker who has a proven record of conservative values and will take a firm stand against these types of laws.

He is a life long pro-life advocate and has volunteered his time and resources to the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center.

He is a Lifetime member of the NRA and fully supports the Second Amendment.

For 21 years in Virginia, he has helped develop young business leaders by setting up apprenticeships and connect job seekers with industries.

So come Nov. 5, I hope you will join me in casting your ballot for Wendell Walker for the 23rd District in the House of Delegates, a dedicated patriot and a man of strong convictions, who has served and will continue to serve his fellow Virginians faithfully!



Vote for Byron, Walker

Del. Kathy Byron has served Central Virginia with distinction and needs our support. Byron is one of the foremost advocates for pro-life, pro-family legislation in Richmond. She stands for the unborn, for families, for a business environment where individuals can take risks and succeed, creating jobs and wealth for many in the process. We need to ensure that she continues to represent the 22nd District in Richmond.

In the neighboring 23rd House District, Wendell Walker is running to succeed Del. Scott Garrett. Walker has advocated for conservative, pro-life causes for many years now. He would be an excellent partner to state Sen. Steve Newman and Del. Byron in the General Assembly.

Please join me in supporting these fine public servants Nov. 5.



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