Property transfers

Amherst County

Edith B. and Calvin E Vest Sr. to Chad L. Adkins. Lot 5, Wildwood Dr., Elon District, $137,500

Anita and David Villarreal Jr. to Joseph J. and Lindsay N. Phillips. Tract 12, Partridge Hill, Madison District, $245,000

Amy Beth Pastore to Shane W. Gamble. Tract 23, section 12, Amherst Plantation, Madison District, $97,000

Miranda Lee Langlois to David E. Wildman and Laura Jean F. Wildman. Lot 4, section 2, Westview Subdivision, $164,900

James Edward Oates to Amy B. Pastore and Camille C. Kolster. Tract 24, section 12, Amherst Plantation, Madison District, $249,000

Clarence Randall and Helen Harston Davis to Brandon O. Thomas. Lot 9, section 2, Oakview Estates, Elon District, $202,000

Dunn-Rite Construction Co. to Dre’Quan Shakur Mabins and Peyton M. Myers. Lot 28, Izaak Trace Subdivision, Elon District, $156,500

Renova Properties LLC to Shawn W. and Bethany C. Furman. New parcels “A” and “B”, Reichard Dr., Madison District, $147,400

Diane W. Thompson and Yvonne W. Falls to John C. Thompson Jr. Parcel, Va. 643, 67.874 acres, Blue Ford Hicks Tract, Courthouse District, $175,000

First Properties Inc. to Brandon M. Payne. Lot 3, property of Amherst Recreation Center Inc. Courthouse District, $8,500

Appomattox County

Pioneer Developers LLC to Matthew E. and Megan E. Burch. Lot 82, Sunset Ridge, section IIIB, $328,123

Ruth Stassi to Julie A. and Roy M. Milson. Lot 6, Marysville Subdivision, Southside District, $25,000

Marcella H. and Keith V. Slayton Sr. to Casey W. and Sarah F. McGuire. Lot 2, Flood Estates Subdivision, Cloverhill District, $227,000

Harry Kent Tice and Joanne Alexander to Carlton J. Paulette. Parcel 3 and lot 2, Log Cabin Road Subdivision, Southside District, $187,000

Bedford County

Matthew L. and Rachel E. Jones to Russell Alan and Carol Renee Bays. Portion of Mountain View Church Road, Blue Ridge District, $210,000

Matthew L. and Rachel E. Jones to Roger L. and Nancy C. Jones. Portion of Mountain View Church Road, Blue Ridge District, $33,000

Larry Wayne Turner to Creative Investments Inc. Tract 3, section1, Simmons Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $82,500

Timothy D. Powell to Real Estate Buy It Now LLC. Parcel, Va. 122 and Va. 24, 50 acres, Lakes District, $230,000

Donald D. Hallock and Janet M. Hallock to Robert J. Hale. Tract A, Rock Spring Road, Blue Ridge District, $281,000

Gordon Lee Reubush to Jeremy M. Welsh and Jessica A. Gedraitis. Lot 116, block 11, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $9,000

John S. Basten and Stephen English to Lisa K. Taylor. Lot 13, 6th Fairway, section 14, Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $270,000

Allen Donoho and Annessa L. Culbreth to Darren D. Sage. Lot 6A, Gravel Hill Road, 3.614 acres, Blue Ridge District, $ 290,000

Brent W. Lily Inc. to David R. Wonnacott and Victoria L. Wonnacott. Lot 32, section II, Governors Hill, $209,900

Anthony R. Burke and Amanda J. Curry to Edwin L. West. Lot 28, Map of Town and Country Subdivision, Center District, $115,000

Thomas F. Muniz and David J. Muniz to Elizabeth R. Mapp. Townhouse, Unit 15, Jefferson Oaks Townhomes, Jefferson District, $220,000

Rose A. Mapp to David J. Osborne. Lot 99, Woods on Wiggington, Jefferson District, $198,000

Samuel W. Staples Jr. to David R. and Susan L. Crouch. Part of tract 3, subdivision of Ivy Cliff, Otter District, $1,030,000

Thomas H. and Barbara D. Crowder to Bryan and Karen D. Zak. Lot 10, Fieldcrest, Peaks District, $413,000

James S. Tomoney and Patricia A. Tomoney to Shawn M. and Caroline G. George. Lot 16, Gilfield Village, section 3, Jefferson District, $424,000

Campbell County

Acre Island LLC to Jared Hagner. Tracts 4 and 5, Acre Island, 15.201 acres, Flat Creek District, $69,000

Suellyn R. Allen, Danny Scott Reynolds and Michael Lynn Reynolds to GHP L.L.C. Parcel 1, Main St., 1.345 acres, Altavista, $100,000

Leola Brechbill Herr and Paul Boyer Herr, co-trustees to James G. and Mona L. Arruda. Lot 4, section 1, Staunton River Farms, $21,900

Barbara Bobbitt Conn to Michael Lee Arthur. Lots 41-44, Thomson & Cox Property, $80,000

Ernest R. Royal and Theresa Brown-Royal, trustees to Crossroads Investments LLC. Lot 2, 0.412 acres, Top Ridge Road, $43,000

H & S Holdings Properties LLC to Wade H. and Kimberly W. Brown. Lot 25, section 1, Trent’s Landing, $400,000

Favor of God Builders LLC to Jesse B. Nicholas and Sara J. Burgess. Tract 4, Mitchwood Summits, $165,000

City of Lynchburg

Regina C. and Raymond M. Scott Sr. to Richard A. Buck and Meagan R. Foxx. Lot 22, section 3, Oak Grove Place Subdivision, $399,900

Blackstone LLC to Damien O. Bartholomew. 1004 Polk St., $45,000

Steven R. and Becky A. Cole to Andrew Glover. Lot 14, block 3, Alice Moseley Subdivision, $176,000

Phillip Matthew Dodgion to Goodwright Properties LLC. Lot 122, Sterling Park Townhomes Subdivision, $104,500

Virtual Tech Source LLC to Dynastic Real Estate LLC. Lots 77-78 and 89-90, Oakley Addition, $60,160

Helen M. Easter to Joyce P. Mays, Unit 3-1, building 3, Stonegate Villas Condominium, $185,000

Electrik Properties LLC to Christopher S. and Angela N. Hightower. Part of lots 8 and 11 and lots 9 and 10, block C, College Park Subdivision, $172,000

James W. Elliott to Dequan Xie. Parcel, Garfield Ave., $16,000

David T. Scott to Craig M. and Nadeen J. Filiberto. Lot 11, Amayas Way Subdivision, $407,000

Pedlar View LLC to Thomas M. Hamblen. Lots 19-21, High Point Development Subdivision, $145,000

Lelia O. Thomas Keaton to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 2, block 2, Fort Hill Addition, $95,000

Brian D. Morris Sr. and Lee P. Morris to Lauren and Brian Morris Jr. Lot 10, Farmington Subdivision, $183,000

New Day Investments Inc. to RTR Investments LLC. Lots 67-68, block H, section 12, Blue Ridge Farms Subdivision, $215,000

Yo-Frog LLC to RJJ Properties LLC. 548 Leesville Road, $167,400

Campbell County

BCS Inc., 117 Greystone Dr., convert machine shop to gymnastics facility, $80,000

Andrew Pantana, 853 Stone Road, solar panels, $41,000

Raymond Hensely, 3001 Johnson Creek Road, roof top solar array, $22,730

David Harris, 875 Sunnymeade Road, new dwelling, $100,000

Keith Smith, lot 3, Red House Road, new dwelling, $250,000

Lisa Boyer, 2204 Brookneal Highway, front porch, $5,900

Clinton Turner, 55 Braxton Lane, remodel bathroom, $22,000

Eusebio Palma, 1444 Greenhouse Road, screen in porch, $10,000

Joseph Schmitt, Johnson Creek Road, new dwelling, $300,000

Overacre Associates, 20293 Timberlake Road, signs, $3,445

John Smith, 144 Mistletoe Dr., remove walls/add lights, $20,000

Watts Brothers LLC, Colonial Highway, new dwelling, $250,000

Wayne Onderko, 17652 Leesville Road, renovations, $12,000

Neil Wilson, 264 Deerfield Lane, storage building, $8,000

Randolph Valentine, 1545 Crews Shop Road, addition, $60,000

Marcus Conner, 1103 Broad St., repairs, $60,000

Ronald Mattox, 21289 Timberlake Road, new shingles, $1,500

Bank of the James, 13 Village Highway, new branch bank and signs, $5,000,000

Crosspoint Properties LLC, 20722 Timberlake Road, commercial alteration, $350,000

Daniel Cunningham, 5856 Dearborn Road, new dwelling, $250,000


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