A valued asset to town of Bedford

How often do you hear individuals brag on the service they received at a hospital? It should be constant from the patients at Bedford Centra!

My husband was admitted in April and again in June after going to the emergency room at Centra’s facility in Gretna. The prompt service and diagnosis at Gretna was amazing. On the first visit, we were told that he was to be transported by ambulance to Bedford. Our concerns became elevated as it was a hospital we had never heard and had no real concept of the available treatment.

When I arrive in the front lobby around 6 a.m., Betty Stafford, the lady I now refer to as the ambassador of Bedford, greeted me with a warm and friendly smile. She escorted me to my husband’s room, however, the impact she made upon me, she will never know. In the elevator, she said Bedford wasn’t a large hospital, but what they did, they did really well. This is completely an understatement! I will never forget that comforting statement to this stranger from Dry Fork.

We have never received such outstanding care and concern from an entire hospital staff. It wasn’t just a freak incident upon the first visit — the service was exceptional on both visits. During both visits, my husband was treated by Dr. Rob Firestine. Impressive! Friendly, excellent bedside manners, informative and respectful. He checked in on my husband regularly and kept us informed. You did not have wait hours before he came by; he was there early each day to reassure you and inform you of the progress of the patient and the plan of care.

Upon the second admittance to Bedford on a Sunday, we were so happy to see Dr. Firestine again. After examination, he explained that surgery was mandatory. My husband had to undergo emergency surgery that day! On a Sunday! The surgeon was Dr. Kinga Powers. We were so impressed with her knowledge and patient skills from the moment she entered my husband’s room. We want to thank Heidi Shields, Pam Phillips, Courtney Lawhorn and Shannon Karnes of the surgical group. They were simply amazing and kept us at ease before and after the surgery. How often does the anesthesiologist come by the next morning to check on her patient? Heidi Shields did exactly that, and her bright smile and wonderful attitude started our day off right. She cared for her patient, as did everyone.

The third floor staff, nursing group, assistants and even the janitorial staff are simply angels. We have a special love for nurses Laura Thiesmann and the three sisters — Janice, Glenora and Rosie. They gave of their time to listen to all of your issues and responded immediately. At no point in time did we wait more than five minutes for a nurse to respond to our call and never more than 10 minutes for pain medication. The entire hospital staff, even the lady in the cafeteria, treats you like you are a member of the family. Everyone seemed to go out of their way to be sure you are comfortable and at ease.

Bedford area residents have no idea of the treasure that is sitting in the middle of town. We commend the entire hospital on their patient skills and the awesome doctors and nurses that we came in contact with during both stays. We recommend Bedford Centra to everyone we know. We were blessed to have a experienced a great hospital. And just remember, Bedford Centra may not be a large hospital, but what they do, they do really well!


Dry Fork

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