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Property transfers

Amherst County

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Sandy L. Brown. Parcel, Lipscomb Hollow Road, $103,100

Paul S. Cyr and Paula M. Cyr to Derek and Rebecca Adam. Parcel, Va. 600, 3.01 acres, Courthouse District, $279,900

AZ Homes LLC to Monica J. Mikuen , Scott T. Mikuen and Sean R. Mikuen. Lot 15C, Lakeview Subdivision, $154,500

Wilderness Creek LLC and Jeannie B. Whiteman to Hope Island Outfitters LLC. Parcel, Hope Island, $1,500

Leslie B. and Bruce A. Tweedy Jr. to Harry A. and Patricia S. Tomlin. Lot 8, 1.679 acres, Ebenezer Road, Courthouse District, $18,000

Gregory W. Smith to Vicki S. Toliver. Lot 114, section 2, Forest Park, Elon District, $1,848.65

Bonnie Sue Wine to Jeffrey E. and Joan C. Porter. Two lots, 0.45 acres, east of U.S. 29 and southeast of Woody’s Lake, Elon District, $115,000

Appomattox County

Guy M. Hargrave and Dorinda G. Grasty to Ingrid W. Parkhurst. Lot 17B, Walton Place, Southside District, $261,000

Martha A. Nolen-Vesterlund to Nathan Gilbert. 2429 Purdum Mill Road, Southside District, $194,000

Aileen T. Ferguson and Charles David Torrence Jr. to Charles B. Torrence. Parcel 1, Va. 627 and parcel 2, Va. 627, Cloverhill District, $157,000

Sheila M. Roper, trustee and Sharon K. Bryant to David Troy Smith and Annmarie Elizabeth Hursh. Parcel 1, Va. 629, 10 acres, Southside District and parcel 2, 5.69 acres, Cloverhill District, $250,000

James J. and Jennifer E. Bigl to Sebastin K. Sullivan. Parcel, Va. 616, 43.64 acres, Cloverhill District, $549,000

Bedford County

Gregory J. and Rachel S. Besaw to Stephen J. and Gabrielle J. Milacci. Lots 14 and 15, section 14, Peters Estate, Jefferson District, $500,000

Lawrence Ray and Sue W. Christian to Noel M. and Emily J. Robinson. Lot 4, Yukon, section 1, Jefferson District, $297,000

Mountain Lion Land Development LLC to Thian Thane. Parcel, Bluemont Estates, section 1, Jefferson District, $190,000

Robert E. Lee Jr. and Joanne N. Lee to Stephany Flores Cox. Lot 1, Walnut Hollow Forest, Jefferson District, $247,900

Stephen J. Milacci to Jacob T. and Tessa A Roulston. Lot 1, Lake Manor Estates, Jefferson District, $515,000

Oscar B. Meador and Helen A. Meador to Robert Hartman. Parcel, 20.002 acres, Peaks District, $22,000

Joseph B. Fields, Stacey L. Fields and Brenda J. Fields to Larry D. and Gail M. Dawson. Lots 38 and 39, Gross Point, Lakes District, $350,000

Sherry E. Lyle to Molly Akers and Kenneth R. Thomas Jr. Lot 108, section 2, Variety View Estates, $55,000

Corrina Marie and James Robert Morris Jr. to Douglas C. Agee Jr. Parcel, Bandy Mill Road, Blue Ridge District, $128,000

Shawn N. and Kerri N. Williams to Lynn Ellen M. and William W Meredith III. Lots 16 and 17, section 5, Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $340,000

Donald C. and Deborah P. Thomas to Robin T. McCutcheon-Hurst and Kimberly A. Laffin. Parcel, just off of Va. 805, Lakes District, $188,950

Irma A. Keenan, trustee to Robbin A. Martinelli. Lot 4, section C-2, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $16,000

Garland L. Simmons and Carolyn P. Simmons, trustees and Chad A. Simmons to Rose M, and Monroe Baldwin Jr. Parcel, Gate Lane, Lakes District, $65,000

Campbell County

Sandra Moon to Ronald L. Anderson and Joan W. Coleman. Lot 26, Deerfield Subdivision, $207,000

Michelle R. Tuck to William S. Sellari. Lot 2, 8.646 acres, Flat Creek District, $42,000

David J. Pearson Jr., trustee and executor to Primax Properties LLC. Parcel 1, 21270 Timberlake Road, $430,000

Jeffrey S. and Jacqueline R. Hupe to Ryan P. and Rebecca S. Croster. Lot 17, devotion 8, Russell Springs, $216,000

D & G Constructions Inc. to Michael L. and Trina P. Reese. Lot 2, Red House Road Estates, $259,000

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Allen B. Lewis. Parcel, Marysville Road, $2,250

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Carole P. Johnson. Tract 4A, Va. 700, 1.3 acres, $2,900

Jeffrey A. and Wendy A. Davis to Michael Martin. Lot 2, section 3, Windsor Forest, $170,700

Kimberly R. Drewry, Tonya R. Kidd, David A. Roberts Jr., Dana R. Thompson and Angela R. Hicks to William R. Dupree. Parcel 1, 2.27 acres near Farm Outlet Road. Parcel 2, east of U.S. 501 neat N & W Railway and Beaver Creek, 0.932 acres, Flat Creek District, $154,500

Yong H. Irby and Susan Denise Irby Feser to John and Sue Warren, Parcel, 15,53 acres, Va. 633, Patrick Henry District, $30,000

William Gates and Renee Gates to Gaylor Fred Johnson III. Parcel A, 3 acres. Tract A, 4.07 acres. Parcel C, 7.70 acres, Long Mountain District, $350,000

City of Lynchburg

Rise Up Properties LLC to Ethan T. Bell. Part of lot 639, Daniel’s Hill Subdivision, $191,000

George B. Cress and Nancy J. Cress to Ashley R.Tare. Part of lots 1, 7, and 8, block 4, Fort Hill Addition, $196,050

M. Faith S. Helwig and Patricia A. Sheehan to Terence O. and Susan B. Foley. Lot 15, section 6, block D, Vista Acres Subdivision, $13,000

Sellari Enterprises Inc. to Williams T. and Elaine B. Johnson. Lot 21, Cottage Hill Subdivision, $463,920

Maddox and Son Construction Inc. to James M. and Victoria Marcouillier. Lot 127, Northwynd Village and Towers Subdivision, $269,500

Thomas P. and Margaret S. McCann to Robert W. and Jennifer A. Moore. Lot 13, section 4, Oakwood Club Estates Subdivision, $495,000

Jeffrey Woody and Celeste M. Robb-Woody to SPF Properties of Blacksburg LLC. Parcel, Norfolk Ave., $172,500

Kirk and Kristina Williams to Devrick R. and Francis J. Wilson. Lot 43, Sterling Park Townhomes Subdivision, $127,000

Christopher P. Wright to Stanton E. and Laura M. Aylor. Lot 4, Daniel’s Hill Subdivision, $70,000

Melvin W. and Zanita A. Robinson to Christopher J. Bailey. Lot 14, block D, section 2, Georgetown Forest Subdivision, $132,000

Andrew and Kathleen Ostrom to Jeremy Brigance and Melissa Mangold. Part of lots 17, 18, 5 and 6, block 95, plan B, Rivermont, $215,000

Electrik Properties LLC to Courtney G. Bunch. Lots 12-13 and part of lot 11, block C, College Park Subdivision, $167,000

Wendell T. Carwile and Chris E. Carwile to Kathryn L. Jordan and Marcus B. Thomas. Lot 35, block 2, Central Park Addition, $79,000

John T. and Patricia S. Limmage to Lawrence Ray and Sue W. Christina. Lot 42, phase II, Villas at Stonemill Subdivision, $211,000

Robert P. Kenny and Patricia A. Suozzi to Robert A. and Brittany J. DeRise. 66 North Princeton Circle, $327,000

Mihail Dinu and Olga M. Dinu to Rebekah B. Pemberton, Mary E. Pemberton and Mark S. Pemberton. Lot 12, block A, Morey Hills Subdivision, $189,000

Roskelley Properties LLC to Christopher J. Gaumer. Part of lots 15-16, block Y, Warwick Addition, $229,500

Theodore A. and Randy C. Griffin to Isaiah David and Hannah Kasey Quigley. Lots 24-25 and part of lot 26, block 8, Golf Park Subdivision, $169,150

Christian I. Jordan to Peachtree Investments LLC. Lot 7, block 22, plan A, Rivermont Company Subdivision, $40,000

Nest Egg Partners to Deanna D. Justice. Lots 8, 9, and 22, phase 4, Homestead Gardens Subdivision, $104,900

Margaret A. Woods to Melvin W. Robinson. Lot 53, Legacy Oaks Subdivision, $269,900

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Crosswhite Athletic Club LLC, 118 Davis Cup Road, new construction, $1,500,000

Woody’s Firehouse LLC, 1210 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $5,000

Roads to Recovery Inc., 3000 Langhorne Road, renovation, $399,450

Liberty University Inc., 1400 Monogram Road, renovation, $213,900

200 Lillian Lane LLC, 201 Lillian Lane, renovation, $360,000

Centra Health Inc., 3300 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $50,000

Marek Estates LLC, 2724 Hurdle Hill Road, renovation, $6,345

Marek Estates LLC, 2305 Indian Hill Road, renovation, $4,250

Randall Mitchell, 2504 Memorial Ave., repair, $24,470

Harold Lewis, 105 Yorkshire Circle, addition, $34,125

Rise Up Properties LLC, 109 Cabell St., renovation, $80,000

Long Meadows Inc., 3050 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

Long Meadows Inc., 3052 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

Long Meadows Inc., 2727 Rainbow Circle., new construction, $160,000

Long Meadows Inc., 2729 Rainbow Circle., new construction, $160,000

Stephen Field, 1801 Richmond Ave., renovation, $14,000

Warren Darling, 211 Chesterfield Road, addition, $1,300

Jonathan Pillow, 1008 Coronado Lane, addition, $25,000

DRV Construction LLC, 2414 Memorial Ave., addition, $2,000

Hope Investment Solutions LLC, 218 Cabell St., renovation, $30,000

JW Daniel Consulting LLC, 4243 White St., new construction, $140,000

Valerie Kestner, 106 Dale Ave., renovation, $45,000

David Gleitz, 419 Warren Ave., repair, $2,300

Joseph Orchowski, 209 Trents Ferry Road, addition, $30,000

Believabuild LLC, 264 Payne St., repair, $6,000

Janet Jackson, 923 Johnson Road, renovation, $19,728

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