Trump a reality show president

What a guy. “President” Trump has no idea how to do the job he signed up for. He didn’t really want to win the election. He just wanted the name recognition. He does know how to get the media to pay attention to him, I’ll give him that. All he has to do is tell a lie, something he does on a daily basis, and the media is all over it. Telling the truth is what a president would do, but Trump is not interested in that. This administration is for all intents and purposes just a reality show.

What I don’t get is how so many people in this country seem to be OK with this. People around the world are laughing at us. Putin, Kim and that China guy and other murderous dictators are laughing as well. They can go ahead and kill their own people, knowing that Trump will do nothing and they will laugh while they are doing it. In fact, I suspect they are doing it right now.

Trump is a terrible person. By the time the next election comes around, he will have lied thousands of times about his opponents. We are now finding out, thanks to The New York Times that he was a terrible businessman as well, losing upwards of a billion dollars to his creditors. He has been reduced to borrowing money from people connected to these same murderous leaders. No one else will touch him.

Right now he is working hard at trying to lie his way into a second term by, a year and a half before the election, looking for dirt on Democrats that have signed up to run against him. Being “presidential” is beyond him, so this is what he is reduced to. What a shame.



Miller in Bedford

Having dealt with many Bedford County deputies over this past two years from Maj. Ricky Gardner to Deputy Ron Clayton, I must say the knowledge, calmness and capability to discuss a situation has made me very proud of Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, this in part to the training and experience provided by Sheriff Mike Brown.

Having met Capt. Mike Miller, he also carries on that fine tradition started by Sheriff Brown; whether it is a phone call or a knock on the door at 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., the attitude with these deputies is the same.

Residents of Bedford County, we should be very proud of these men and women and sleep, as I and my family do, in the knowledge that if needed, they will be there. And as I have expressed to Maj. Gardner, if they ever need me I will be there for them.

These are the best I have seen in my 67 years and am very proud to have met each and every one of them, although with age comes some memory lapse, But you know who you are. And you will never be forgotten.

I urge each and every resident of Bedford County to vote for Capt. Miller as our new sheriff.

Sheriff Mike Brown can retire in the knowledge of what he has accomplished with the department will be carried on.


Big Island

Which values?

In his recent speech at Liberty University, Vice President Mike Pence asks us to defend Christian values.

Does he mean the ones that President Trump doesn’t demonstrate?

I was going to list all of his unchristian values, but I figure we all know the ones I’m referring to.



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