Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Liberty University Inc. to Crossroads Investments LLC. Parcel, 1.5 acres, near Va. 685, Elon District, $60,500

Timothy J. and Jessica N. Dechant to Garrett P. Lee and Monica L. Thompson. Tract 11-A, 5 acres, 5 acres, Little Gun Mountain Subdivision, $192,800

Arthur F. Engels to Samuel G. and Nancy H. Massie. Lot 1, 28.71 acres, Va. 666, Temperance District, $110,000

Judy S. Wills and Jean G. Scruggs to Riley William Ethier and Briana Wagner. Parcel 1, lot 13, Wells Road. Parcel 2, additional parcel off of Wells Road, Madison District, $100,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Almosta Farms LLC to Mary Stanley Hinds. Lot 2, 28.44 acres, near Va. 617, $44,995

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Margaret G. Fleshman. Parcel, Va. 659, 2.19 acres, Stonewall District, $115,000

Marcus D. Clements and Charnita R. Clements to Dennis P. Napier Jr. Lot 19, Jonesfield Subdivision, Southside District, $177,000

Christopher Loving Kidd to Tracy L. Gallier. Lot 31, section B, Paradise Hill, Stonewall District, $94,400

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Matthew T. and Angela R. Jameson to Amanda and Kent McIlhaney II. Lot 42, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $268,000

Richard V. and Patricia A. Fadse to David M. Neese. 1280 Crowder Road, Lakes District, $240,000

Lori F. and Danny R. Law II to John G. and Pamela O. Whittaker. Lot 11, Pine Ridge Subdivision, Lakes District, $187,000

Travis K. Lane and Dawn Pugh-Lane to Astor Gibson. Lot 55, section VI, Virginia Woods, Lakes District, $176,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Phillip Bartkiewicz. Two parcels, Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $142,500

Roger L. Thomas Construction Inc. to Chase Lawrence Vuchetich. 1236 Breezy Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $139,500

Timothy W. Byers to Eastlake Property Holdings LLC. Revised parcel B, Sunset Cay, Lakes District, $138,000

Letishya R. Goad to Wendy S. Hoke. 1158 Penicks Mill Road, Lakes District, $85,000

William C. Maxwell to Larry Chattin & Sons Inc. Parcel, 3.759 acres, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

Annette M. and James E. Florence to Alastair J. Bate and Anita R. Bate. Lot 4, Waterview Circle, Lake Vista, Jefferson District, $343,000

Douglas Drew Sherwood and Ashley Ann Sherwood to David A. Culp and Megan L. Culp. Lot 100, section IX, Blumont Estates, $261,000

Stephen R. and Angela N. Wheeler and Debra A. Loughnot to Scott Larmer and Lisa B. Larmer. Parcel, 6 acres, U.S. 221 and Va. 670, Center District, $300,000

Beth Wortman to James Y. Simms and Kay R. Young. Lot 33, Haines Point, Jefferson District, $588,500

Michael W. McKezie and Erin M. McKenzie to Christopher A. Harris and Valerie K. Harris. Lot 15, block 1, section 1, Ivy Woods Jefferson District, $254,900

Kendall S. and Tammi Moore to Paula Ann Wines. Lot 2, section 1, block 3, phase 4, Valleywood Townhomes, Jefferson District, $157,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Mary Ogle Taylor Cudd to Jack E. Barnhouse. Lot 101, section 2, Braxton Park, $183,500

Boxwood Investments LLC to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 11, Robertson Village, $50,000

Boxwood Investments LLC to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 12, Robertson Village, $50,000

Michele D. Short to Eli W. Boyles. Lot A and B, 0.46 acres, Vista District, $151,000

Elaine A. De Monte to Galen Robert Casey and Shelby Lynn Wambold. Parcel, 4.815 acres, Flat Creek District, $205,000

Christina K. Clark-McGregor to Lisa P. McCray and Alicia McCray. Lot 2, Bob Hill Subdivision, $206,000

Leslie H. Cohen to Robert C. Foster and Katelyn Ramsey Hyman. Lot 37, Bob Hill Subdivision, $207,000

Thomas S. Copes and Naomi N. Copes to Wendy Copes Proco and Tobie Copes Owen. Parcel, Kingston Road, $150,000

Dana Rae Charles Kidd to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 5, section 1, Hancock Subdivision, $60,000

John W. Elliott to Timothy A. and Megan A. Nicolson. Lot 7, Bonanza Subdivision, $93,000

Ruth Thurston Ferrell and Giles Anderson Thurston to Donna J. Rawlings. Lots 7 and 8, block 2, Hughes Addition, Altavista, $70,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Richard and Susan W. Chewning to Scott B. Scott, Crystal B. Chewning and Deborah L. Weaver. Lots 298-302, Lakeland Subdivision, $180,000

Mark G. Cockran to Patrick and Marisela Goode. 1112 Hollins St., $20,500

Cabin Lake Estates LLC to Number Three LLC. Lot 2, Overstreet Est. Subdivision, $300,000

Joshua Daniel Sorah to Tina Collins-Coleman. Lot 5, block 6, section C, Bedford Hills Subdivision, $252,500

Karen Morgan Irby to Robert W. and Elizabeth C. Dawson. Lot 15, block B, Fort Hill Manor Subdivision, $106,000

Dillar’s Rental Properties LLC to Katherine M. Gerber. Parcel, Polk St., $47,500

Louise P. Johnson to Freeman Family Enterprises LLC. 3 parcels, Monroe St., $3,000

Louise P. Johnson to Freeman Family Enterprises LLC. 1012 Third St., $72,000

Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Catherine M. Jefferson. Lot 6, block 38A, Westover Heights Subdivision, $140,000

Jason D. Hudson to Angela D. Rigglmen. Lot 1 and part of lot 2, block 13, Fort Hill New Addition, $165,500

Isabel C. and Preston B. Hundley Jr. to NBS Holdings LLC. 1113 16th St., $38,500

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Mann Custom Builders Inc. Lot 14, Jamerson Real Estate Subdivision, $30,000

James G. and Sandra B. Kiger to Raymond Jones. Lot 62, section 3, Windsor Hills Addition, $230,000

Catherine G. Miller, trustee to Kolby and Anna Matson. Lot 40, section 2, Heritage Hills Subdivision, $140,000

Susan W. May to Mary Susan Nance. Lot 8, section 3, Maple Hills Subdivision, $164,900

Emmett L. Sprouse to Patrick L. and Jena C. Monetti. Lot 12, Rutherford Townhouses Subdivision, $83,000

Richard T. and Megan D. Okimoto to Brian S. Murphy and Rebecca E. Raynor. Lots 19-21, block B, Oakmont Park Subdivision, $161,000

SRME Properties LLC, Alison Pettit and John D. Pettit Jr. to Thomas Buck and Alissa A. Romaro. Lot 9, block 3, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $219,000

Thomas T. Brown and Francy L. Rubin to Brian Mitchell Pieklik and Jordan Rae Allen. Lot 12, section 4, Oakwood Club Estates Subdivision, $205,000

Doyle B. Allen to Tony Curtis Davis. Lot 34, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $477,881.42

Larry E. Grant to Amherst Home Buyers LLC. Part lot 14 and lot 15, block 7, Glenwood Addition, $32,000

Ashkor Real Estate LLC to KW Realty LLC. 809 Wise St., $61,000

Building permits

Bedford County

Jonathan Blizzard, Blue Ridge District, garage, $113,000

David Hughes, Blue Ridge District, miscellaneous/other, $1,000

Jack Lauderdale, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $41,229

Normanda Miles, Blue Ridge District, storage building, $8,600

Brenda Pleasanton, Blue Ridge District, new dwelling, $180,000

Robin LaPrade, Blue Ridge District, addition, $3,447

James Gianopoulos, Blue Ridge District, pool, $25,000

Blaine Creasy, Center District, farm building, $6,000

Thomas Maguire, Center District, addition, $24,500

Chad Breeden, Center District, new dwelling, $200,000

Ryan Polachek, Center District, new dwelling, $165,000

Timothy Heck, Center District, pool, $14,000

Dana Bergen, Center District, garage, $36,000

Ralph Beck, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $500,000

Boonsboro Country Club, Jefferson District, commercial addition, $35,000

Ralph Beck. Jefferson District, garage, $30,000

Benjamin Yaffe, Jefferson District, pool, $30,600

Kindercare Learning Centers, Jefferson District, sign, $2,000

T Mobile, Jefferson District, tower antenna, $55,000

Cary Moseley, Jefferson District, alteration, $2,500

Christy West, Jefferson District, garage, $25,000

David Slade, Jefferson District, garage, $39,600

RFC 2017 Land LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $167,744

Andrew Vest, Jefferson District, garage, $89,910

Mike Bell, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $425,000

Robert Lowe, Jefferson District, farm building, $12,560

Long Meadows Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $515,000

Todd Morris & Sons Construction Co. Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $325,000

Lake Manor Developers LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $325,000

Lake Manor Developers LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $325,000

Lake Manor Developers LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $325,000

Loyde Lescanec, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $265,000

Bryan Conklin, Jefferson District, alteration, $106,700

Joseph Williamson, Jefferson District, addition, $11,500

Erskine Proffitt, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $3,500

Jack Blankenship, Lakes District, garage, $7,600

Timothy Ballard, Lakes District, pool, $12,500

William Rykaceski, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $60,000

Donald Fowler Jr., Lakes District, miscellaneous/other, $1,800

Chris Brown, Lakes District, garage, $20,000

Vincent May, Lakes District, addition, $47,046

Grayson Sheets, Lakes District, new dwelling, $250,000

David Pritchard, Lakes District, alteration, $5,000

Kelly Testoni, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $110,000

Donald Deboer, Lakes District, alteration, $1,000

Paul Davidson, Lakes District, new dwelling, $191,276

Jacqueline Worrell, Lakes District, addition, $5,000

Joseph Fournier, Lakes District, addition, $3,500

Steven Bailey, Lakes District, alteration, $15,000

Timothy Nash, Peaks District, garage, $15,000

Ashley Goodwin, Peaks District, pool, $37,000

Craig Gunnoe, Peaks District, new dwelling, $400,000

Curtis Hatcher, Peaks District, addition, $1,500

Glen Perks Jr., Peaks District, addition, $20,000

Tammie Rawlings, Peaks District, addition, $57,000

Timothy Bobbitt, Peaks District, addition, $1,000

Richard Fennell, Peaks District, addition, $132,710


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