September 26, 1990 June 6, 2019 Dylan dropped into our world in the wee hours of September 26th, 1990 without a peep despite the rigors of being born. He looked around with his big brown eyes still sparkling with infinity. As he took in his surroundings, he calmly embraced his entry into this new adventure. Tucked safely in the arms of his parents he was introduced to his sister Victoria who at the tender age of one and a half wrung her hands as she tried to decipher her feelings about the newcomer. Quickly the bond of soul friends surfaced and Victoria became Dylan's constant companion, his first teacher, and best friend for life. Friendships came easily for Dylan and growing up in a neighborhood brimming with boys and cousins that lived on a mountaintop meant adventure was waiting outside daily. Bikes, battles, bugs, elaborate games and laughter dominated most days, as did summer pool parties, and contests to see who could gingerly lift bees by their wings with out getting stung. Dylan likely emerged the victor because of his uncanny way with animals, domestic and wild. Being followed by love struck box turtles, or befriending aggressive dogs and scaredy cats with ease spoke of his calming energy. His life intersected an array of critters culminating in the adoption of his tiny tyrant cat Caligula- his scrappy furry daughter who's magical combination of love and ferocious tenacity mirrored his own. Dylan was a resilient child who rolled with and adapted easily to changes in his family structure. Through parental divorce and blending of new families, he opened his heart to his "bonus" Mom Leslie and "bonus" Dad Michael and "bonus" brothers Owen and Nate and loved them like his very own. He traveled the world with his Dad, Sister, and "bonus" Mom, widening his perspective and inspiring new dreams. He was a keen observer and was graced with an incredible intellectual and emotional intelligence which made him wise beyond his years. His intelligence inspired curiosity and his innate courage allowed him to explore interests unencumbered by fear. His interests were many in number and variety. Some interests became goals and required a pruning of distractions from their attainment. Interest in dating took a back seat for many years as he said he had too much to do to complicate his life in that way. But then he met Emily and Dylan's priorities shuffled in her presence. He was smitten. Dylan had found his Anam Cara, partner and love of his life, and experienced another facet of love in the prism called life. Though his friends were plentiful he honored each one with loyalty, honesty, sincerity, and entertained them with his quick wit and wry sense of humor. He'd spontaneously lob out hilariously astute observations that could reduce anyone to bouts of convulsive laughter. Though he tended his friends and family religiously he had an outspoken distaste for organized religion on the whole and any individual or institution that attempts to legislate their own brand of exclusive morality. He was an advocate for animals, the environment, and equal rights for all people. He was a secret super hero and do-gooder, eschewing credit for his good deeds knowing that the act of helping was enough. Oddly enough as a self proclaimed atheist he modeled traits similar to a rebellious Jesus and was clearly in tune with the pull of his own consciousness. Dylan was a most lovable enigma. He was both a messenger and a healer, something his Mom noticed early in his life. She began calling him Dr. Hague in middle school and continued until it was official. He put himself through grad school at the Medical College of VA at VCU and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and began seeing patients. He lived like a pauper and paid off his student loans in record time. He was an empathetic and compassionate doctor. Though we never knew Dylan to be a singer, we're told that he would set tunes to his instructions to elderly, memory impaired patients and sing them to help them remember their exercises. Dylan and Emily had developed a love of sport bikes and mountaineering, the latter a natural progression from a long time love affair with rock climbing. So they packed up and moved to the PNW where snowcapped mountains could be seen from their yard. Along with Dylan's friend Andrew they experienced the rare kind of awe that treading to the top of the world at the mercy of Mother Nature invokes, and where the glory and fragility of life is palpable. Dylan was no stranger to the possibility of death and was remarkably unafraid to look it in the eye. He was diligent about practice and safety but understood the nature of risk. On June 6th at 12:15 AM while riding his motorcycle home, an ill placed, stationary vehicle in a construction zone ended the brilliant life of our beloved son, brother, partner, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. We could become angry and curse an unfair and cruel universe. But the love we had for him, and the love he had for us remains real and tangible even after the death of his body. And when we reflect upon the perfect and exquisite gift of his beautiful life, how could we do anything but be immersed in gratitude to have him as long as we did? Why would we want to say thanks but it wasn't enough? He was enough to fill all our hearts for lifetimes. We will miss him profoundly and will honor his life by transforming our grief into gratitude for his loving example of authenticity and go forward in a similar way. And though his death has rendered our physical senses worthless to perceive his presence, we'll stay open to discovery of new senses that will. In the meantime we'll let the memory of his goodness and love lift us from our grief long enough to gain our footing and mend and replenish our damaged hearts. Dylan is survived by his dad Dan Hague, his Mom Dede Buhler, his sister Victoria Bartholomew and brother in law Damien Bartholomew, his partner Emily Wilson, his step Mom Leslie Riehl, his step Dad Michael Buhler, his grandparents Denver Hague, and Babs and Bert Prestrude, his aunt Cassie and uncle Mark Tesh, and cousin Peter Tesh, his step brothers Nate and Owen Buhler, his step grandmother Jeanne Buhler and step grandparents Marilyn and Mike Riehl, his step aunts and uncles Amy and Tom Scott, Lynn Riehl, Lisa and Kurt Fink and an array of step cousins, his dearly loved cat Caligula, and hundreds of friends, the best of the bunch being Andrew Mudie and Chas Lowe. Dylan was predeceased by his grandma Liz Hague, his cousin Anna Tesh, his aunt Tikki Prestrude, his K9 brother Georgie Buhler, and most recently by his step grandfather Frank Buhler. A memorial fund in Dylan's honor has been set up to continue ongoing restoration and maintenance of one of Dylan's favorite places to rock climb, the New River Gorge in WV. You may donate directly at

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