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Property transfers

Amherst County

Thomas W. Simms and Susan Grover Simms to Darrell and Karen Sue Green. Lot 21, section 4, Map of Lamont Acres, $215,500

Laura A. Gray to John H. Powell. Parcel, Hanger Road, $270,000

Rivers Realty LLC to ECAA Properties LLC. Lot 32, Abee Manor, Madison District, $25,250

William Lee Johnson Jr. to Fully Loaded LLC. Lots 1 and 2, block A, Lakeview Subdivision, Elon District, $125,000

Janet D. Foster to Jason Scott Stecker. Parcel, 1.445 acres near Glasgow, Temperance District, $100,000

Appomattox County

K & A Homes LLC to Nathaniel Z. and Ashley S. Irby. Lot 15, Big Oak Farm Subdivision, Stonewall District, $225,000

Eric D. and Cole R. Gilliam to Amie Kennedy and Daniel Morse. Lot 1A, Burnett Place, section A, Stonewall District, $29,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Daniel R. and Karoline M. McPeake. Lot 41, Sunset Ridge, section 11B, Stonewall District, $65,706

William Rogers Ellis Jr. to Walter Martin Jastrebsky Jr. Parcel 1, Horseshoe Meadow, Cloverhill District, $93,000

Bedford County

Neal Anthony Askew and Anita Louise Askew, trustees to Susan M. North. Unit 165, phase I, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $450,000

Roger L. and Barbara A. Hatcher to Philip Viesca. Lot 49, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $317,950

Kim A. and Judy A. McLaughlin to Levi Lester and Sadie Lynne Dooley. Lots 18 and 19 and a combination of lot 20, Parkway View Acres, Blue Ridge District, $240,000

Herbert M. and Lori J. Spangler to Gary K. and Karon V. Beam. 1408 Wooldridge Road, Blue Ridge District, $218,000

Summit Investors Group Inc. to Julie Y. Aliff. Lot 2-A, Flint Hill Road, Lakes District, $173,000

Countryside Land Company LC to Darin X. Lee. Parcel, Goodview Road, Lakes District, $80,000

Amherst Forty-Six LC to Christi W. Garrett. Parcel, Lipscomb Road, Lakes District, $39,900

Huddleston Community Church Inc. to Blue Ridge Custom Decks LLC. Lot 16, Smith Mountain Lakes Parkway, Lakes District, $29,000

Craig A. Bailey to Michael D. Wood and Caleb M. Wood. Parcel A, section II, block A, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $10,000

RFC2017 Land LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 13, Forest Edge Development, $40,000

Mikala K. Cheatham to Jason Barry and Stephanie Marie Hinton. Lot 12, section A, Lynnhaven, $164,950

Dorothy C. Huggins to Betsy K. and Marshall O. Mabry Jr. Parcel, Oslin Circle and tract B, Oslin Circle, $80,000

Brent W. Lilly Inc. to John H. and Helen F. Perry. Lot 3, section III, Governor’s Hill, Town of Bedford, $190,900

William Scott and Shannon Rudelis to Tamara Michelle Lonas and Billy Nathan King. Lot 4, section 1, Tow Woods on Wiggington, $239,900

BKC Properties Inc. to Sarah and Aemen LLC. Lot 7, Va. 679, Pony Acres Subdivision, Center District, $65,000

Daniel J. and Victoria F. Yeager to Kamin Zheng and Weijuan Li. Lot 4, section 2, Evergreen Lake, Jefferson District, $765,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Anthony Graziano and Cheryl Shupe. Lot 13, Forest Edge Subdivision, $267,000

Rodney L. and Marsha Marie Johnson to Tamara Earnist and Robert Algie Lemon Jr. Lot 18, section 11, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $475,000

Matthew J. Bower to Mary Thompson Garner. 4687 Thomas Jefferson Road, $216,500

Matthew Meservy and Joanna Meservy to Luke Brown and Alexa Brown. 1636 Pine Bluff Dr., $212,400

Manacore LLC to Steven J. and Joyce F. Gourley. Lot 91, Woods at Wiggington, section IV, Jefferson District, $224,900

Troy D. Overstreet to Allan Smith Thornton. Lot 15, section III, Steeplechase Estates, Jefferson District, $301,000

Foster Construction Inc. to Lucas L. and Natsue K. Kasper. Lot 12, section 19, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $262,000

Lee M. Martin and Amanda R. Martin to Curtis M. Martin. Lot 48, section C, Bedford Hills, Town of Bedford, $220,000

Patricia A. and Joseph H. Lizio to Derrick Alan Dehart. 1174 Powell Lane, $226,500

Campbell County

Larry J. Wood to Cooper D. and Brianne K. White. Parcel, Cabin Field Road, $219,995

Wheeler Estates LLC to TNT Group LLC. Lots 20 and 21, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $60,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 38, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $40,000

Christopher M. and Amanda G. O’Brien to Robert and Angela Way. Lot 2, Cox Subdivision, $170,000

Jaymie T. Turner to Christopher M. and Amanda G. O’Brien. Lot 15, section 1-F, Wildwood Subdivision, $210,000

John L. and Linda C. Wright to Liberty University Inc. Parcel, Mountain Lake Court, $450,000

In Good Company LLC to Eleanor C. and Richard L. Somazze Sr. Lot 17, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $24,500

Gretchen Haushalter-Hardy to Myron D. and Heidi R. Yoder. Parcel, 60.553 acres, Perley Lovelace Property, Patrick Henry District, $90,000

Wheeler Estates LLC to H &S Holding Properties LLC. Lot 22, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $31,800

Wheeler Estates LLC to H &S Holding Properties LLC. Lot 12, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $31,000

Wheeler Estates LLC to H &S Holding Properties LLC. Lot 13, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $31,200

City of Lynchburg

Kathy Elizabeth Arrowwood Oates to Caleb David and Hannah Irish. 1212 Radcliffe Ave., $176,500

Bryan C. Laughlin and Michael A. and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees to Jason E. Laughlin. Lots 33-35, block A, Fairview Park Subdivision, $64,500

James P. Steffens, Victoria B. Shackelford and Donald Blakenship to Leslie A. Firestone. Lot 9, Ivylink Subdivision, $255,000

Stephen L. and Candice L. Hirshman to Gabrielle N.K. Bateman. Lot 17, block 4, section 2, Long Meadows Subdivision, $152,000

Larry E. Cluff and Matthew K. Haney to Herman A. Richardson. 1501 Church St., $135,000

Richard L. Comar to Powell Property Network LLC. 1209 15th St., $35,000

Oak Link LLC to David Wayne Mcaden Revocable Trust and Jennifer Topper Mcaden Revocable Trust. Lot 59, phase IV, The Preserve at Oakwood Subdivision, $115,500

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Charles R. Grant and Emily P. Donovan. Lot 6, block 12, Panorama Hills Subdivision, $207,000

Brandon Hughes to Forest Views LLC. Parcel, Taylor St., $13,750

Edward J. Friar to Seth and Hannah Mertz. Lot 17, block 4, section C, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $161,500

Daniel L. and Deborah R. Gibson to Hunter Gibson. Lot 15, block 7, Central Park Addition, $75,000

David H. and Kelli W. Goins to Derek J. Hamlett. Lots 21-22, block 6, Radcliff Subdivision, $155,900

Steve and Christina Hillis to LREI LLC. Lot 9, block 10, Central Park Addition, $80,000

Steve and Christina Hillis to LREI LLC. Lot 77, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $70,000

Steve and Christina Hillis to LREI LLC. Lot 9, block 7, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Company, $105,000

Steve and Christina Hillis to LREI LLC. Lot 11, block 6, Roseland Park Addition, $55,000

Hudson Builders Inc. to Kristina B. Holloway. Lot 4, Wood Road Subdivision, $284,000

Building Permits

Campbell County

MJD Builders Inc., 219 Timber Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $190,000

McFishin LLC, 207 Timber Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $190,000

Ashley Harris, 1365 Crews Shope Road, new dwelling, $289,500

Simons Run Hospitality LLC, 650 Simons Run, elevators, $214,000

Johnny Smith, 267 Bridge Tree Court, screened-in porch, $16,000

Charles Chauvin, 5915 Bethany Road, new dwelling, $382,000

Phillip West, 285 Saddle Road, addition, $38,000

Emberly Way LLC, lot 11, Emberly Way, new dwelling, $250,000

Jamie Adams, 1578 Railview Road, solar panels, $44,948

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC, 139 Traverse Dr., finish basement $8,000

Emberly Way LLC, 86 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $300,000

George Carlin, 6276 Village Highway, new dwelling, $174,895

Richard Singleton Jr., 182 Beech Tree Lane, new dwelling, $300,000

Steven Hovis, 277 Timber Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $379,500

Lawrence Gagnon, 1223 Caperton Way, screen-in porch, $17,000

Edward Walker, 1309 Fifth St., renovate, $18,000

R&P LR ALZ LLC, 107 Monica Blvd., deck, $14,846

Kathryn Chase, 1825 Sugar Hill Road, solar panels, $58,214

Jordan Miller, 335 Quail Road, solar panels, $40,020

Frank Lukanich III, 45 Caleb Court, pool, $34,000

Watts Brothers LLC, 2294 Colonial Highway, finish partial basement, $10,000


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