Gunter for Campbell supervisor

Concord supervisor Eddie Gunter is seeking reelection representing all people in the Concord District on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. His opponent is calling for change that is not clear and not needed.

Gunter has successfully represented all Campbell County residents as a board member maintaining County infrastructure, keeping a lid on taxes and many other important items affecting all people on a daily basis for 28 years. He has always responded to individual requests, too. He has helped Campbell County schools become some of the best, serving on the School Board for 12 years before he was elected supervisor.

Gunter worked in Campbell County for 44 years at BWXT, performing complex administrative agendas which gives him the experience to help manage the complexities facing Campbell County year after year.

I will vote for Eddie Gunter in his reelection bid on Nov 5. I hope all my friends and neighbors will vote for him also, to continue making Campbell County a great place to live.



Hairston for Bedford board

I had the opportunity to hear Georgia Hairston speak and answer questions at my daughter’s school for PTA night earlier this month. I immediately picked up on the passion behind her campaign for a seat on the Bedford County School Board.

I appreciate her heart for students and teachers. She has first hand knowledge having served Bedford County Schools for 37 years. She firsthand sees and knows where many of the issues are that need to be addressed. She connects with the hearts of many parents on issues that matter to us. She is running on changing the problems that are affecting our children’s opportunity to learn on an individual level. She also understands parents discouragement and concern over continued crowding in the classrooms of many elementary schools and lack of balance with technology. She stands behind smaller schools for our elementary-aged children, lowering class size ratios, no redistricting, a great balance of technology within classroom time and at home with homework, a step plan for teachers to have the opportunity to earn higher wages, and she supports programs for teacher retention.

Hairston has been vested and continues to be vested in our community in an impactful way. I have pledged my support to Hairston and her campaign. I would encourage you to do your own research and ultimately get out and vote Hairston on Nov. 5.



Miller for Bedford sheriff

Election Day is right around the corner, and many of us will be glad to see it gone. However, before we look past it, I urge everyone to make sure to make the right choice on Nov. 5.

Mike Miller has shown what caliber of man he really is over the last several months. Through both the primary election campaign and now the general election campaign for Bedford County sheriff, he has consistently run on a platform of proven experience and leadership. With over 35 years of service to the community at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, he has developed the skills and knowledge to lead it into the future. He has dedicated his life to the Bedford community through his work at the Sheriff’s Office, volunteer activities and as a pastor for a local church. He knows how to get things done and how to work well with businesses and members of our community. Miller is the right man for the job at the right time to do it.

He has been in a command leadership position for over a decade and has been involved in most of the major investigations in recent years — he does not have a learning curve to overcome, he is ready to hit the ground running to make sure the residents of this county do not miss one second of service from our Sheriff’s Office.

Please, vote Mike Miller for Bedford County sheriff Nov. 5.



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