Hearings reveal the real Trump

Anyone with sense knows that those who yell, call names and point fingers merely misdirect, covering the fact that they do the same and often much worse.

Candidate Donald Trump, et.al. raged against the Clinton Foundation while his own “charity” fronted for money laundering and misuse of funds. Now fined $2 million, he plans to move his residency to Florida because he fouled his nest in New York City. Those investigations are not over yet.

Trump demands transparency from others but utterly fails to do so himself, hiding his financial dealings and taxes. His complicated business dealings, profits and self-interest woven into his DNA color all his decisions. He drained the “swamp”? No ... he just rebranded it with his own corrupt system to further his interests over the public trust and the law.

If Trump were a Democrat, the Republicans would be going ballistic. More hypocrisy at its finest which will come back to bite Congressional “Republicans” down the longer road. Those too spineless to take a hard look at their so-called “Republican leader” break their oaths of office to uphold the higher standard. They serve a process that will make Congress into a powerless rubber stamp, too weak to combat any future tyrant. The judicial system is not immune either. Those who curry Trump’s favor create a situation that, ultimately, they cannot control. Trump and his enablers shred the Constitution for short-term gain and personal paybacks. No “Profiles In Courage candidates” in the current GOP, at least in public.

The Founding Fathers had a very real fear of tyranny and granted Congress tools to guard against it. Alexander Hamilton check-listed clear warnings for such which are strikingly relevant today. Read his work on the subject!

Evangelicals who glorify Trump seem to selectively ignore biblical teachings against false gods/prophets. Trump’s only God is himself, and he is never wrong. Just ask him. What if God sent him as a test? Or worse, darker forces work to aid his need for power?

He continues to flog his tired lies, occasionally adding new ones, that anyone could easily fact check. For example, he claims credit for veterans’ access to private health care, already in place before he took office. Making a few minor tweaks, he rebranded it, now claiming credit for something he never created. His word is worthless. He lies, flip flops and whines every day, and the ill-informed continue to prove you can fool some of the people all of the time.

For decades, his manipulated narrative, hidden in the private-sector shadows, covered endlessly seedy scandals. No surprise, he dragged that tawdry business model into the White House. Under the intense public microscope, he tarnishes everything he touches with his corrosive nature, undermining American credibility around the world.

Trump conducts secret, quasi-foreign policy though his personal lawyer, which undermines national security while continuing to attack real career experts who defend this nation every day. Trump puts his personal interests and survival first, obstructing justice and hiding behind lawyer/client privilege, which he has done for decades. What self-serving deals would Trump make to investigate any American citizen he considers a threat to him? He will turn on anyone in a paranoid, delusional heartbeat.

Would you get in a lifeboat with him?

This level of moral, intellectual and emotional bankruptcy divides us with circus chaos, no real policy plans, ongoing uncertainty, threats, contradictions and obstruction. He has not one redeeming character trait in his dark little world, even hinting at uprisings to gain a third term. Impeachment aside, none of that belongs in the White House.

Descent into dictatorship can happen anywhere, even in America.



Thanks for your support

Thanks to you all for your time and support during my 2019 campaign to represent the Spring Hill District on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. Your encouraging words and your willingness to work and sacrifice your time will always remind me of true love, commitment and dedication. This life journey taught me that stepping out on faith makes us a winner even when we lose.

Thank you for touching my life in ways you never knew. My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friends like you.



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