Property transfers

Amherst County

Annette B. and S. Todd Pettyjohn to Charles W. and Karen Kurz Cox. Lot 19, section III, Pleasant Ridge, Elon District, $235,900

Tomas R. Mantiply, Charles R. Mantiply, James R. Mantiply and Thomas M. Mantiply to Bonnie C. Gannon and Dylan R. Stevens. Parcel 1, 0.939 acres, near Village of Giddsville and parcel 2, Va. 625, 1 acre, Temperance District, $195,700

Hilltop Dr. Trust to Angela E. Richeson. Lot 11C, block C, Lakeview Subdivision, Elon District, $134,200

Robert and Pamela Hilty to Kenneth P. and Racheal-Sarah J. Wooten. Parcel, 7.362 acres, approximately 0.2 miles southeasterly from Va. 636, $184,900

Kristen M. Johnson to Amanda Michelle Minnick. Lot 3, 0.738 acres, Elon District, $144,900

Cuyler Leonard Wentz II and Shannon M. Wentz to Plaza Realty Management Inc. Lot 55, Poplar Grove Golf Community, $565,000

Cynthia Elliott Freeman to Susan Clark Harvey. Lots 22-26, Ridge View Terrace, $92,500

Mark A. and Rebecca H. Rossier to MC & 2C LLC. Lots 19-26, block C, Madison Heights, $166,500

Sherry Ogden Humphreys to Carl Ray Gunter. Lot 7, on the northwesterly side of Brook St. between “B” and “C” Streets, $70,000

Appomattox County

Albert F. and Dianne J. Nagy to Ethan O. Woltz and Ashley P. Watts. Lot 13, Robertson Tract Subdivision, $231,400

Joyce Paige Eggleston to Stucker LLC. Lot 23, Meadow Lark Subdivision, $47,000

Kyle A. and Melissa D. Edwards to Jacob I. Page. Lot 64, Jonesfield Subdivision, section II, Southside District, $196,000

Jessica M. Brooks to Shana M. Washington. Lot 2, Carsyns Woods Subdivision, Southside District, $179,900

Richard James Purcell Sr. and Joy Lynn Purcell to Booth Properties LLC. 2 parcels, near U.S. 460 and Norfolk and Western Railway Main Line, $290,000

Bedford County

Bridgewater Villa LLC to Happy Ours LLC. Villas 2, phase III, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $525,000

Elmer L. and Lynn S. Frazier to Justin Charles and Alicia Lee Kolaya. Lot 2, section 1, Lakefield, Lakes District, $524,000

Argabright Contractors Inc. to Douglas A. Gatze, Amanda Paige Gatze and Brian C. Kane. Lot 25, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $284,950

W. Kent Martin and Shelli A. Martin to Ruby W. Leighton, Brian M. Leighton and Donna G. Leighton. Unit 12, building 1, phase 1, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $215,000

Rachel S. Goldman to David T. Batts and Jennifer Carr Batts. 9625 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $185,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Eric R. and Chelsea A. Richardson. Tract 1A, 4.726 acres, Eanes Estate, Lakes District, $156,220.98

Manning Properties Inc. to Matthew W. Hawley. Lot 3, Variety View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $132,500

Scott K. Mutter to Michel L. Smith, Lot 3, section 4, Woodlake Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $22,000

Daniel C. Sochor to David J. and Sandra L. McCabe. Shiloh Church Road, $55,000

Joshua W. and Anita Dawn Fullmer to Barrick Inc. Lot 55, Forest Edge Subdivision, $240,000

Paul K. Roderique to Noel M. and Roger Ward Jr. Lot 4, Westview Ave., Town of Bedford, $209,000

Deborah C. Key and Linda C. Hubbard to Steven W. and Gretchen T. Croft. 2 parcels, Jopling Road, $180,000

Michael W. and Kimberly A. Mullins to Gabriel Andrew and Tiffany Rae Novilla. Lot 18, Majestic Oaks, Jefferson District, $349,500

Charles Randall Dye to Gerald R. and Alma Jpan Nolt. Lot 1, section 3, Brook Ridge Place, Jefferson District, $280,000

Rosalyne J. Hunter to F. Dale Hull and Willie E. Mitchell. Lot 1, 1.154 acres, Peaks District, $62,739.05

Rebecca Aragon to Cody S. Pickeral. Lot 58A, section 2, Forest Edge Subdivision, $194,000

Campbell County

Carolyn Irby Cunningham to 5258 Campbell Investment Trust by Adam Karol, trustee. Parcel 2 and 3, 0.816 acres, Cherokee Lake, Long Mountain District, $65,000

Andrew and Christine Aylett to Jesus Arellano. Lot 55, section 1, Braxton Park, $187,000

Michelle Baer Gray to Kenneth M. Chesser. Lot 39, Troublesome Creek, $470,500

Sharon D. and William L. Cothran Jr. to BCC Squared Real Estate Holdings LLC. Tract A, John W. Traylor Land, $212,402

Ronald C. and Helen P. Frank to Robert and Rebecca Bonser. Lot 108, section 2, Poplar Forest, $252,650

Edward C. and Shirley M. Bove, trustees to Wooldridge Landscaping LLC. Parcel, near Leesville Road, $105,000

Andrea L. Miller to Joseph Travis and Ashley Conner Branch. Lot 27, Lake Court Ave., $142,900

Justin E. and Samone J. Brown to Zachary Alexander and Emily Ruth Horsley. Lot 54, section 5, Moss Creek Village, $177,500

Jane W. Glass to Paul and Elizabeth Worten. Parcel, Va. 776, Rustburg District, $268,000

City of Lynchburg

James H .Callands to Kenneth R. Mann. 1014 16th St., $20,000

Gregg L. and Holly A. MacPherson to Thomas F. Bourne. Lot 57, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $90,000

Chelsey M. Lacks to Williams Tyler Doer. Lot 69, Indigo Run Townhomes Subdivision, $119,000

Carl. Wildman and Shannon Helton to Sherry L. Fowler. Lot 26, block 16, Westover Heights Addition, $110,000

Tamara P. Bolling, David C. Fulcher and John M. Fulcher to Maria Candicia Rodriguez. Lot 5, lock M, section 9, Vista Acres Subdivision, $90,000

Wei Wang to Darryl D. Cheatham Sr. Lot 11, bock G, section 4, Vista Acres Subdivision, $176,900

Greystone Builders LLC to Tyler and Allison France. Lot 3, Brenleigh Grove Subdivision, $220,100

Leslie S. Salmon to Daniel B. and Sara L. Valente. Lot 4 and part of lot 5, section 1, Running Cedar Hills, $482,000

Gary P. Austin and Noelle M. Austin to Christopher J. and Alison F. Rousell. Lot 4, block C, Woodland Avenue Subdivision, $464,500

Robert J. Woods to Rebecca Lynn Bell. 116 Seven Oaks Dr., $224,900

Amanda Sue Bieri to Impact Living Services. Lot 5, Wyndham at Wyndhurst Place Subdivision, $158,000

Debra J. and William B. Bilek and Brennan R. Bilek to Terrie D. Donovan. 4908 Old Boonsboro Road, $179,900

George E. Goodwin Revocable Trust to Susan H. Hasson, Nabila M. Hassan and Christine M. Sarandopolis. Lot 6, block 2, section 3, Sandusky Hills Subdivision, $195,000

Christopher S. and Kristi D. Jennings to Larissa Cristina Lee. Lot 21, block 34, Westover Heights Subdivision, $89,900

Robert K. and Barbara J. Stanley to Alston C. Smith and Shamika L. Johnson-Smith. Lto 17, section 1, Maple Hills Subdivision, $186,900

David A . and Vicky L Stevens to Marc E. and Heather L. Luley. Lot 23, Beacon Hills Subdivision, $765,000

John and Martha Talbert to Roger and Ruth T. Murphy. Lot P24, block P, Cornerstone Subdivision, $264,900

Building permits

Bedford County

Roscoe Saunders, Blue Ridge District, addition, $10,000

Dennis Brown, Blue Ridge District, garage, $25,000

Jason Cohen, Blue Ridge District, new dwelling, $120,000

George Ferrell, Blue Ridge District, new dwelling, $250,000

Priscilla Martin, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $15,000

Rebecca Nininger, Blue Ridge District, garage, $30,000

Tyler Tharpe, Center District, new dwelling, $295,000

Stephen Lloyd Jr., Center District, addition, $70,000

Ion Finaru, Center District, alteration, $9,500

David Watkins Jr., Center District, addition, $10,000

Dan Russell, Center District, alteration, $9,557

Jeremy Helfin, Center District, new dwelling, $175,000

Cottontown Investments LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $1,800,000

Danny Weeks, Jefferson District, pool, $12,000

James Cocklin, Jefferson District, alteration, $5,626

Elliott Mechanical Services LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $190,000

Elliott Mechanical Services LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $190,000

Liberty University, Jefferson District, storage building, $49,687

Ronald Payne, Jefferson District, alteration, $20,000

Ryan French, Jefferson District, alteration, $1,500

Spencer Bobbitt, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $150,000

Daniel Klein, Jefferson District, alteration, $1,500

Sarah Morel, Lakes District, new dwelling, $112,800

John Evers, Lakes District, new dwelling, $850,000

Dwight Layman, Lakes District, garage, $34,000

Ricky Wagner, Lakes District, addition, $20,000

James Toups, Lakes District, addition, $23,000

James Cuveluer, Lakes District, alteration, $10,000

William Pecoraro, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $120,000

Mandeville Theresa, Lakes District, alteration, $15,202

Lionel Harrison, Lakes District, garage, $90,000

James Madelle Jr., Lakes District, new dwelling, $150,000

Jeffrey Steinson, Lakes District, garage, $28,000

Craig Bailey, Lakes District, farm building, $2,000

Kevin Ogden, Lakes District, pool, $8,000

Ray Garland, Peaks District, new dwelling, $249,000

Rodney Mayhew, Peaks District, addition, $30,000

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