Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Timothy K. and Margaret L. Pague to Beauford G. and Clelon B. Berry. Parcel 7, 6.064 acres, Elon District, $270,000

Piedmont Timber Co. to Thomas S. Hawkins. Lot 1, 30 acres, Knoll Acres, $67,500

Cecil G. Partridge Jr. and Patricia Anne Partridge, trustees to Mother-World LLC. Part of lot 2, Gregory Estates, 1 acre, Elon District, $135,000

Jacqueline Duvall to Jerry Kenneth Simms Jr. and Anna Corrine Schneider-Simms. Lot 1, section II, Pleasant Ridge Subdivision, Elon District, $200,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Laura Lee Mills and John Richard Martin to Susan Harmon Parcel, Va. 611 and Va. 663, 50.5 aces, Stonewall District, $175,000

Christopher Lee Moon to Andrew Holmes. Parcel, 3 acres, Va .611, Stonewall District, $153,700

George W. and Joyce S. McDaniel to Lisa C. Davis Reid. Oakridge, Town of Appomattox, $104,000

Peter Jarzabek to Joel M. Robertson. Parcel, 5.01 acres, Va. 657, Cloverhill District, $225,000

Robert M. Gullo to Clayton C. Bryant Jr. Parcel, 79.94 acres near Galt’s Mill Road, Stonewall District, $250,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Paula K. Frazier to Doug K. and Michele L. Reber. Unit 216, building 3, Monoacan Shores, Lakes District, $368,000

Jenna B. Humphries and Aaron J. Humphries to Bradley L. and Raven A. Sampson. Lot 12 and 12B, block D, section 1, Hickory Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $229,000

Stephen M. Grant to William R. Jones. Lot 5, block 1, section 2, Cascade Forest, Blue Ridge District, $185,400

Katherine McNair to Sarah L. Wood. Lot 2, block D, section 1, Goose Creek Estates, Lakes District, $120,000

Donald A. and Linda S. Bosko to Michael G. Erdmann. Lot 2, 3.240 acres, Lakes District, $65,000

Richard L. and Linda Brown to Brandilyn Kidd Dewease. Lot 36, section C, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $12,500

Wendell Poff to Brandilyn Kidd Dewease. Lot 37, section C-1, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $4,250

James R. Dickson to Leonard G. and Joan W. Nelms. Lot 4, section 1, Graham View Estates, Center District, $310,000

GSA Properties LLC to Bonnie Gordon. Lot 19, section II, Governor’s Hill, $184,900

John C. and Andrea H. Ankeney to Li Roters-Ouyang. Lot 19, section 2, Thomas Jefferson Crossings, Jefferson District, $560,000

Alan Raymond and Susan Carol Cavin Stalker to Haley and Stuart Graydon III. Lot 29, Serene Creek Run, Jefferson District, $482,000

Christopher A. and Elizabeth M. Mays to Patricia Wade Lott. Lot 3, block 5, section 2, Forest Park, $184,500

Linda St. Clair to Allison Paige Newman. Lot 3, block 12, section 1, phase 4, Valleywood Townhomes, Jefferson District, $278,000

Rhonda G. Miles to Catherine L. Ralston. Lot 44, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, Jefferson District, $278,000

Eric Frederick and Katherine Rae Detweiler to Travis and Carly Sandvig. Lot 63, section 2, Forest Edge Subdivision, $236,750

Charles J. and Linda A. Exley to Craig T. and Priscilla S. Eastman. Lot 16, block 3, Kenamr Acres, Center District, $235,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Phoenix 1 Investment LLC to Phoenix Property Group LLC. Lot 27, Trent’s Landing, section 1, $59,900

Brandon D. Short to Audrey D. Mullins. Unit 361, Lighthouse Condominium, $124,000

David F. and Adeline D. Taylor to Jessica K. and Charles R. McRaven II. Lot 8, section 2, Viewmont and lot 6, section 1, Chase Hill, $249,000

Maria Maslow to WBW Investment LLC. Lot 13, section 2A, Wildwood, $150,000

M.J.D. Builders Inc. to Diane Tucker Meeks. Lot 7, Trent’s Landing, section 1, $235,900

Summit Investors Group Inc. to Nicola Johnson. Lot 1, block A, section 1, Kirkland Subdivision, $122,800

Keith A. Eshleman and Kayla B. Tabor to Kristina S. Mertz. Lot 30, section 1, Tavern Grove, $155,000

Virginia Jakaitis to Orville B. Hughes. Lot 25, unit 25, section 2, The Crossings, $165,000

Wallace G. Keesee and Jon W. Keesee to Cory W. and Kaylin H. Faris. Tract 1, Bethany Road, $15,750

Serena S. Green to Matthew D. and Dana C. Elder. Parcel F, Hobsons Mill Estate, $210,000

Dustin C. Perry to Gregory E. and Denise D. Davis. Lot 5, block 65, Bedford Ave., Altavista, $123,000

Amie S. Clowdis and Amanda R. Smith to James Larry Poe. Lot 2 and part of lot 11 and parcel, Rush Estate, Brookneal, $2,300

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Michael L. McCabe and Ann Tyler B. McCabe to Martin R. and Kelly W. Knight. Lot 6, section 3, Oak Grove Place Subdivision, $360,000

Michael Lee and Rebecca Anne Barr to Richard J. and Ashley C. Marot. Lot 6, block 3, Inglewood Hills Subdivision, $343,000

Jonathan A. and Elizabeth H. Bucks to Gregory A. Prichard and Lisa S. Prichard Revocable Trust. Lot 38, block E, section V, Vista Acres Subdivision, $171,000

The Overlook Apartments L.C. to CL Overlook L.P. 100 and 101 Stonemill Dr., $22,260,000

The Trustees of Randolph College to Coffee Road LLC. 440 Hawkins Mill Road, $1,300,000

David A. and Megan L. Culp to Amanda H. Redmond. Lots 1-2, block B, Fort Crest Addition, $125,500

Woodcrest Drive Trust to Rachel A. Distefano. Lots 105-109, block A, Woodcrest Acres Subdivision, $135,000

Pamela D. Jones to Nanci E. Dodson. 621 Hood St., $100,000

Michael J. and Ruth E. Erquiaga to Richard T. Okimoto and Megan D. Okimoto. 201 and 205 Harrison St., $302,500

Edward T. and Sharon L. Farmer to Zachary V. Taylor. Lot 4, section 7, New Towne Subdivision, $189,000

Christopher A. and Valerie K. Harris to Jay M. and Cynthia D. Harmon. Lot 13, section5, Richland Hills Subdivision, 4168,000

Miles C. Quebedeaux to David and Jennie Hogue. Lots 86-88, Lakeview Subdivision, $145,000

Kenneth L. Harvey and Jesse Keith Harvey to Brian and Michele Showalter. Lot 20, block 1, section 1, Sandusky Hills Subdivision, $198,000

Now You Are Home LLC to Edwin Paul Hosier. 217 Ridgelawn Place, $146,350

Robert W. and Jackie L. Moon to Jose M. and Kerry L. Silva. 4416 Williams Road, $1,200,000

Kristian A. Magnuson to Kelly M. Moore. Lots 23 and 24, block 1, Westover Heights Addition, $118,500

Michelle L. Morgan to Richard A. and Donna M. Rota. Lot 23, Wellington at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $155,000

Murray Place Partners to Royal Oak Farm LLC. Lot 1A, Tomahawk Warehousing Services Inc. Subdivision, 4220 Murray Place, $485,000

Homer H. and Gay Merle Nichols to Kathryn M. and Homer H. Nicholas Jr. Lot 4, section 1, Boonsboro Forest Subdivision, $110,000

Andrew Marin Washington to Alberto Perez Nunez. Lot 7, Stuart Heights, $86,900

Mina Walker Wood to Michael L. McCabe. 1704 Parkland Dr., $246,000

Jacob O. Brack III and Karen L. Brack to Jeff Fredericks and Linda Fredericks. Lot 14, block 12, Westover Heights Addition, $152,000

Nancy Rae Brasure to Matthew L. and Johanna Ruth Schubert. 1120 Heath Ave., $160,000

Horizon Behavioral Health to Carrington Michael Wilson, Kristin Forme Wilson, Arnold Leeland Formo III and Mary Alice Formo. Lot 2, block 27, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $130,000

Central Virginia Home Buyers LLC to William R. and Karen Partridge. Lot 7, section 4, Southland Acres Subdivision, $185,200

Georgean G. Rodgers to Andrew M. and Rebecca A. Connor. Lot 35, section 3, Richland Hills Subdivision, $164,900

Building permits

Appomattox County

Wayne Simpson, 1933 Church St., deck, $2,740

Guy Neuwirth, Old Courthouse Road, workshop, $12,500

Betty Hancock, 912 Porter House Road, solar modules, $25,500

Pascall Snyder, Grizzly Lane, new dwelling, $125,000

K & A Homes LLC, lot 15, Big Oak, new dwelling, $165,000

Stephen Beecher, 2057 Watt Abbitt Road, pool, $10,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 3, Columbus Road, new dwelling, $120,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 2, Columbus Road, new dwelling, $160,000

Bohannon Electrical Heating & Air Inc., 1348 Richmond Highway, $27,500

Terry Anderson, lot 18, Big Oak, new dwelling, $119,000

Noah Telling, 2537 Police Tower Road, addition, $50,000

Dana Gunn, 670 North Creek Road, deck, $7,500

Berkley Garrett Sr., 241 Twin Pines Dr., sunroom, $15,000

Joann O’Brien, 136 Dove Lane, alterations, $4,800

David A Johnson, lot 6, Big Oak, new dwelling, $175,000

Janice Dowdy, 1674 Mt. Pleasant Road, new dwelling, $164,700

James Quade, 462 Courtland Dr., deck, $5,500


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