Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Nathan R. Adams and Kasandra M. Rentz to Adam Chandler Davis and Ashley Nicole Galbreath. Lot 21, section 2, Lamont Acres, Elon District, $179,900

Robert G. Hoeft and Sharon A. Turner Hoeft to Daniel Stephen Bocek. Parcel, Va. 1008, Town of Amherst, $185,000

Nathan M. Young and Lori A. Young to Justin L. and Ashley Stilwell. Parcel A, 3 acres, Temperance District, $259,900

Clyde R. and Kathleen S. Snell to Matthew A. and Jeneva E. Tomlin. Tract 6, section 2, River James Overlook, Pedlar District, $42,000

Justin L. Stilwell to Charles G. McHenry and Kimberly R. McHenry. Lot 23, Poplar Grove Subdivision, Elon District, $175,900

Haywood D. Stallings to Trinity B. Harris. 1332 Richmond Highway, $50,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Almosta Farms LLC to Roger Allen Hunter Jr. and Clinton Heath Hunter. Lot 1, 25.72 acres, Cloverhill District, $44,995

Catherine Johnson to Pascall G. and Marjorie J. Snyder. Lot 6, Vaughan’s Landing Subdivision, Stonewall District, $56,000

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Bellview Properties LLC. Lot 7, Burnett Acres, Stonewall District, $49,000

Garet K. and Martha C. Bosiger to James G. and Annette Bennett. Parcel, fronting County Line Road, 2.05 acres, Southside District, $115,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Lisa A. and Jimmie F. Seekford Jr. to IRA Services Trust Company CFBO: Helen Murphy and Helen Murphy and Michael R. Murphy. Unit A, building C-11, phase 20, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $350,000

Michael J. and Jessica H. Bartell to John F. and Hedy Susaye Barry. 1056 Oyler Road, Blue Ridge District, $325,000

Charles J. and Margarita G. Zizzo to Joshua and Melissa Cunningham. Lot 16, section 1, Afton’s Meadow, Blue Ridge District, $269,000

Charles C. and Penny C. Watts to Richard and Margaret Eagen. Lot 45, section 1, The Oaks, Lakes District, $207,000

Real Estate Buy It Now LLC to Cole A. Lowery. 1432 Hales Ford Road, Lakes District, $179,950

Thomas W. and A. Mary Quesenberry to John Edward Bews. Lot 6, Spring Oak, Lakes District, $80,000

Martha Ann Nicholas and Jennings Moore Johnson Jr. to Michael E. and Magdalena S. Bramlet. Lot 5, section 2, Va. 757, Hemlock Shores, Blue Ridge District, $56,000

H & B Land LLC to David A. Jones and Roberta E. Jones. Lot 3, Southern Woods, Lakes District, $20,000

Gabriel Saker to Sherry L. Artrip. Lot 4, 1.780 acres, North Chamblissburg Estate, $120,000

Margaret W. Crosson, Edgar N. Weaver Jr. and Dabney W. Dwyer to Scott M. and Heidi A. Shields. Lot 1, Taylor’s Mountain, Peaks District, $141,250

Warren A. Otey to Dylan Neighbor. Lot 3, section 2, Elk Trace, Jefferson District, $217,000

Jamie L. and Crystal G. Brodesser to Randale D. and April D. Beavers. Lot 17, Misty Ridge, Peaks District, $219,900

Tommy R. Witt, Megan Bright and Casey Dollahan to Cassie L. Harris and Michael W. Graves. 1465 Wheatland Road and additional parcel, $70,000

Michael L. and Veronica E. Brooks to Toss S. and Kelly A. Eckert. Lot 52, section III, The Woods on Wiggington, Jefferson District, $199,900

Kenneth W. Nichols and Marlene K. Nichols, co-trustees to Burton Joel Burch and Jeanne Yeatts Burch, trustees .Lot 209, section 2, Forest Lakes, Jefferson District, $473,000

Susan L. and Harry T. Harrison III to Jennifer L. Switzer. 605 Lake Vista Dr., $349,900

Michael P. and Elizabeth Anne Pingstock to Harrison and Erica A. Doolittle. Lot 6, Mill Lane Woods, Jefferson District, $204,900

Jacqueline Q. and Harry R. Johnson Jr. to Kenneth W. Nichols and Marlene K. Nicholas, co-trustees. Lot 12, Ashleigh Terrace, Jefferson District, $309,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Castle Craig Investment Trust to William M. Hutchinson. Lot 20, Castle Craig Heights, $172,500

Jean P. Crews to Steven A. and Melanie B. Monroe. Lots 7-9, section 2, Sunset Park, $207,000

Edward A. Evans III to Zachariah N. Koepke. Lot 2A, 1.204 acres, Flat Creek District, $130,000

Robert Guedj to Gabriel Alfredo Carballo Gomez and Maribel Gallardo. Lot 11, block 9, Rainbow Forest, $156,900

Donald F. Gardeski and Erin Flynn Mayone to Bryan K. Thompson. Parcel, 7.155 acres, Long Mountain District, $156,900

Tamara S. Goodman and Ross K. Suit to Anthony Mangano. Lot 10, block C, section 2, Jefferson Manor, $159,900

LBDJ LLC to Timothy S. Cash Builders Inc. Lot 51, phase IIB, Leesville Road Estates, $49,900

R.D. Faulks LLC to Pearson Vet Company LLC. New parcel, 0.369 acres, College District, $700,000

Francis Booker to AZ Homes LLC. 155 Marysville Road and 4 additional parcels, Marysville Road, $77,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Carol L. Calvert to Molly M. Frank and Seth P. Dykeman. Lot 30, block A, Lula E. Dodd Subdivision, $115,000

David Mason White, Meredith White Collins, Jennifer Kaye White, David Michael White and Steven Andrew White to Otey Carter. Lot 4, block 7, section A, Sandusky Aces Subdivision, $160,000

Cherie Washburn to Austin G. and Caitlin F. Chillemi. Lot 85, section 2, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $233,900

Karen A. Fostel to Peyton Elswick. Lot 7, section 3, Chestnut Hills Subdivision, $140,000

Sheila Ann Lawhorn to Robert A. Ford. Lots 11-13, block 10, South Lynchburg Land Co. Subdivision, $4,700

Greystone Builders LLC to Sydney L. Littauer. Lot 4, Breneligh Grove Subdivision, $184,750

David and Joy Lively to John D. and Rebecca J. Havill. 1004 Sandusky Dr., 4151,000

Eugene Wayne Mays Jr. and Jennifer Mays Mitchell to The Highley Group LLC. Lot 4, section 1, Southland Acres Subdivision, $145,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Hudson Builders Inc. 1221 Lockewood Dr., $40,000

Maddox and Son Construction Inc. to Marla W. Meek. Lot 128, Northwynd Village and Towers Subdivision, $269,216

Joy B. and John J. Malok IV to Claire Schiefer. Lot 7, block 8, section 2, Long Meadows Subdivision, $169,900

Aubrey E. New to Paul D. McDaniel. Lot 2, Oak Meadows Subdivision, $174,000

Ronnie and Anita A. Martin to Jeffrey Goetz and Timberly Michele Miller. Lot 25, Meadows Court Townhomes Subdivision, $106,000

Gary N. Smith and Gary F. Smith to Karen D. Morton. 1019 Randolph Lane, $115,000

Joseph and Holly Perrigoue to Brian M. Woodiel. Lot 8, block 1, section 3, plan C, Oakwood Farms Subdivision, $299,000

T.P.B. Enterprise LLC to Paul A. and Nancy E. Pond and Alyssa Pond. Lot 6, block G, Cornerstone Subdivision, $174,900

Building permits

Appomattox County

Mike Floyd, 452 Cedar Tree Road, addition, $30,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 23, Woodchuck Dr., new dwelling, $130,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, Columbus Road., new dwelling, $150,000

Billy Baldwin, Wood Row Road, storage building, $30,000

Jarrod Jamerson, 3225 James River Road, workshop, $15,000

Danny Pugh, 3025 Hummingbird Lane, addition, $28,000

Lee Hall, lot 15 Meadows of Concord, new dwelling, $1,260,000

Joshua Mast, 1926 Little Cub Road, deck, $3,500

David Watson, 1840 Piney Mt. Road, deck and patio, $20,000

Justin Lawson, 4672 Salem Road, new dwelling, $175,000

James Baker, Mill Pond Road, renovation, $10,000

Wendy Horner, 5587 Wildway Road, “she” shed, $20,000

Wendy Horner, 5587 Wildway Road, shed, $9,000

Dillon Moorefield, lot 81, Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $235,000

Todd Milton, 214 Sunnydale Ave., porch, $5,000

The Farmer’s Bank of Appomattox, 223 Main St., renovation, $150,000

Shirley Cheatham, 1188 Oakridge Road, decks, $5,000

Kay Roper and Sharon Bryant, Horseshoe, new dwelling, $140,000

Dana Gunn, 670 North Creek Road, pool, $14,983.08

David Johnson, lot 5, Big Oak, new dwelling, $150,000

Benny Marston, lot 30, Benjamin Estates, new dwelling, $140,000

Lonita Clagget, 4950 Promise Land Road, porch and deck expansion, $14,000


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