Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Anthony D. Herrington to Jacob R. Simms and Madison V. Johnson. Lot 35, section 1, Woodway, Elon District, $164,500

Tosey R. Sparrow to Betty A. Green. Tract 23, section 1, Amherst Plantation, $23,000

Piedmont Timber Co. to Thomas J. Major Jr. Lot 1, Knoll Acres Subdivision, $39,200

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Richard M. and Audrey P. Britt. Lot 7, section 1, Hunt Club, $113,211

James H. Massie III to Robert K. Branham. Parcel, 35.869 acres, Elon District, $250,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Nina B. Beasley to Country Oaks Land & Timber LLC. Parcel 1, 17.29 acres, fronting Va. 618, Cloverhill District, $43,225

Thomas J. Copsetta Sr. and Susan M. Copsetta to David Brandon and Sara Katherine Marsh. Parcel, 0.362 acres, fronting Maple St., Town of Appomattox, $13,000

Caryll Randall to Zombie Overland LLC. Lot 4, Deer Run Farms, section 3, Stonewall District, $27,000

Big Oak Tree Farm LLC to David A. Johnson. Lots 5, 6 and 16, Big Oak Farm Subdivision, $86,855

Dorothy P. Hamlet and Santos Holdings LLC to Brett D. and Tammy M. Stratton. Parcel, 56.5 acres, Old Evergreen Road, $129,996

Richard W. and Sheila K. Leeming to Roger D. and Claire L. Kirkbride. Lot 2, Rocky Farm Subdivision, Southside District, $175,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Robert J. and Frances M. Dale to Mark D. and Suzanne S. Obenshain. Lot 142, section 7, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $668,000

Jeffrey A. and Diane C. Chodrow to James Douglas and Loretta Ann Kiedrowski. 1282 Twelve Acres, Lakes District, $525,000

Mary Anne and William N. Richey Jr. to Nicholas A. and Julie M. McCracken. Lot 2 and portion of lot 3, section 1, Lakesview Estates Subdivision, Lakes District, $485,000

Lori Muncus Madden to Matthew R. and Katherine L. Cragun. Lot 68, section VII, Virginia Wood, Lakes District, $189,000

David E. and Julie M. Cook to Michael P. Schultz. Lot 44, block II, section A, Wildernest Lakes District, $75,000

Doris B. Wheeling to CMH Homes Inc. Lot 10, section 1, Southwood Meadows of Bedford, Blue Ridge District, $27,000

Hannah E. and Scott A. Heath Jr. to Kevin T. Malick. Lot 2, Skyview Properties Subdivision, Lakes District, $15,000

American National Bank and Trust Company to Hunter Alexander Robertson. New lots 114 and 115, section 6, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $10,000

Richard J. and Janet A. Reitmar to Reena Pearls. Lot 5, section 18, West Crossing, Jefferson District, $229,000

Keith A. and Caroline A. Oglesby to Richard G. and Gena T. Taylor. Lot 2, section 7, The Meadows, Jefferson District, $315,000

Cheryl L. Beamer to Brendalyn L. Harper. 3892 Rocky Ford Road, Center District, $162,000

Ryan J. and Elizabeth A. McLennan to Sean Mlodzinski. Lot 8, Cedar Creek Subdivision, Jefferson District, $330,000

FKB LLC to GS Home Solutions Inc. Lot 69-B, 1.500 acres, Center District, $30

Leon Wayne and Elisabet P. Hoffman to Kenneth E. and Jessica L. Hess. Parcel No. 2, Boulder Point, Peaks District, $30,000

Hannah B. and William D. Kreuziger Jr. to Brian L. Leo and Angela J. Leo. Lot 27, section 7, The Meadows, Jefferson District, $255,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Frank K. Grosch and Pamela J. Grosch, trustees to Mark E. Lucas and Amy E. Lucas. Tract 2, 66 acres, Long Mountain District, $390,000

LAT Land Company LLC to Foster Propone LLC. New Lot 2B, 1.557 acres and lot 3, 2.455 acres, $525,000

Tina G. Whiting to Luxor Enterprises LLC. Lot 51, section 1, Nottingham Forest, $107,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Timothy V. Edwards and Betty E. Woodall. Lot 9, block B, section 1, Hallwood Hills, $94,300

Molly H. Fariss to Steven Gray and Kelly Francis Crabtree. Parcel, 34 acres, Falling Acres District, $80,000

CS Custom Structures Inc. to Joseph Anthony Holland Jr. and Brandi Woods Holland. Lot 3, Trents Landing, section 1, $419,900

John Larry Creasy, Linda Creasy Harris, Robert Neal Creasy to Dennis W. Trent. Parcel, Leesville Road and parcel “A”, 2.389 acres, $225,000

Theodore L. and Sherry A. Bell to Steven Ron and Connie H. Howle. Lot 191, section 3, Braxton Park, $174,900

Pamela H. Catron to Douglas E. Crews. Parcel, Va. 734, $170,000

Kenny J. Caudill to Michael Hensley and Kimberly Lawrence. Lot 21, Falling Springs Estates, $22,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Gerald W. Cox Jr. and Lauren A. Cox to Aaron G Brinkley and Rachel A. Mahle. Lot 7, section II, Sheffield Subdivision, $182,000

Amy W. Houseman to Anna G. Farrell. Lot C, block C, Warwick Addition, $110,000

Starry F. Burns to Dominique E. Spinner. 107 Euclid Ave., $66,500

LMR Properties Inc. to Daniel S. George. Lot 19, block 6, Glenwood Addition, $40,000

Marc H. Hamilton to J. Michael and Vicki L. Thomas. Part of lot 3, block B, South Hill Park Subdivision, $78,000

Charles M. and Natashia C. Lowry to Jonathan David and Rachel Elizabeth Honchul. Lot 24, block 17, Westover Heights Subdivision, $149,900

JCS Properties LLC to Justin T. and Amber K. Matzker. 3506 Fort Ave., $182,900

Jones M. and Jeddy K. Kaleli to Carter M. Maweu. Lot 18, block 7, New Fort Hill Addition, $100,000

John T. and Shanna A. Kenney to Robert Edward and Teresa Smith Scheppegrell. Lot 8, block 1, plan A, Peakland Subdivision, $440,000

Kristopher M.D. Shaffer, Barry D. Shaffer and Janice K. Shaffer to Charles W. and Gail A. Tally. 1317 Ruffner Place, $42,000

Ashkor Real Estate LLC to Cordney Horton. 2300 Hight St., $3,500

Ronald Anderson to Donald P. Ray. 801-803 Pierce St., $30,000

Devin L. Banker and Whitney S. Banker to Kristi L. Moon. Lot A, block 5, Fort Hill Subdivision, $157,000

Maddox and Son Construction Inc. to Brenda Box. Lot 129 Northwynd Villas Subdivision, $239,000

JCS Properties & Management LLC to David A. and Penny R. Brockman. Lot 7-9, block 15, Edgewood Subdivision, $127,100

Caleb A. and Davy J. Sweazey to Leigh Ann Bush. Lot 18, section 2, Westbury Subdivision, $174,900

Building permits

Bedford County

Peyton’s Place LLC, Blue Ridge District, new dwelling, $120,000

Travis Mullen, Blue Ridge District, boathouse/dock, $20,000

Joan McGovern, Blue Ridge District, farm building, $40,000

Argabright Contractors Inc., Blue Ridge District, new dwelling, $230,000

Curtis Viar, Blue Ridge District, addition, $55,000

Harold Buckner Jr., Blue Ridge District, addition, $10,000

Robert Graham, Center District, storage building, $20,000

Jonathan Winston, Jefferson District, addition, $20,000

Barry Toews Jefferson District, garage, $22,000

R. Moorefield Construction Co., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $400,000

Irish Enterprises, Jefferson District, townhomes, $1,350,000

Amber Lackey, Jefferson District, addition, $3,600

Thomas Terzakos, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $650,000

S&S Properties, Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $150,000

Nolenhoke LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

Thomas Houck, Jefferson District, addition, $25,000

Ridgewood Animal Clinic, Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $174,000

Highland Oak LLC, Jefferson District, garage, $10,000

15243 Forest Road LLC, Jefferson District, business, $1,000,000

Touchdown Properties LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $180,000

Touchdown Properties LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $184,000

Highland Oak LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $384,000

Scott Hight, Jefferson District, alteration, $15,950

New Hope Baptist Church, Jefferson District, miscellaneous/other, $5,000

Harvey Hamilton, Jefferson District, garage, $75,000

Edward Friar, Jefferson District, townhomes, $860,000

Patrick Kelly, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $67,000

Michael Kaminski, Lakes District, alteration, $30,000

Ryan Payne, Lakes District, garage, $18,000

Todd Mays, Lakes District, alteration, $2,000

Kenneth Matheny, Lakes District, storage building, $7,000

John Crank, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $72,000

Frank Longaker, Lakes District, addition, $119,667

Robert Dice, Lakes District, alteration, $3,000

Clyde Cox, Lakes District, new dwelling, $100,000

Nicholas Akers, Lakes District, new dwelling, $190,789

Monumental Ironworks LLC, Peaks District, commercial alteration, $1,000

Walter Hatcher, Peaks District, farm building, $7,500

William Dodgion, Peaks District, new dwelling, $200,000


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