Property transfers

Amherst County

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Latania Stewart. Lot 15, Wynbrooke, $204,000

Tyrone Anthony Jordan to Michael W. Ramsey. Parcel, Va. 608, Temperance District, $4,000

Frances W. Stevens to Debra Lynn Stump. Lots 26-29, block C, Town of Amherst, $139,000

Susan Fulcher Hudson to Fred Winston and Vernie Tomlin Wood. Parcel 1, 99/160th of and acres. Parcel 2, 27.5 acres near Lowesville, Temperance District, $107,000

Ryan S. and Melanie H. Jay to Ethan R. and Sophia M. Parker. Lot 7, section 1, Peaksview Manor, Elon District, $186,500

Helen C. Floyd, Sophia C. Jones Elaine C. Harris, Dwayne E. Carson to Gerald K. and Joanne G. Haines. Parcel, Va. 622, 69.83 acres, Parcel “A”, $120,000

William Ray Edgemon Jr. to Curtis Rabine and Patricia Stevens-Rabine. Lot C, 3.66 acres, Courthouse District, $207,500

Helen C. Floyd, Sophia C. Jones, Elaine C. Harris, Dwayne E. Carson, R.M. Harris III to Dwayne E. and Donita L. Carson. 3 parcels, Galts Mill Road, 146.62 acres, $200,000

Dominion Acres Group LLC to Andrew P. Morcom, Philip A. Morcom and Jennifer Morcom. Parcel, near South Amherst Highway, 16.223 acres, Elon District, $165,000

Appomattox County

Marion V. Tomlin to Richard W. and Sheila K. Leeming. Lot 1, Piney Ridge Subdivision, Stonewall District, $40,500

Mary Maxwell Layne to Thomas G. and Evangelin A. Maxwell. 3 parcels, near Pamplin, 228.74 acres, $71,000

Benny O. and Jerleen P. Marston to Katherine D. Warner Hodge and Mitchell S. Hodge Jr. Lot 31, 1 acre, Stonewall District, $195,000

John K. and Carla G. Gaines to Peter Ruotolo. Parcel, 5.34 acres, Porter House Road, Stonewall District, $227,000

Tamara L. Thompson-Pritchard and Paul A. Pritchard to Daniel W. Forderkonz and Brittany C. Forderkonz. Parcel, Porter House Road, $219,900

Bedford County

Robert G. Saul to Nancy Bowden Anderson. Lot 5, Map of Village Green, Blue Ridge District, $130,000

Lorenzo A. Kitt Sr. to Stephen Arthur and Victoria W. Eells. New lot, Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge District, $310,000

Edward E. and Sandra S. Quirouette to Ryan S. and Emily L. Jones. New Tract, Lovers Lane, Blue Ridge District, $228,500

Clifford A. and Renae C. Swain to Shirley A. Powers. Lot 3, Chaparral Estates, Lakes District, $150,000

Billy Christopher and Elizabeth Renee Mason to Anne M. and Charles T. Wood Jr. Parcel, Hardy Road, Blue Ridge District, $245,000

Kathy and Andy Motto Jr. to Michael S. and Michele D. Brogan. Lot 21, section II, Virginia Woods, $58,500

Michael V. and Glory B. Dobyns to Michael T. and Beverly P. Breedlove. Lot 9, Cedar Ridge, Jefferson District, $233,600

Edward J. Friar Builder Inc. to Prasannajumar Pathipati and Neha Rao Chee Haran. Lot 18, section 16, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $284,900

Terrell B. and Nancy W. Wright to Candice N. and Tony R. Rice II. Lot 22, section 16, Peters Estate, Jefferson District, $339,900

John A. Campbell and Carol O. Campbell to Rebecca L. Brooks and Anthony O. McMillan. Parcel, 1.829 acres, Center District, $60,000

Lawrence W. Minnick and Betty G. Minnick to Arthur C. Onspaugh Jr. and Andrea E. Onspaugh. Lot 16, section 13, Peters Estates, Jefferson District, $350,000

Charles B. Inge and Shani L. Inge to Legendary Lands of Virginia LLC. 3463 and 3465 Goode Road, 395.571 acres, Center and Jefferson Districts, $2,750,000

Campbell County

Anne Trice Thompson Akers, Vernon S. Thompson, Marshall Alan Thompson and Mary Thompson Garner to Marshall A. and Susana L. Thompson. Parcel, 10 acres, near Yellow Branch, Flat Creek District, $45,000

Michael S. Dunn to All Peoples Church of Lynchburg Inc. Parcel, 44.15 acres, near Eastbrook Road, $152,000

Joseph Howard Turek and Renee Katelyn Fluty to Gail Lee Anderson. Lot 26, section 2-A, Wildwood, $235,000

William D. Bohon III to Christine Layne Albin. Lot 120, North Quadrant Timberlake, $478,000

WBW Investments LLC to Gail Lee Anderson. Lot 13, section 2-A, Wildwood, $272,000

Kathryn L. Bolling to Pamela D. Armes. Lot 14, section 7, phase 3, Village at Greenview, $100,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patrick W. Weitzell II and Callie J. Baker. Parcel, Miles Lane, $70,000

August D. Barber to Jennifer C. Gonzalez and Anthony O. Gonzalez. Lot 1, section 1, Carriage Grove, $224,900

James Finnerty Jr. and Faith Bartley to William J. Moir. Lot 6, Monroe Lots, $175,900

Michael R. Brinkley and Jon W. Keesee to Wallace G. Keesee and Jon W. Keesee. Parcel, near Bethany Road, 43.06 acres, Long Mountain District, $30,000

Melvin J. Cheatham Jr., Donna I. Cheatham and Nicholas A. Cheatham to Ricky V. and Brenda L. Simons. Lot 3B, Va. 646, Doss Road, $25,000

Robert S. Shugar and Lynette M. Shugar to Norman L. Cranford and Maria Colleen Claxton. Lots 12-14, Tweedy Estates Subdivision, $415,000

City of Lynchburg

Keith D. and Carla A. Sabo to Iron Orchid LLC. 3042 Campbell Ave., $94,000

Steve E. and Annette C. Mills to Robert Wilson Tatum Jr. Lot 25, section 3, Boxwood Farm Subdivision, $392,000

Oaklink LLC to William F. Overacre. Lot 69, phase IV, Preserve at Oakwood Subdivision, $104,500

Tyler Voogd to Alan A. Payan and Kacey S. Reichard. Lot 4, block B, section 2, Woodbine Village West Subdivision, $109,900

Brian K. and Georgette N. Triplett to Layney S. and Joseph H. Skinner IV. Lot 26, section 4, New Towne Subdivision, $177,000

Eric M. Baugher and Leslie W. Baugher to Trevor D. and Meredith B. Connell. Lot 2, section 2, Carter’s Grove Subdivision, $410,000

Augustine Omwanghe to Stella L. Boley. 5148 Boonsboro Road, $55,000

David A. and Carol W. Owen to Joshua P. and Elizabeth M. Brandon. Lot 1, block 5, section A, Bedford Hills Subdivision, $128,000

Deborah T. Chaffin to Tyler and Meghan Voogd. Lots 275-278, plan B, Beverly Hills Subdivision, $185,000

Danny and Wendy Webb to Christopher Ryan Harrell. Lot 23, block 34, Westover Heights Subdivision, $159,900

Curtis Wheeler and Betty L. Peterson-Wheeler to University of Lynchburg. Lot 11, section 1, College Lake Park Subdivision, $165,667

Stephen E. Morris to Chelsea Paige Barnwell. Unit 11, Woodstock Condominiums, $82,000

Daniel C. Bost to Wentworth Holdings LLC. Lot 65, Sterling Park Townhomes Subdivision, $103,000

Robert C. Tonnancour and Linda J. Tonnancour, trustees to Matthew David and Lauren Elizabeth Brynteson. Lot 103, Sterling Park Townhomes, $123,000

Raymond Andrew and Megan Anna Guensch to David M. and Sharon E. Filegar. Lot 6, section 1, College Park Subdivision, $220,000

Four Plus Investments LLC to Charles J. Grove. Unit 201, building 1, The Parkside Grande at Cornerstone Condominium, $115,000

Jean E. Petrey to William R. Walker and Christine E. Savarese. Lot 3, block E, Evergreen Subdivision, $200,000

William R. Walker and Christine E. Saverese to Daniel W. and Violet A. Runions. Lot 3, Farmington Subdivision, $282,900

Building Permits

Campbell County

Kenneth Settje, 708 Crowell Lane, commercial additions and alterations, $521, 600

Laura Moses, 326 Morning Glory Lane, new dwelling, $220,000

Christopher Wade, 155 Hiley Terrace, new dwelling, $200,000

WK Land and Timber LLC, 678 Brookneal Highway, duplex, $190,000

Jonathan Witt, 7 Northgate Court, new dwelling, $289,000

Dale Snyder, 480 Runner Stone Dr., new dwdelling, $375,000

Emberly Way LLC, 77 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $250,000

Emberly Way LLC, 95 Emberly Court, new dwelling, $250,000

Bryan Mays, 618 Oxford Furnace, new dwelling, $263,450

Robin Vance, 1634 Lynbrook Road, new dwelling, $250,000

Mark Bruce, 315 Davids Way, finish portion of basement, $12,000

Ricky Spradlin, 81 N. Ridge Lane, roof top solar install, $6,820

Randy Wade, 2750 Oxford Furnace Road, close in screened in porch, $35,000

Norvell Stratton, 14 Cobblestone Lane, pool, $21,000

Robbie Falwell, 557 Deer Path, pool, $7,000

Paul Fredrich, 353 Cato Road, carport, $5,300

Wendy Davis, 1660 Austin Mill Road, pool, $55,700

Joseph Dawson, 3091 Red House Road, pool, $35,000

Dolland Scott, 496 Waterlick Road, new dwelling, $226,801

Nathan Washburn, 0 Wards Road, new dwelling, $256,000

Duane Hundley, 117 Addie Way, solar panels, $21,224

George Carhart, 44 Lake Shore Lane, roof, $10,000

Paul Mattox, 3950 Bedford Highway, garage, $25,000

George McDonald, 2419 Village Highway, solar panels, $36,300

Wyatt Hamlett, 3233 Lambs Church Road, front porch, $5,000

William Wood, 201 Sunrise Dr., deck, $11,668

Legacy Unknown, 176 Lakehaven Place, new dwelling, $275,000

Mark Bruce, 315 Davids Way, new dwelling, $295,000

Britney Williams, 3761 Oxford Furnace Road, new dwelling, $302,093

Stanley McIvor, 6444 Village Highway, new dwelling, $110,000

Jerry Harvey Jr., 1139 Tweedy Road, new dwelling, $263,450


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