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Property transfers

Amherst County

Robert J. and Mary A. Custer to Daniel Joseph and Kelsi Nicole Pisarczyk. 1922 Thrashers Creek Road, $187,000

Paul J. and Amy Coleman Winkler to Harold T. and Barbara G. Lloyd. Two parcels, Wagon Trail Road, 60.878 acres, $182,500

Eldridge Eugene Collins to James R. Vaughter Jr., Lot 11, Lincoln Park Subdivision, $3,000

Sibyl Avery Jackson, Natalie Webster and Vida L. Avery to Samuel R. and Deborah M. Tyndall. Parcel, North Coolwell Road, $13,500

Four Fifty-Five LLC to Michael R. and Emily A. Dimond. 350 Monacan Park Road, $305,000

Jacob M. Scruggs to Nicholas Risko. Lot 1, fronting Father Judge Seminary Road, Courthouse District, $260,000

John Elmer Carr and Michael Jefferson Carr to Clear Creek Land Holdings LLC. Tract 1, Wagon Trail Road, 103.00 acres, Courthouse District, $120,000

Erin Eppler Thomas to Gwendolyn Witt-Gunter and Lauren E. Campbell. 137 Valleyview Dr., $94,000

Jenny C. and David Townsend to Laurie J. Landeau. 113 Trout Cove Trail, $325,000

Appomattox County

Caleb T. Sanders to Keith A. Klinedinst. 1410 Church St. and adjoining parcel, $213,000

The Way LLC to Sydney Puryear Saunders and Travis Cameron Saunders. Lot 4, Stonewall Hill Subdivision, $236,500

Sheila M. Roper, trustee to Ryan Atkins Masonry LLC. Lot 8, Concord Business Park, Stonewall District, $90,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Nathan A. Simpson. 219 Plant Dr., $184,000

Robert C. Stephems Jr. and Robert C. Stephens III to Dakota W. Simonton. 299 Sunnydale Ave., $189,900

Tyree Bowling Lee to Shane Scott Cash. 2017 Horseshoe Road, $225,000

Gloria J. and Mark S. Swal to Robert C. Stephens Jr. Lot “L”, fronting Va. 694, 5.70 acres, Southside District, $14,000

Bedford County

Bradley N. and Montana D. Bays to Bonita Baldwin. 1034 Gladdy Branch Road, District, $300,000

Gregory L. Dooley and Melissa H. Dooley to Jared Dooley. 8711 and additional parcel, Pike Road, Blue Ridge District, $102,000

Lynchburg Cornerstone Group LLC to Michael Lewis Dill. Lot 1, Hickory Springs, Lakes District, $235,000

Timothy A. and Pamela S. Hahn to Mark W. Eli and Judy A. Houck-Eli. Lot 21, Valley Mills Crossing, Lakes District, $300,000

June Brammer to Steven Lewis Bayne. 1103 Milton Road, Blue Ridge District, $135,500

Mark W. Eli and Judy A. Houck-Eli to Roy Brent and Delene H. Morgan. Lot 1, 1X and 1Y, Mills Crossing, Lakes District, $260,000

Alta-Drew Investments Inc. to Mariner’s Landing Country Club LLC. 2106 Deer Trail Dr., Mariner’s Landing Front 9, tract 2, 3, 4, and 5 Golf Course, Mariner’s Landing, section 5A and 2052 Lake Retreat Road, Lakes District, $350,000

Aljean Enterprises LLC to Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC. 12263 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $83,163.07

Smith Mountain Lake Land Co. LLC to Mariner’s Landing Country Club LLC. 2641 Lake Retreat Road, Lakes District, $290,500

Smith Mountain Lake Land Co. LLC to Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC. Mariner’s Landing, section 3, Open Space, Mariner’s Landing, lots 9 and 10, section 14, 6th Fairway, parcels near Our Cove Road, new well lot C1, C2, 6, and 7, The Cove at Mariner’s Landing Pond Lot, lot A-1, Our Cove Road, parcel on Lake Retreat Road and Our Cove Road, Westcove, lot 7 and three additional parcels, Lakes District, $323,221.02

M&J Developers Inc. to Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC. 1273 Graves Harbor Trail, and additional parcel, Lakes District, $1,500

Technical Publications Service Inc. to Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC. Unit A2 and A2a, pahse 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $197,617.21

Craddock Oaks Developers Inc. to Mariner’s Landing Development Company LLC. Mariner’s Landing Lots 1 and 2, section 14, 6th Fairway, new lot 1 and six additional parcels, Lakes District, $676,494.24

Freedomhill Properties LLC to Scott H. and Robin C. Armstrong. Lot 5, plan B, Boonsboro Place, $20,000

James M. Wilcox to Godfrey S. and Lori Jo Mohr. New lot 15, Autumn Run West, $325,500

Leigh Ann McIvor to Kenneth A. Agee. Lot 2C, adjacent to Va. 43, Town of Bedford, $20,000

Carole Sue Branham to Susan Gail Burnette. Lot B-4, 1.244 acres, Center District, $49,600

Cynthia M. Estes to Michael G. Andreessen and Jeanmarie McGowan. Lot 35, section 2, Weatherwood, Peaks District, $38,000

Highland Oaks Partners LLC to Michael K. and Teri B. Brooks. Lot 7, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $444,900

Eric and Marianne Schatvet to Richard Lyman and Christa Lee Johnson. Lot 49, section 1, Autumn Run, $357,500

Timothy Waldren to Robert D. Creasy and Gregory D. Creasy. 212 Mill St., $7,500

D.J. and Judith C. Collins to Gordon Robert and Denise Ann Fleming. Tracts 5 and 6, on or near Va. 637 and Va. 643, Peaks District, $540,000

Charles W. Tibbs to Terry L. and Diane O. Gentry. Lot 7B, London Downs Townhouses, $285,000

Thomas D. and Rosanna L. Currie to Kevin D. and Michelle L. Clay. Tract 6, 3.500 acres, Peaks District, $80,000

Jonna R. Lewis to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 4, section 1, Brookstone, $90,000

Campbell County

Kayla E. Young to Thomas J. Hill. Lot 25, section 1, Tavern Grove, $149,400

Nicholas R. Nuzzi Jr., trustee to Kimberly and Paul J. Haynes IV. Lot 11, Leesville Hills Subdivision, $262,250

Bobby Dale and Faye Jennings Fulton to Mack Bowling. Parcel, Farm Road, $35,000

Danielle Renee Vernoy to Jonathan Lee Stump. Lot 5, section 1, block 3, Rainbow Forest, $200,000

Boxwood Investments LLC to M.J.D. Builders Inc. Lot 10, Robertson Village, $50,000

Mary Feagans Streeter to James M. and Shawn A. Jennings. Lots 10 and 11, section 2, Ivanhoe Farm, $297,900

Joey Dawson Custom Woodworking Inc. to Cody L. Presho. Two parcels, 1.524 acres, on Va. 651, $150,000

Zackary T. Fisher to Seth L. Walker. Lot 11, section 1, Map of the Homeplace, $192,000

Glenn L. and Amanda V. Simpson to Christopher S. and Emily B. Morrison. 2444 Buffalo Mill Road, $352,000

Michael K. Brooks to Jacob Stoll. Lot 19, section 1, Braxton Park, $175,000

City of Lynchburg

VIP LLC to Langley Land LLC. Lots 1-108, Heritage Court Townhomes, $1,080,000

VIP LLC to Langley Land LLC. 572 Leesville Road, $320,000

William T. and Sarah S. Pickle to Susan Vonolszewski. Parcel, Peakland Place, $795,000

Nazmul Islam and Nazibe Islam to Macel Katherine Pate McNeill, trustee. Lot P29, Cornerstone, $276,995

Krista M. Connor to Matthew B. and Kristin E. Holcomb and Brent J. Holcomb. 1810 Broadway St. 211, $137,000

Jerome J. Krejcha II and Jennifer M. Krejcha to Brian and Katherine Brown. 104 Kenwood Place, $160,400

Goshen Living LLC to Ashley Eades White. Lot 1, block 16, and a portion of Forest Glen St., $154,000

Christopher T. Walker to Nelson Daniel Fowler and Livia Ruth Fowler. Lot 14, block 5, Craddock Addition, $120,000

Lauren A. and Harold G. Walker III to Molly Marie Frazee. Lot Q15, Cornerstone, $286,500

Yeardley Properties LLC to Timothy Simmons. 1921 Pansy St., $129,900

Sneezy, LLC to Lone Jack Contracting Inc. 1806 East Lynch St., $3,000

Evan T. Davis to Deborah L. Farris. Unit No. 101, Boonsboro Falls Condominium, $109,900

Arthur B. and Mary Ann Clark to Nancy L. and Daniel R. Mitchell Sr., Lot 14, section F, Linkhorne Forest, $200,700

John R. Seminatore to Richard A. Lee Jr. 2714 Loraine St., $47,000

E. Duane Zimmerman to Polly R. Wooldridge. Lot 7, block A, section 9, Blue Ridge Farms, $100,000

Michelle L. Dalton to Jonathan Jesse Maldonado and Hannah Grogan. 608 Middle St., $218,000

Linda B. Waskey to Vance L. Brown. 3004 Bonsack Road, $45,000

Vernon M. and Elizabeth S. Whaley to E. Oakley Drumheller Jr. and Katherine M. Seals. Lot P2, Cornerstone, $288,400

Kelly C. Maness to Austin S. Candler and Katherin M. Hames. 6009 Igloe Dr., $130,500

Jesse E. and Kimberly K. Van Gurp to Hameedullah Ahmadzai. Lot 16, section II, The Villa, $220,000

Kristian E. Munguiato Matthew Walton Smith. Lots 21-24, block 2, Mountain View Acres, $274,000

Lone Wolf Investments LLC to Michael C. and Dana J. Pflieger. Lot 17, section 1, Boxwood, $349,900

Benjamin Guy and Cindy Bolton Linn to Joshua A. Barger and James Patrick Barger. Lots No. 280-284, Windsor Hills, $189,900

Brett T. Matthews and Jennifer R. Poore to Goshen Living LLC. 600 Sussex St., $69,500

Christine Priller and Benjamin Hetzel to Double Play Rentals LLC. Lot 9, block 24, Westover Heights, $110,000

Lloyd A. and Mary E. Ogburn to Victor D. Bori. 3204 Hill St., $305,000

Meng Chen to Laurie A. and Richard L. Schweinsberg. Lot 7, unit G, Wyndhurst, $148,000

Harris Tire Properties LLC to Bluebuckle LLC. 1128 Blue Buckle Aly, 1905, 1907, and 1913 12th St., $112,500

Travis Calloway to Jennifer R. and Markus W. Ward. 1107 Milford Lane, $135,500

Old Trents Ferry Road, trust to David Robert Toher. 335 Old Trents Ferry Road, $107,000

Margaret K. Dillon to Michael O. and Christina C. LaFleur. Lot 4, block 4, Gorman Subdivision, $269,500

Phillip Lucas Radcliffe to Bo C. White. 1704 Moormans Road, $160,000

Courtney Y. Marsh to David Christopher and Heather Renee Boyles. Lot 25, section IV, Willow Bend, $273,000

Matthew Kirk and Amy Anton Gallagher to Jill Melina Mollohan. 1605 Somerset Dr., $163,500

Randolph College, Incorporated to Renea Santana. 80 N. Princeton Circle, $181,000

Rapid Home Solutions LLC to Rachel P. Godwin. 1109 Moseley Dr., $186,000

Blane A. Maddox to Wanda and William A. Robertson Jr. 112 Ridgeline Lane, $260,000

Robin L. Pritt to Micah and Misti Watkins. 3106 Richmond St., $77,500

Christopher Deshay Carter to Country Place LLC. Lot 57, section 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $50,000

Nathaniel and Megan Battaglia to Thomas E. and Samantha L. Smith. Lot 24, block 15, Westover Heights, $124,500

Matthew Steenburgh to Seth P. and Nicole K. Andrews. 811 Erskine Ave., $75,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Terence Foley, 1204 Grove Road, new construction, $83,563.58

Scott Hoffman, 4912 Mountain Laurel Dr., addition, $47,050

Eleven 25 of Virginia LLC, 1125 Old Graves Mill Road 800, new construction, $2,200,000

Melvin Clark, 204 Whistlewood Court, addition, $44,075

Jonathan Susman, 215 Norwood St., addition, $14,537.60

Chris Hancock, 1404 Taylor St., repair, $3,600

Laurence Losh, 205 Meredith Place, addition, $100,000

Asena Gerling, 621 Federal St., addition, $2,362

Robert Foy Jr., 2804 Evergreen Road, renovation, $6,720

Kandy Elmore, 1129 Rugby Road, addition, $40,000

Nickolas Gillan, 104 Temple Circle, addition, $1,700.64

Buscher Enterprises LLC, 1000 Early St., renovation, $12,500

Jesse Van Gurp, 2112 Woodcrest Dr., renovation, $80,000

Wendy Reddy-Cardwell, 1416 Garfield Ave., renovation, $4,000

Winnifred Jackson, 1128 Lakeview Dr., addition, $3,300

David Kumar, 221 Woodland Ave., renovation, $41,452

Linda Mayhew, 2213 Park Place, addition, $9,000

Richard Wilson, 1413 Ashborne Dr., addition, $1,204.62

Joshua Bombardier, 104 Jackson St., renovation, $7,000

Douglas Lee, 4311 Greenway Place, repair, $12,000

CS Custom Structures Inc., 1814 Clayton Ave., new construction, $250,000

Belong Here 5th LLC, 417 Fifth St., renovation, $30,000

Zachary Lawrie, 1218 Shirley Road, addition, $3,960

Chris Crickenberger, 305 Hayfield Dr., addition, $20,000

Garnett Merriman, 856 Victoria Ave., repair, $22,000

Shirley Whitted, 1023 Harrison St., repair, $2,300

Jennifer Brown, 1208 Norvell House Court, renovation, $60,000

David Head, 1412 Ashborne Dr., renovation, $70,000

Robert Chapman III, 1628 Lunden Ave., repair, $10,000


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