Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Regina B. Tyree, Amanda Tyree Davis and Bridgette Tyree Wilson to Christopher N. and Amanda T. Davis. Lot 70, Brandywine, Elon District, $137,000

Cassell Properties LLC to Amaechi Egbujuo. Lot 6, Abee Manor Subdivision, Madison District, $181,650

Ray Reed Investments LLC to Jason R. and Bridget B. Tweedy. Parcel, 0.530 acres, Kenmoore Road, Courthouse District, $86,000

R. Fralin Homes LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 19, Wynbrooke, $30,000

Virginia A. Howard to Edward Adams Howard. Lot 29, section 3, South Holiday Acres, $125,000

Candice N. and Tony R. Rice II to Alice M. Jordan. Lot 7 and15 foot strip of lot 6, Lakeview Subdivision, $113,600

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

George E. Almond to William F. Hoffman and Andrea J. Hodges. Lots 38 and 39, Va. 26, 69/100 acre, Southside District, $105,500

Nancy Moore, trustee to D & D Land Holdings LLC. Lot 23, Hunting Ridge Subdivision, Cloverhill District, $17,500

Shirley Cunningham Eye to Brock and Dayla Soward. Lot C, 20, 37 acres, Va. 701, Cloverhill District, $296,500

Gloria and Robert S. Weaver IV to Jon F. and Lisa A. Hannell. Lot 26, The Meads at Concord, Stonewall District, $139,500

Nancy Carole Moore to Curtis B. and Patricia J. Wade. Lot 3, 14.06 acres, off of Va. 679, Southside District, $50,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Jeffrey B. Craghead to Alan Dean Fisher and Carolee Nutt Fisher, trustees. Lot 2, section 3, The Cove at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $440,000

Richard Alan and Carolyn Craft Smith to Denis S. and Natalia Abreu Byrne. Lot 24, block II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $365,000

Shaffer Simpkins Holdings of Virginia LLC to Michael P. and Sarah S. O’Toole. Lot 22, Needlewood, Lakes District, $295,000

Jason N. Hogancamp Sr. and Tracey L. Hogancamp to Patrick T. McSherry and Lauren S. McSherry. Va. 619, 7.196 acres, Blue Ridge District, $244,950

Jerry W. Graham and Annie D. Graham, trustees to Richard and Dollie Kinkead. Lot 21, Isle of Pines, Lakes District, $184,200

Renelle Properties LLC to Diane M. Stark. Unit 112, phase 1, Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $174,500

William E. Terry to Hannah and Thomas Payne III. Lot 19, section V, Johnson Farm Subdivision, Lakes District, $161,500

West Crossing LLC to Scott E. Shaw and Kayla Matthew. Lot 17, section 18, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $259,900

Tammy L. Settles, Crystal G. Settles-Goff, Gary L. Settles Jr. and Jessica Settles Neal to Matthew Nester. Parcel, Va. 619, 1.846 acres, Peaks District, $12,000

John C. Laughlin to Jason Watts. ½ interest, lot 1, 0.461 acres, Town of Bedford, $8,000

Miranda S. Lowry to Carolyn F. Drinkard. Lot 10, 0.771 acres, Someridge, Jefferson District, $46,000

Foster Construction Inc. to James and Emily Guthrie. Lot 9, section 19, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $234,900

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Brenda Thomas Vass to Roger B. and Sawn Lorraine Bingham. Lot 1, section 4, Wildwood, $280,550

Frank D. and Susan M. Olah to Michael Stewart Barney. Lots 27 and 28, section II, Nash Subdivision, $27,000

Bethel Pentecostal Holiness Church to Robert T. and Cynthia C. Lindsey. Parcel B, 1.500 acres, Patrick Henry District, $4,000

Faye P. Maddox to Lora M. Blankenship and Roger E. Blankenship Jr. Lot 67-77, Eddie Foster Farm, $78,000

Harold Dennis Campbell and Daniel Morris Campbell to Jordan M. and Jacqueline C. Burch. Parcel, 6 acres, Long Mountain District, $97,500

Anne W. Campbell to James Eric Rowland. Lot 2, section 13, Vista Ares Subdivision, $174,900

Central VA Homebuyers LLC to Damani J. and Natasha A. Smallwood. Lot 58, Leesville Road Estates, phase I, $246,000

Gregory Dawson and Gregory Goff to Connie T. and Reginald W. Craft Sr. Va. 604, 5.78 acres, $110,000

George Thomas Massie, Nancy Massie Towery and Shawn M. Feller to Ronnie L. Lynch. Parcel, 4.49 acres, Timberlake District, $205,000

Alice Holmes Magee to Samuel L. Harlow. Lot 14, section 1, Happy Valley Subdivision, $119,000

Donna M. Kubasek to Joseph A. Wallace. Lot 37, section 1, Sunburst Hills, $189,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Charles P. and Kathleen Spence to Amanda Marie Rider. Lot 1, block 1, Brooklawn Addition, $127,700

Paul L. and Betty L. Phillips to David A. Robinson and Stephanie M. Padilla. 133 Richeson Dr., $169,900

David Abdshah to Charles C. and Christina J. Pfeiffer. Lot 21, section II, Forest Brook Hills Subdivision, $128,000

Rose Waxler, Shirley M. Robertson and Autumn Robertson to Victor K. and Carrie A. Appel. 113, 117 and 125 Hancock St., $5,000

Louis X. and Michelle M. Ashe-Batista to Goshen Living LLC. Lots 6 and 9, block 15, Westoever Heights Subdivsion, $51,000

Angela T. Jones and Jacqueline C. McNavish, trustees to Michael A. and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees. Lot 19, block 2, Roseland Park Addition, $45,000

Keith A. Smith and Lisa F. Smith to Adam L. and Ashley M. Bonney. Lot 33, section 2, Heritage Hills Subdivision, $160,000

By Force LLC to Terrance and Quanesha Chambers. 917 Johnson Road, $123,500

Matthew S. and Sarah G. Gifford to Rachel G. Koons and Lorne T. Strausbaugh. 329 Holcomb Path Road, $151,000

Hillstone LLC to Gerald K. and Lora S. Ryan. Lot 10, block 8, Westover Heights Subdivision, $149,000

City of Lynchburg to Lynchburg Realty LLC. 99, 103 and 106 Breezewood Dr., 90,000

Jaclyn Lee Meadows to Jonathan C. and Jade L. Sonne and Christopher E. Sonne. Lot 6, block 27, plan A, Rivertmont Subdivision, $152,000

Staci H. and Elbert Jay Parker III to Nyomi S. Tarpley. Lot 10, section 3, Maple Hills Subdivision, $232,000

Sharon Rickmon to Laurie A. Stroman. 1613 Lynndale Place, $129,900

Rebecca Lee Wetzel and Jamee W. Wetzel to Spencer M. and Meg K. Zeabari. Lot 5, block H, Townes at Blackwater Ridge Subdivision, $170,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 3, Mountain Cut View, new dwelling, $120,000

Terry Anderson, lot 9, Hunting Ridge, new dwelling, $119,000

Matthew Wilt, 1364 Oakleigh Ave., dog kennel, $10,000

Jeffrey Caldwell, lot 4, Vaughans Landings, new dwelling, $50,000

John Hunter, 6978 Wheeler Spring Road, addition, $80,000

Robert C. Stephens LLC, lot 31, Combine Hills, new dwelling, $175,000

Henry Pierce Jr., 404 Berry Lane, new dwelling, $135,000

Wolf Creek Estate LLC/Sherwin Wenger, off of Country Farm Road, new dwelling, $125,000

Sharday Megginson, Reedy Spring Road, new dwelling, $154,000

Tom Rasey, lot 76, Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $340,000

David Perrin, 162 Scarlett Lane, finish basement, $25,000


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