Walker as honest as they come

I want to let the voters in the 23rd District of the House of Delegates know what a wonderful man Wendell Walker is.

I have known this great guy for over 20 years. He is absolutely someone we can count on to go to Richmond and represent us and our values. Walker will listen to the voters.

He is as honest as honest gets. He is a fair and joyful man. They just don’t make them like this anymore. We need to get a hold on this one.

Please go to the polls Tuesday, and vote in the Republican Party primary for the best candidate for delegate: Wendell Walker! I sure am.



Perrow needed in Richmond

On Tuesday, I will be voting for Turner Perrow in the Republican primary for the 23rd District seat in the House of Delegates. I have been an acquaintance of Perrow’s for over 17 years and know him to be an honorable man and an efficient representative.

With 11 years on Lynchburg City Council, he has shown he is a doer and not a talker.

He is a proven vote-getter who has never voted for a tax increase.

He understands how business works and what is needed to help to continue to grow jobs and our economy.

Please join me and many others in voting for Turner Perrow so we have a delegate of whom we can all be proud.



Perrow will do a ‘stellar’ job

I am writing this missive in support of Turner Perrow’s candidacy for a seat in the House of Delegates of Virginia in a primary election to be held on Tuesday.

I have observed Perrow during his time on Lynchburg City Council and found him to be an astute, fair-minded councilman who has not let politics affect or cloud his judgement on any issue. He has demonstrated an abiding sense of fairness and treated all who have come before him with dignity and courtesy irrespective of the person or issue at hand. He has always been conversant with the pending matters and not one who was reluctant to educate himself on a point or issue with which he was unfamiliar.

He has proven to be a first-rate member of city council who is blessed with an abundance of common sense and good judgment demonstrated by his workings with other council members and has shown collegiality and honesty in his dealings with them as well as the general public.

He will, in my opinion, do a stellar job for all his constituents if elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, and I look forward to casting my vote for him on Tuesday.



Perrow gets things done

On June 11, there will be a primary for the Republican nomination for the 23rd House of Delegates seat in the General Assembly.

My vote is for Turner Perrow.

He is a proven leader and works to make government more effective and efficient.

Consider that in his 11 years on Lynchburg City Council he contributed in many important areas including important leadership on:

» Developing a funding strategy for a major high school construction project without raising taxes. This strategy proved so successful it is now a considered practice when planning all large capital projects.

» Initiating the Arts & Cultural District where tax dollars collected from the district are reinvested as grants, back into the district.

» Persuading leadership to pivot from an adversarial relationship with a major local university to one of partnership, leading to the creation of the Institutional zoning ordinance which has allowed the university to thrive and removed the onerous requirement that the university receive approval from City Council for modifications to the campus plan.

With his experience, record and drive, we will have a great member of the House of Delegates representing all in 23rd District.



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