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Property transfers

Amherst County

Joseph W. and Kristie N. Davis to Ronald L. and Janet J. Maxwell. Tract 1, Partridge Hill, Madison District, $ 18,000

D. Richard Ellington to Kelly G. Worthington, trustee. Parcel, near Mathone Road, 130.222 acres, $157,500

John W. Wood to James David Hall. Parcel, Wagon Trail Road, $90,000

Jonathan E. Herman to William W. Lee Jr. Lot 1, Montrose Fruit Farm, Elon District, $249,900

Blair Marie Riggs to Steven and Joyce Kidwell. Parcel, Cedar Gate Road, Elon District, $86,500

Autumn Martin to Megan M. and James W. Saunders Jr. 120 North Main St., $242,000

Francisco D. and Stephanie J. Mayo to Joseph Wayne and Kristie Nicole Davis. Lot 26, Stone Ridge, Courthouse District, $152,900

Jill Claire Scarborough to Thomas and Judith Metts. Lot 4, Horsley Crossing, Pedlar District, $27,000

Allen J. Sommers to Bradley Jay and Loretta Kay Miller. Parcel, Summerhill Road, Temperance District, $133,000

Gregory A. and Cathy A .Snyder to William E. and Melissa S. Salsgiver. Tract 7, section 7, Amherst Plantation, Madison District, $42,500

Appomattox County

Christian M. Stratton and Shannon L. Stratton to Matthew Jackson and Rebecca Jackson. Parcel, Horseshoe Road, Cloverhill District, $142,000

James A. Irby to Jeremiah T. and Rachel E. Koester. Parcel 3, Police Tower Subdivision, Southside District, $290,000

Lofton Leasing LLC to Scott Gene and Jennifer Renee Feeken. 838 Snapps Mill Road, $389,000

James Neal Washington to Equity Trust Company. Parcel, Richmond Highway, $50,000

James Neal Washington to Equity Trust Company. Parcel, off of Richmond Highway, $4,500

Bedford County

Clara C. Leonard to Richard T. Spurzem. Lot 3B and 4A, Alpha Dr., Lakes District, $610,000

John E. Wingfield and Linda S. Wingfield to Thomas B. and Cheryl L. Purtle. Unit C4, building C, section 7, The Waterways, Lakes District, $440,000

Gary L. Frazier and Elenor F. Frazier to Michael Dean See and Rose Marie Newsad-See. Lot 16 and 17, section 1, Deerwood Pointe, Lakes District, $355,000

Ross Houston and Jung S. Hoke to Sam R. and Jo Ann H. Tucker. Unit C, building C-3, phase 14, The Bridgewater Bay Condominium, Lakes District, $210,000

Ruth Delong to Thomas A. Chickos. Lot 56, section D-2, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $175,000

RLJ LLC to Charles Albert Horn III. Lot 10, section 1, Bass Cove Subdivision, Lakes District, $160,000

Jeffrey A. and Carol D. Hogan to Darryl S. and Prestie Roach. Lot 2, Crab Orchard Road, Lakes District, $146,850

Toller’s Ferry Lakeside Holdings LLC to Paul L. Stewart III. Parcel near Pine Ridge Road, Lakes District, $92,902.50

David Youngblood to Michael Patrick Levy and Kelly Lynne Morrison. Lot 14, section 1, Lakes Edge, Blue Ridge District, $90,000

Marty D. McKee to Frank J. and Michelle L. Graybill. Lot 43, Variety View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $15,000

Highland Oaks Partners LLC to Eileen M. and Michael K. Clark. Lot 20, Highland Oaks, Jefferson District, $425,000

Melinda Gayle Fitzgerald to Scott Burnette, Barry Driskol, Mark Speake, Jim Johnson, Christi Burger, Tim Watts and Wayne Smith, trustees to Mountain View United Methodist Church. Lot 8, section 1, Clifton Estates, Jefferson District, $116,850

Jane T. Blankenship to Anne R. Fister-Lee. Unit 412, building 1, phase I, Oak Point Townhomes, Jefferson District, $190,000

Connie Toms Rhodes to Chad Edward Dooley and Tiffany Renee Phillips. Parcels, Winding Trail and 1844 Toms Road, Peaks District, $260,000

Lona Dawn Ingram Prasse to Harvey Arnold Phillips Sr. and Betty Dail Phillips. Lot 24, block B, section 1, Meadowridge Farm, $399,900

Gerald L. Headley and Jeffrey Justis, co-executors to 2C LLC. Unit 1, building K, Clay’s Crossing Inc., Jefferson District, $155,000

Campbell County

James R. Sprinkle to Iosef N. and Christy L. Shalev. Parcel B, Sprinkle Dr., $85,000

Michael R. Overstreet to Douglas Edward and Ruth Ann Tanner. Lots 15 and 16, section 1, Oak Hill, $287,500

NBS Real Estate LLC to George L. Leluan. Lot 2, section 1, Concord Village, $109,900

Mercy Care Centre Foundation to Robert L. and Sylvia J. Jones. Parcel, Va. 812, 1 acre near Evington, $6,000

James A. Weiss and Randy L. Weiss to Coy Davis and Diane Cripe Hewett. Lot 6, phase VI, Runaway Bay, $585,000

Gregory H. and Teresa P. Surratt to Yvonne M. and Henry L. Henderson Sr. Lot 23, section 4, Moss Creek Village, $217,400

Kirk Fritz, trustee to Aaron Partridge. 2 parcels, lot 3 and additional parcel, Beechwood Hills, $120,000

ECP LLC to Patricia A. and Roger A. Hunter Sr. Lot 6, phase I, section 4, Lighthouse Townhouses, $107,900

Susan D. Saunders, trustee to Jim T. Dinkle and Linda O. Dinkle. Lot 21, Lynviews Hills, $12,000

Payton Lawrence Townes, Joyce Ann Townes, Clayton Lawrence Townes and Paris Henry Townes to Crossroad Investments LLC. Top Ridge Road, Flat Creek District, $80,000

Marc L. and Amy B. Corbett to Marc D. and Courtney E. Hudson. Lot 30, section B, Whitestone Hills, $259,000

Betty W. Smith to Concord Lake Haven Inc. Lot 26 and half of lot 25, Lynview Hills, $146,762.50

City of Lynchburg

Chad P. Lydon to Rosie M. Spann-Johnson. Lot 12, block 15, section D, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $154,000

David K. Martinez to Streamline LLC. 1225 Heath Ave., $42,000

Paul W. and Linda M. Smith to Matthew McLeod. Lot 11, block 7, section B, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $189,000

Philip Hughes Ripley to Janice Elaine Stunkard. 1101 Federal ST., $375,000

Rosamond Netcott Phillips and Wayne Alexander Phillips, trustees to Michele C. Astese. 716 Johnson St. and additional parcel, $23,900

Billy R. Ashworth and Charles R Ashworth to Kyle James Davis. Lot 26, unit 314, Crescent Townhomes, $149,900

Rod Burnett to Edwin O’Neil Berryman and Valerie M. Shinko. Lot 28, section 3, Richland Hills Subdivision, $180,000

Carolyn M. Dellwo to Michael E. and Joan M. Brady. Lot 30, Heritage at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $35,000

Bobby J. and Freda M. Spencer to Fernando Jose Carreno Tineo. 304 Old Graves Mill Road, $195,000

Luttrell M. Farris to Daniel M. and Denise B. Dempsey. Lot 17, phase I, section 1, Three Fountains Town House Subdivision, $75,000

Carmela C. Dyke to Richard T. Fitzgerald II. 106 Kings Dr., $112,800

Streamline LLC to German Torres Torres. 1414 Buchanan St., $20,000

Kristen Dowling to Alexandria D. Richardson. Lots 120-123, Roundelay Subdivision, $141,000

Dewey L. and Tracey W. Ferguson to Ryan & Dadd LLC. Lot 6 and part of lot A Fort Crest Addition, $147,000

Dewey L. and Tracey W. Ferguson to Ryan & Dadd LLC. Lot 3, Fort Crest Addition, $147,000

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Mann Custom Builders Inc. Lot 15, Jamerson Real Estate Inc. Subdivision, $30,000

Eric E. and Wanda L. Kobischen to Racheal L. White. Lots 15-16 and 45-46, block I, Mountain View Addition Subdivision, $108,000

Long Meadows Inc. to Roo LLC. Lots 13-17 and 24-28, Stonehaven Subdivision, $555,000

Elisabeth A. Wilson Pleszkoch and Christina Turner, co-administrators to Lynchburg Properties LLC. Lot 27, section 4, New Towne Subdivision, $150,000

Lisa C. Woodroff to Joanna C. Maas. 3107 Fort Ave., $128,020

John L. Spaulding IV and Jacklyn D. Spaulding and John L. Spaulding III to Elizabeth Sidner McKenna. Part lot 15, block A, Oak Hill Addition Subdivision, $140,000

Sellari Enterprises Inc. to Peter A. and Elena L. Stock. Lot 13, Cottage Hill Subdivision, $65,000

Building Permits

Amherst County

Sweet Briar College Treasurer’s Office, 134 Chapel Road, electrical power for greenhouse, $282,000

Kenneth Massie, 3270 Buffalo Springs Turnpike, addition, $60,000

Robert Langstaff, 132 School Road, modifications on cell tower, $20,000

William Hurley, 188 Mansfield Dr., addition, $25,000

Debbie Kinney, 368 Main St., deck, $1,800

Glad Manufacturing Co., 317 Zane Snead Dr., power for silos 19-21 at Glad, $46,000

Christopher Kobiela, 253 Todd Lane, addition/renovation, $2,000

C.W. Properties LLC, 146 Oakwood Dr., decks, $13,900

Dustin Wright, 857 Pendelton Dr., 28 solar modules, $40,257

Carlton Wingfield, 3975 South Amherst Highway, addition/renovations, $55,006

James Woods, 138 Oakwood Dr., decks, $13,727

James Woods, 132 Oakwood Dr., decks, $10,295

Mortgage Equity Conversion Trust, 214 Old Farm Road, addition/renovations, $19,268

Wilson Toal, 775 Partridge Creek Road, addition, $38,000

Arrington Storage LLC, lot 5, Amelon, new dwelling, $90,000

Justine Yingling, 233 Bramblewood Dr., solar grid, $33,040

Amherst County, 4818 Lexington Turnpike, new commercial structure, $33,454

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business, 197 Madison Heights Square, gates, $15,000

Crown Communications Inc., 143 Boxwood Circle, upgrade antennas, $10,000

Thomas Major Jr., lot 1, Dancing Creek Road, new dwelling, $40,000


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