Perrow backed in GOP primary

As a lifelong resident of Lynchburg, I have always followed City Council closely. Never since he was elected has Turner Perrow voted for a tax increase. Further, he has always taken a common sense approach to every issue and has demonstrated the ability to think for himself when tackling difficult problems or issues facing our city.

He is a true gentleman, well-educated and worthy of your vote. As an independent, politically, I trust Turner Perrow to fairly represent everyone in our area in Richmond in the House of Delegates.

Perrow is a family man involved with his children in every aspect of their lives and is dedicated to our state as well as his home community.

During my one and only experience in politics when I ran for an at-large seat on City Council in 2010, I was accused by Republicans as being a Democrat and by Democrats as being a Republican! However, as a true independent, I feel I have always had the respect of Turner Perrow and vice versa.

Please join my wife, Kay, and me in the June 11 Republican Party primary in voting for and electing Turner Perrow to represent us in Richmond.



Centra’s accounting woes

The News & Advance’s May 29 editorial regarding the importance of Centra and Dr. Andy Mueller the new CEO to Lynchburg and the other communities served is correct and to the point regarding patient care. Unfortunately, you did not discuss the other side of patient care — incorrect billing, failure to respond to repeated voice mails and lack of sincere patient advocacy.

The surgical team and hospital care I received during elective surgery in December 2018 most likely cannot be surpassed. The patient accounting and billing system, on the other hand, also cannot be surpassed — they are bottom of the barrel in overall performance and clarification of billing. My first contact with patient accounting was a patient statement dated March 1, 2019, reading in part “Please remit full payment immediately to avoid external collections. This is the third attempt to resolve the balance due.” Until receiving this statement there was no contact with Centra regarding billing for my surgery. Further, the patient statement was incorrect with respect to charges and insurance submittal.

Repeated calls for a corrected statement over a period of six weeks went unanswered until the fifth person actually answered the phone instead of voice mail. After several weeks, the response was “either you owe us money or we owe you money and, yes, we did not file the insurance and will do so.” I have received a refund with no follow-up on the original request for a revised patient statement.

Could this incredibly poor back office performance be part of the cause for the reported $30 million loss? Probably not for this particular case, but I am certain I am not the only person receiving such poor service.



I want to be a volunteer

Volunteering with my son in elementary school could be one of our greatest memories from his childhood. But because of an old felony that’s 24 years old, the Lynchburg School Board is holding me back, along with many others who wish to help.

While attending sporting events like football or basketball games, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of parents in the stands and bleachers, but only a small fraction actually attend School Board meetings. Attend any sporting event, and you will notice a lot of black fathers present. They are coaching, cheering and volunteering. At School Board meetings — I’ve attended four this year — I’ve been the only one in attendance. Have we placed more interest on sports than on our children’s education? We need to be on the ground floor working behind the scenes too, and they need to see men whom they will one day become. So it’s important that they see someone who looks like them, supporting them as they grow up.

I am able to help mold my young son’s mind. If we’re able to volunteer, kids will be able to learn from males who talk, walk, and look like them. It’s great to have Leland Melvin speak with the youth, but he may show up once a year. But a volunteer can be there, maybe once a month or more. The School Board needs to rework the automatic restriction of people with felony records from volunteering in the schools.



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