Boot Trump at the ballot box

The case against impeaching President Trump:

» We know if the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, once it gets to the Senate, given Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s idea of legislating by bringing absolutely nothing to the floor of the Senate for a vote, it would simply die along with the other hundred-plus pieces of legislation the House has passed and sent to the Senate.

» If if was successful in the House and it was brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote, Republicans, the majority in the Senate, would never vote to impeach Trump.

» A large majority of U.S. citizens are opposed to impeachment.

» Impeaching Trump would not guarantee his removal from office.

» Both the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees have court cases now pending against the president and members of his administration. Winning these cases is a good bet. So, impeachment proceedings now are premature since there’s other evidence for the committees to get and other witnesses to interrogate.

The best way to remove the president from Office is to vote him out!

The case for voting Trump out of office: If he is not voted out of office, the statute of limitations on the crimes he has committed will end while he is in office for a second term thus guaranteeing that he walks out of office a free man. The consequences of a second term? He will then be someone who is “above the law.” Also, It surely guarantees that his cronies who have already been convicted and serving time will be given pardoned.

Think about that. How many friends, neighbors, family members or acquaintances do you know who perhaps have committed an infraction of the law and walked away without paying the consequences — who have been “above the law”? Even if it’s only a speeding ticket, there’s no statute of limitations to run out — sooner or later “you pay the piper.”

So in 2020, see that Donald Trump is held accountable for his crimes. Vote to remove him from office.



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