Use than anger to protect Trump

Wednesday, I got angered. Very seldom do I find such emotion. On the basketball court, I can be intensely competitive, but not angered ... there is a difference.

However, listening to the congressional Democrats continue the narrative of lies after wasting more that $45 million and three years of service to the American citizens is outrageously wrong. The inspector general of the Department of Justice has concluded that the FISA information was altered and verifiably known to be false by FBI. The dirty dossier was funded and supported by Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Wednesday, the congessional clowns finalized turning the House of Representatives in a circus by impeaching a president with no supporting crime. So the bar of impeachment has been lowered and effectively damaged over policy differences with a witch hunt for a process violation.

Yet throughout the last 2-1/2 years, Americans have been forced to discern and grasp for credibility within a glamorized onslaught of lies by Democratic committee members. The Democratic members staged the most egregious congressional hearings of biased leanings and abused power in the history of our nation. These individuals swore an oath of office based on personal integrity in serving American constituents under the U.S. Constitution have exposed themselves as ruthless tyrants, not contending political opponents who honor the will of the people.

The good book exhorts us to “be angry and sin not,” so anger has its place and purpose. Maybe others will join in, and our anger will be the energy to focus on changing the power structure with the U.S. House of Representative in 2020. I plan on working to that end.

Blessings to our American children; they deserve better.



Guns don’t kill people ...

This is in response to Kenneth Huggins’ Dec. 16 letter to the editor, “The days of the Wild West.”

Yes, I would say you can call me the “far right.” There are many Americans who have guns, and they have never killed anyone or considered it. Guns do not kill, only the sick mind behind the trigger. Planes have killed many, drugs and alcohol have killed many, cars have killed many. So I could only ask: Should we get a horse and buggy back to the Wild West days?

I would also like to remind Huggins that not one gun was used in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. We, the American “give all” people had opened our pilot training schools and trained them to kill our own people. Our borders need securing, and everyone here needs to be documented to see who lurks in our streets. I would bet that the parents of that beautiful girl who was murdered in New York City wished she would have had the protection of a gun.

Can anyone possibly find every gun, even those that are not registered and carried by criminals? And yes, in my opinion hang ‘em high publicly like in the Old West days and have consequences for your actions instead of three hots and a cot. Be held accountable for violent crimes.


Madison Heights

Here a gun, there a gun

Having Bedford County join Amherst County and others in Central Virginia in declaring themselves a Second Amendment Sanctuary is great. We need to let those foreigners in Washington, D.C., and Richmond know who we are and what we stand for.

But why stop there? Why not sponsor a “bring a gun to church, school, work, or Republican National or State Convention day?” Walmart has asked shoppers not to openly carry in their stores. Walmart should offer one holiday weekend per year for carry-only customers. Cashiers and stockers can arm up and a grand time can be had by all.

Since conservative elected officials won the right to wear their side arms in the state house, why do they no longer hold public appearances or town hall meetings? Why do they only talk to business leaders at unannounced breakfasts and luncheons? Don’t they understand that the majority of state funding comes from the payroll taxes of working people? Surely, they are not afraid of guns? Guns ... they’re not just for home defense anymore.



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