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Property transfers

Amherst County

Dianne M. Smith to Ashleigh Branham. Lot 6, section 1, Amherst Plantation, Madison District, $109,900

Jacob Tyree Cash and Michael Edward Cash to Kristin T. Cash. Parcel, Va. 619, 2.91 acres, Temperance District, $175,000

Barbara Peters Clements, Lisa Clements Johnston, Jennifer Leigh Peters, Elizabeth Blair Peters Payne, Glenn William Peters Jr., Brenda Peters Hunt, Donald Ray Peters and Ronald Pay Peters to Ronald R. and Barbara C. Peters. Lots 5-7, subdivision of part of the property of P.A. Thompson, Elon District, $150,000

Arlene D. Pugh to Kenneth R. and Pamela M. Crawford to Dawson Aluminum Inc. Lot 142 and part of lot 141, Kiddhurst Acres, Elon District, $152,400

Yvonne W. Ragland to James R. Creamer and Joanne M. Roddick. New parcel “A”, residue 3.415 acres, Elon District, $39,900

Bradley S. Dye to Elizabeth C. Massie and Cameron B. Maddow. Lot 2, 12.034 acres, Elon District, $200,000

Otis Lee Durham Jr. and Eleanore Carole Wohol Ford Durham, trustees to Keith D. and Sheri M. Nelson. Parcel, Gun Mountain Dr., $136,000

Appomattox County

Angela M. Childress to Randy and Glennis L. Looney. Tract 1A, Dreaming Creek Road, Stonewall District, $61,000

Marilyn J. Cummings to Patrick Poullath. Lot 5, Va. 613, 1.906 acres, Stonewall District, $154,200

Allan L. Booth and Wanda H. Booth to Claude A. Moore and Norma H. Moore. Parcel 1, north side of U.S. 460, 5.70 acres. Parcel 2, U.S. 460, 2 acres, Southside District, $180,000

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Susan G. Mundy and Leland M. Fannon Parcel 1, 2.70 acres, Southside District, $169,900

Carl M. Shatzer to Daniel W. Ramsey and Anne Marie Ramsey. Lots 12 and 13, Paradise Lake Subdivision, Southside District, $50,000

Bedford County

Ronald H. and Molly R. Bristol to David and Ashley Carol Zaino. 402 Saunders Point Road, Lakes District, $599,000

Edward C. and Susan F. Craighill to Christopher A. and Michelle L. Smith. 1045 Rufus Dr., Lakes District, $480,000

Jason P. and Michelle A. Thomas to Erik Sean and Mindy Lynn Edwards. Lot 3, Shingle Block and 4914 Shingle Block Road, Lakes District, $286,000

Chris D. and Sharon O. Holliday to Madison H. Simms and Timothy L. Sarver. 1298 Blue Ridge Dr. and additional parcel, $282,000

Nancy J. and Clinton F. Western Sr. to Jeanne Bailey. 110 Breezewood Lane, $183,333

Lisa A. Toscano and Diane Lawson to David W. and Mary A. Whittington. Lot 17, Goodvue Village, Blue Ridge District, $176,000

William Glenn Rainey and Freida R. Harman to Ernest S Smith. Lot 11, section 2, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $83,800

Anthony S. Emmons to David R. Vaughn and Margaret Vaughn. Lot 16, section 2, Weatherwood, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

Bank of Botetourt to Jerry Lee Wayne Tingler. New lot 1, Mountain View Acres Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $5,000

Philip W. and Josie G. Grandfield to Scott D. Reisenweaver and Mark T. Reisenweaver. Lot 107, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $5,000

Joey A. Puckette to Corey Jones. Lot 2, Lowry Subdivision, Center District, $5,000

The Forest Partners LLC to Gristmill Land Holdings LLC. 1208 Perrowville Road, $2,900,000

Blaine M. Fernald and Patricia L. Fernald, trustees to Frankie L. Scoggins. Lot 21, Wellington Court, Jefferson District, $329,900

Judith L. Nutt to Anna Rae Tinsley. Lot 33, section B, Bedford Hills, $185,000

George A. Winfield to Brandon C. Alisabeth N. Smith. Lot 10, section 1, Lake Vista, Jefferson District, $240,000

R. Moorefield Construction Co. to Adam Douglas Loudon and Michele A. Shull-Loudon. Lot 21, section 3, West Crossing, Jefferson District, $440,000

Stephen M. and Shannon L. Conley to Dakota Samuel and Ashlynn Kelly. Loy 14, section 5, The Meadows, Jefferson District, $272,500

Claudine C. Etheridge and Shirley A. Etheridge to Matthew L. Adkins and Amber Marie Thornes. Lot 24, block 3, Ivy Hill, Jefferson District, $302,000

Wayne E. Lawhorn to Isaac S. Cepeda. 505 South St., Town of Bedford, $95,000

Campbell County

Brian C. and Amanda J. Summers to David C. and Melissa Danielle Gunter. Lot 25, section 3, Russell Springs, $228,000

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. to Kathleen E. and Robert N. Gregor Jr. Parcel, Hughes Road, $150,000

Austin M. and Jamie L. Erb to Lindsey A. Sharman and Lindsay M. Pritchard. Lot 30, section 6, Rainbow Forest, $229,900

Richard W. Robertson to Kenneth L. Durham. Parcel, Meadow Court, $33,500

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Zengrudong and Jinlan Liu. Lot 38, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $269,950

Leland F. and Lenore R. Dittman to Clayton B. and Debra C. Harvey. Lot 1, Leewood Subdivision, $206,000

CS Custom Structures Inc. to Michael D. and Deborah M. Simmons. Lot 4, section 1, Trent’s Landing, $368,500

Phoenix1Investment LLC to CS Custom Structures Inc. Lot 32, section 1, Trent’s Landing, $59,900

Dewayne K. Campbell to Timothy S. Cash Builder Inc Lot 68, Leesville Road Estates, phase III, $40,000

Charles W. Sheaffer to Ralph A. and Beatriz A. Butler. Lots 60 and 61, section A, Reynolds Subdivision, $10,001

City of Lynchburg

John D. Johnson to Denise and John Johnson. Lot 29, section IV, Willow Bend Subdivision, $170,000

Edward G. and Carrie White Williams to Micah Properties LLC. Lot 1, block 11, Radcliff Subdivision, $162,000

NBS Real Estate LLC to Powell Property Network LLC. Lot 102, Tyrees Addition, $45,000

Ryan P. and Kati W. Stuller to Andy B. Tran and Lan Lh Nguyen. Lot 3, block H, Townes at Blackwater Ridge, $185,000

Darrell Pittman to Mary and Gregory O’Berry II. Lot 31, block C, section 6, Blue Ridge Farms Subdivision, $149,900

James E. and Lillian H. Rice to Charles J. Wingfield. Lot 3, phase 1, section 1, Three Fountains Townhouse Subdivision, $79,900

Peachtree Counseling Center Inc. to S&S Properties of Lynchburg LLC. 798 Leesville Road, $200,000

Frankie Len Scoggins to Joyce C. Pieleck. Lot 3, Duncraig Court Subdivision, $300,000

Julio L. Uchimura and Mary J. Stewart to Venture LLC. 861 Belmont St., $45,000

Adam W. Stevens, trustee to Matthew A. and Kathryn S. Muri. 1701 Langhorne Road, $355,000

Fairview Christian Church Inc. to Naveed A. and Sadaf N. Khan. Lot 5, block 1, Highland Park Subdivision, $10,000

Beda Properties LLC to John B. Anderson. Lot 4, block 1, Mountain Ridge Addition, $160,000

Hugh S. and Laura A. Barnwell to Jonathan W. Martin. 1920 Roxbury St., $89,000

Phillip J. Beeson to Brendan O’Malley Smith and Ashley Blair Smith. Lot 14, block 7, Edley Subdivision, $205,900

Selby Wayne Croom to Michael A. Gillette and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees. Lot 33, block 2, Roseland Park Addition, $62,000

Electrical Realty and Sales Company to Seven-Up Distributing Co. Portion of 208 Graves Mill Road, $300,000

Ann Carol Tweedy Tucker and William Fainter Tucker III to Patrick J. Griffin. Lots 15-18, block 5, Gorman Subdivision, $259,900

Staton E. and Laura M. Aylor to Katherine W.T. Sasser. Unit 13, Heritage Condominium, $150,000

Walter Leon Watts to Brodf LLC. Lot 7, block 7, Glenwood Addition, $77,000

Streamline LLC to Buscher Enterprise LLC. Parcel, Knight St., $32,000

Building Permits

Appomattox County

Caden Energix Pamplin LLC, Richmond Highway, solar electric power generation facility, $3,526,000

Matt Witt, 1364 Oakleigh Ave., addition to dog kennel, $10,000

Gary Parsons, 213 Ridgeline Dr., finish part of the basement, $5,000

Gaige Brooks, lot 73, Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $275,000

Earl Robinson, 787 Woodlawn Trail, replace deck, $8,500

William McCabe, 4508 Wildway Road, deck with handicap ramp, $6,000

David Wright, 2810 Paradise Road, car port, $9,552.82


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