Those who sought justice for Jacob

I am the maternal grandmother of Jacob Steele Robertson, the mother of his mother. He was murdered Jan. 8 at the hands of a man who shall remain nameless so as not to give him notoriety and fame. Jacob was my daughter’s only child.

This letter is not about his murder, but is to thank all the investigators and officers who worked the murder scene and helped to obtain justice for Jacob.

The following are names I can remember of the investigators who were put on the witness stand and subjected to interrogation by the defense attorney who did his best to discredit, humiliate and question their education and professional abilities, even inferring the framed the accused, but the investigators held fast.

First and foremost was Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Martin, who was off duty and at the scene. If it wasn’t for his bravery and selflessness, all the family believes Jacob’s fiance and the mother of his son surely would have been killed as well. He never stopped to think about his own safety as he charged toward what could have been his death, for he was armed only with his courage and his weapon, but no protective gear.

Next, Investigator Rouse who used his EMT training and a prayer in his heart to attempt to save Jacob’s life, unaware that Jacob could not be saved. Thank you to investigators Jones, Sheppard, Edwards and those whose names I did not get but who also professionally worked the scene.

I also want to thank the EMS team who took gentle care of my Jacob and all the witnesses who came forward in the name of justice.

Our family thanks all of you, and please know you are part of Jacob’s family now.



Read the report, please

Read the Mueller Report. It’s the biggest gathering of criminality against any president, ever.

The information you are getting on TV is biased and seems different ones have different views of the report. So to inform yourself, read the report.

Trump supporters should be appalled at what they put in our Oval Office.



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