Have we lost our sense of decency?

There is but one thing that needs to be said about the Republican congressmen who are questioning witnesses in the House impeachment investigation, as they attempt to discredit and tarnish the reputations of some of the most dedicated, self-sacrificing, brave patriots we will ever see — Ambassadors Maria Yovanovitch and William Taylor, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and more.

As Army Counsel Jack Welch said to Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy in 1954, after the senator had destroyed countless reputations during weeks of hearings on those he accused of being Communists in the government — “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

My father was a Republican member of Congress during that time, and I can vividly remember his disgust with McCarthy and his methods. Where is the disgust today?



I’m offended, I tell you!

The News & Advance coverage of the University of Lynchburg students being hurt by the cruel off-campus party featuring sombreros and other stuff that surely mocked Latinos got me thinking.

I want to join those students by saying I was psychologically damaged by last month’s Oktoberfest which mocked my German heritage with its oompa band, bratwurst, beer and thoughtless men wearing Lederhosen! Since Lynchburg allowed this insensitivity, somebody needs to be punished!

Just kidding! Only genuine snowflakes could be hurt by Oktoberfest or a Latino-theme party! Those kids will one day be in the real world, trying to earn a living. Heaven knows what they’ll do when a genuine offense comes their way? Just melt again?



A stigma? Really?

A question for the young woman (or the person who made the sign) in the picture on the front page of the Nov. 21 issue of The News & Advance who was holding the sign “You wear the costume for one night, they wear that stigma for life.” Does she really consider anyone’s race or ethnicity a “stigma”?



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