His 'great and unmatched wisdom'

It has to be obvious, even to the most ardent Trump supporter, that this president is literally out of his mind. The statement “... if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom ...” is the ranting of a psycho madman.

Donald Trump’s decision to green light Turkey’s military operation against the Kurds, an American ally against ISIS by the way, is the decision of a deranged lunatic. Trump’s goal of a chaotic and unstable America is now being taken global. This is the goal of a ruthless, narcissistic and unstable genius who fears impeachment so much he will sacrifice anything and anyone in any number he deems required to save his worthless carcass.

Let’s be clear, with absolute knowledge of the impending slaughter, President Trump green lighted genocide of Christians Kurds, Muslims Kurds and, well, all Kurds.

With cheers of subservience to Lord Trump, the GOP and his fake Christian supporters made it possible. What is it you like to say? Oh yeah. “Respect life.” I guess you just respect it in principle like all other past high-minded conservative ideas. You know like honor, courage, country ... that sort of stuff.

President Trump famously said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and not lose a vote. Make that “facilitate mass murder and not lose a vote.”

Hey, it works for the NRA? Why not give it a shot. Pun intended.



Needed: more hugging judges

OK. So let me see if I’ve got this right. A judge hugs and gives a Bible to a defendant whose trial has ended, said defendant is on her way to incarceration for 10 years and some people are angry and upset? I mean, really?

Perhaps if we had more hugging and hands out to help others, our country would not be in such emotional turmoil.

It is not my intent to thump people with said Bible — but consider this: What would Jesus say or do?



Lowering your drug costs

As a community health worker, oftentimes I see people having to decide between purchasing high-cost prescription medication(s) and/or covering electricity or water expenses.

Good Rx and other prescription discount programs are helpful, as long as those who are directly affected have knowledge that the programs exist. I will continue to encourage my clients to read (and/or have read to them) and gain understanding of the Part D updates through the Medicare 2020 handbook.

Awareness is key!



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