Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Randolph Woods Wyckoff to Walter Hayes Kennell. 1642 Edgehill Plantation Road, Courthouse District, $350,000

Cynthia Michelle Merchant to Brian L. Mayo. Parcel 1, part of lots 1 and 2. Parcel 2, lot 3, Elon District, $169,900

Rollin O. Berry and Lisa A. Berry to Jasmine T. Martin. Parcels “A” and “B”, residue 2.645 acres, Courthouse District, $159,900

Bonnie Sue Win to Malcolm R. Burkholder, trustee. Lot 16, 13.7 acres, Elon District, $167,500

Tok Pun Tyler to Marie C. Powell and Anna M. Burch. Lot 4, block 7, phase III, unit 704, Royal Gardens, $147,000

K & M Distributors Inc. to Wall Residences Inc. Lot 1, 0.44 acres. Lots 1, 2 and 3, subdivision of parcel “A”, Elon District, $150,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Carlita Ferguson, Raymond Ferguson, Robert Ferguson and Corian Ferguson Joey Ferguson, Ronald Ferguson Jr. and Patrick Ferguson to Edward L. McCoy Jr. Parcel I, 30 acres, Abbit Mail Route Road. Parcel II, 2 tracts near Va. 24, approximately 33 or 34 acres, $114,000

Linda Glenn Peters to Linda C. Smith. Parcel, 1.07 acres, Cloverhill District, $73,300

Tina R. Hall and Kinsley B. Tomlin to Dallas S. Turner. Parcel, Va. 663, 2.80 acres, Stonewall District, $139,000

Norman Ferguson Jr. to Edward L. McCoy Jr. Parcel I, 30 acres, Abbit Mail Route Road. Parcel II, 2 tracts near Va. 24, approximately 33 or 34 acres, $57,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Samuel L. and Judith W. Deloach to Clark V. wheeler. Lot 2, Alpha Dr., Lakes District, $997,000

Elizabeth N. Farrel to Robert R. and Ruth S. Fielder. Lots 7 and 8, section 3, Woodlake, Blue Ridge District, $212,000

James D. Deloach to Clark V. Wheeler. Lot 3, Alpha Dr., Lakes District, $200,000

Aaron H. Deloach to Clark V. Wheeler. Lot 1, Alpha Dr., Lakes District, $200,000

Willis R. Chaplin Jr. and Theresa A. Chaplin to Bradley Chaplin and Dawn Chaplin. 1149 Trap Branch Road, Lakes District, $172,500

Mary H. Flippen to Jonathan C. Phillips. Lot 3, Map of Mineral Springs Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $149,950

Stephen Chodrow and Victoria Chodrow to J & D Holdings LLC. Parcel, Charmwood Circle, Lakes District, $130,000

Jeffrey Moody and Rebecca Chodrow Moody to J & D Holdings LLC. Lot 4, Charmwood Circle, Lakes District, $110,000

Silena D. Gardner to Chelsea G. Cloninger. 1339 Beale Trail Road, Blue Ridge District, $99,900

Debbie M. Day to Joseph P. and Caitlin A. Cotner. Lots 35-37, section II, Lakefield, Lakes District, $30,000

Elizabeth V. McGlynn to Jessica M. Webb and Linda S. Webb. Lot 31, Lakeridge Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $16,500

Karen R. Nuzzo to Michael Wade Overstreet. 1294 Colton’s Mill Road, $89,900

Lynita F. Tuck and Gregory K. Millner to Thomas Gary Wolcott Jr. Unit 3321, Spinnaker Print Condominium, Jefferson District, $153,000

Sarah H. Fauber to Zane A. and Burma C. Abbot. Townhouse unit 35, Jefferson Oaks Townhomes, Jefferson District, $225,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to John C. and Patricia H. Grim. Lot 1B, phase 1, Oakwood Villas, Town of Bedford, $234,900

Joseph B. Johns and Sandra A. Johns to Hugh Hatcher Bond. Lot 21, Sunset Dr., Town of Bedford, $127,000

Bob M. and Agnes R. Johnson to Scott E. Ashman. Lot 8, phase II, Fairwinds, Jefferson District, $330,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Bobby G. Spradlin Jr. Lot 1, 4.112 acres, Peaks District, $145,937.01

Foster Construction Inc. to Aaron B. and Kirby O. Cox. Lot 12, section 11, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $378,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Phyllis McIntyre Harris, Nancy Ellen McIntyre Witt and Kenneth W. McIntyre to Linda H. and Robert T. Lee Jr. Parcel, Va. 712, 5 acres, Vista District, $17,200

Bennett Wayne Hudson, Gary Ray Hudson, Carol Suzanne Hudson Layne and Karen Marie Hudson Perez to WBW Investments LLC. Lot 33, block 5, section 2, Rainbow Forest, $125,000

Timothy S. Cash Builder Inc. to Kevin T. and Carrie F. Hyler. Lot 30, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $302,500

In Good Company LLC to Joseph E. Strong. Lot 10, Long Mountain Farm, section III, $77,000

In Good Company LLC to Maybrook Investments Inc. Lot 4, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $25,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Braden T. and Angela B. Kinzie. Lot 49, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $231,006.55

Cindy S. Pratt to Paul Miskey. Lot 11, section 11, Russell Springs, $206,500

WBW Investments LLC to Mateus F. Fernandes de Oliveira. Lot 33, block 5, section 2, Rainbow Forest, $155,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 49, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $40,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Kenton L. and Sue W. Meier to Kristen S. and Seth L. Mela Jr. Unit 300, Ivy Creek Townhomes, $153,500

RC Feldman LLC to Josiah O’Boyle. Lot 6, block 18, Westover Heights Addition, $159,000

Jeffrey A. Pickard to Keith R. Poole. Lot 2, block F, Warwick Addition, $98,000

River Ridge Storage LLC to David Michael Properties LLC. 2533 Wards Road, $220,000

Settle Apartments LLC to Taylor J. Yates. Lot 23, block 1, Central Park Addition, $98,000

T.P.B. Enterprises LLC to Travis L. Taylor. Lot 7, block G, Cornerstone Subdivision, $174,900

Alaminyo LLC to Brent Kidd. Lot 5, unit 408, block I, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $149,900

Curtis N. Baker to Jaspal and Navdeep Singh. Lot 21, block E, Evergreen Subdivision, $285,000

Betty Phillips Lupton, trustee to Narcissa E. Basten. 2940 Rivermont Ave. 30, $210,000

Matthew L. and Teri B. Brandon to David C. and Audrey G. Dubie. Lot 1, block 2, plan A, Peakland Subdivision, $305,000

Benjamin D. and Dawn M. Hastings to Bentrick A. and Mary G. Bryant. Lot 2, section 2, Brookville Village Subdivision, $159,900

Mark B. Sharman, trustee to Charles Burks. Lot 13, section 4, Locksview Subdivision, $350,000

Elrich and Meagan N. Mey to William Winters and Nancy Perkins Cawood, trustees. 503 Capstone Dr., $275,000

The Farms at Derbyshire LLC to Joseph Robert Gordon Dekreon. Lot 10 and part of lot 9, block 2, Radcliff Addition, $190,000

David C. and Aubrey G. Dubie to Nathan B. and Maggie E. Hendrix. Lots 36-37, block A, Riverside Subdivision, $153,000

Joanne M. Reddy and Thomas E. Martin to JCS Properties & Management LLC. Lots 36-38, block 14, Edgewood Subdivision, $61,000

Doris L. Hartman to Shirley A. Huffman. Lot 60, heritage at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $190,500

Wayne M. Manley to James R. Wyatt. Lot 2, block C, Forest Townhouses, $75,000

Premier Investments Group LLC to Debra Mcelroy and Christina Mcelroy. Lot 21, block 12, section 3, J. Featherstone Estate Subdivision, $159,900

Chad S. Wilt to Wentworth Holdings LLC. Lot 80, Northwynd Village and Towers Subdivision, $146,500

Building permits

Amherst County

Massie Hicks, 130 Collee Lane, carport, $1,600

First Baptist Church of Monroe, 189 Wright Shope Road, replace steeple, $18,000

Green Leaf Golf Club of Amherst LLC, 125 Tavern Lane, retaining wall, $60,000

Lelia Jones, lot 5, Scott’s Bridge, new dwelling, $200,000

Earl Stephens Jr., 209 Greenwood Dr., storage building, $7,000

Firas Alqublan, 4909 South Amherst Highway, renovation, $3,000

Laura Cooke, 191 Briarhurst Dr., deck, $1,000

Benuel Esh, 1337 Indian Creek Road, accessory structure, $20,000

Dryme Weavre, 1276 Mathoe Road, addition to garage, $25,000

Pleasant Ridge Inc., 120 Mansfield Dr., new dwelling, $200,000

William Ogden Jr., 140 Monacan Park Road, garage, $74,000

Robert Bouldin, 224 Sunset Dr., carport, $3,000

Colton Mays, 137 Llama Lane, addition, $40,000

Equity Trust, lot 4, Possum Island Road, new dwelling, $175,000

Barbara Ramsey, 369 Moses Mountain Road, collocate antennas on tower, $35,000

Frank James, 2144 Elon Road, new dwelling, $60,000

Amherst Properties LLC, lot 2, Kimberlea Road, new dwelling, $225,000

Ronald Phelps, 398 Lakeview Dr., addition, $45,000

Andrew Proctor, 01 Historic Riverview Way, addition, $94,000


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