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Property transfers

Amherst County

Atwill R .Melton Jr. to Joseph W. Evans III and Cody G. Evans. Lot 8, 10.72 acres, off of Christina Mill Creek Road, Courthouse District, $30,000

Bonnie J. Dawson to Jeriel A. and Brittney A. Samuels. Portion of parcel A, Lavender Lane, 10 acres, Courthouse District, $206,000

Gene E. Crouch to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 2, 0.551 acres, Elon District, $59,000

Angela Richardson to Ronald Collins. Lot 6, Larson Farm, Elon District, $74,000

BV140 LLC to Rocky Mount Realty LLC. Lots 1 and 2, block C, Silk Farm Addition, $258,000

Willie L. Campbell, Donald D. Campbell, Glen W. Campbell Tubrian and Helen Butler. Parcel, 57.1 acres, Perkins Mill Road, Temperance District, $210,000

Mark T. and Melanie E. Bunch to Stanley R. and Mary Lu Gregg. Lot 1, section 2, 0.137 acres, Town of Amherst, $160,000

Blue Sky-Coffey Partnership to James Alan and Pamela Rae Surgent. Lot 3, Naola Springs, Pedlar District, $24,900

Lynwood Tyree and Donald Tyree to Donald Eugene Birch JR. Lot 7 and 8, Wright’s Shop Road, Elon District, $153,500

Bank of the James to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 26, Buffalo Ridge Subdivision, Courthouse District, $45,000

Appomattox County

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. to Appomattox Timber Holdings LLC and Dick Purcell Land, Cattle and Timber Corporation. Parcel, 220.105 acres, off of Richmond Highway, Cloverhill District, $484,231

Bellview Properties LLC to Anthony W. Mantiply. Lot 7, Burnett Acres, Stonewall District, $111,000

Richard B. Carter Jr. and Elizabeth Carter Bertenshaw to John M. Saporito II. Lot 2, near Va. 635, 10.14 acres, Southside District, $202,500

James L. Birdsall Jr. and Christine W. Gibson to Robert Lee Doss Jr. and Brenda Lee Moon. Parcel, Va. 616, 4.38 acres, Stonewall District, $61,500

Bedford County

Thomas C. and Melissa D. Buck to Daniel L. and Heather M. Capel. Lot 2, Kasey Subdivision, Lakes District, $475,000

Sandra M. Finck to Ian and Elizabeth S. Talbot. Unit G-1, section 2, building G, The Waterways, Lakes District, $399,000

William Frederick Porter and Ashley S. Trout to Christopher R. and Mary Katherine R. Glime. Lot 34, Village North, Lakes District, $255,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Amanda L. Worley. Lot 72, Variety View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $158,650

Rita Sue Penix Trent and Sandra Kay Penix Fralin to Anthony and Natisha Compton. Lot 5, block I, Map of Snug Harbor, Lakes District, $100,000

Debra Gatto to BGoldenb LLC. Unit B2e, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $65,000

Barbara G. Coffin to Elizabeth V. and Douglas W. Hones Jr. New lot 6, Harvey Creek Acres, Lakes District, $37,000

Lori K. Jordan, trustee and Harlin Lindell Bell, trustee to Donna Marie Greene. Lot 49, block II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $19,000

Glenn E. Adair-Stantiford and Mildred R. Adair-Stantiford to Brian T. and Shannon L. Keesee. Lot 28, section 16, Farmington at Forest, $282,000

Anthony Rivera to Amber Faith Croom. Lot 24A, Town of Bedford, $138,000

Gail L. Harris, Diana L. Hicks, Jacqueline L. Cox to Accession Properties LLC. Unit 1, building F. Clay’s Crossing, Jefferson District, $150,000

Bennett Brown Arrington to James W. Andrews. 2879, 2907 Big Island Highway and additional parcel, Big Island Highway, Center District, $400,000

Sundown Construction Company Inc. to Edward Gorman Brown Jr. Lot 6, section II, Governors Hill, Town of Bedford, $230,000

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Crystal Dawn Weiser. Revised lot 6, Lake Manor Estates, Jefferson District, $516,500

West Crossing LLC to F & S Building Innovations Inc. Lots 18-21, section 18, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $140,000

Christopher D. Cooper, trustee and Julia L. Cooper, trustee to Thomas Dean and Peggy Jean Metzger. Lot 15, section VII, Lake Vista, Jefferson District, $382,500

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Gary D. and Linda S. Onks. Lot 9A, phase I, Oakwood Villas, Town of Bedford, $299,000

Chris Coleman to Michael R. Woodford and Lindsay W. Boyer. Town of Bedford, North Hills Dr., $271,500

Campbell County

Alcama Properties LLC to Moss Creek Properties LLC. Lot 168, section 3, Braxton Park, $213,000

Mountain Lion Land Development LLC to David Ahrens. Parcel, Richmond Highway, 11.4 acres, $126,000

Janice Gleason Skow to Adams Investment Properties LLC. 50 Blue Ridge Dr., $725,000

Phoenix Property Group LLC to David L. Vaughan and Mary L. Johnson. Lot 27, section 1, Trent’s Landing, $389,900

David M. and Mary H. Johnson to Austin Short. Tract 4, Phoebe Pond Road, $96,500

Keith R. Hubbard to Ian Rogers Morse. Parcel, Va. 893, 1.237 acres, Flat Creek District, $100,000

James T. and Karen H. Rudd to Christopher Scott Hedrick and Brittany A. Harris. Lot 44, Windcrest Manor, $180,000

Mindy H. Plymale to Mitchell Blake Shorter. Parcel, Plateau Dr., $25,000

Marie M. Dishman to James W. Gunter. Lot 3 and a portion of lot 2, section 1-C, Wildwood, $325,000

Patricia O. Brunk to Brandon Thomas and Christy Ann Schmitt. Lots 14E, 15D and 13F, section II, Green Meadows, $325,000

Chaney Enterprises Inc. to Mary G and Harold T. Sandidge Jr. Lot 175, section IV, Tavern Grove, $169,000

Brian L. Campbell to Randy M. Feehan. Lot 8, section A, Westwood Manor, $155,000

City of Lynchburg

John D. Krantz and Gerald L. Krantz to LPP LLC. Lots 3-4, Fairview Heights Subdivision, $210,000

London Inc. to Bryan Manely Lightner and Amanda McDowell Lightener. Lot 50, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $82,500

Mitchell-Floyd Properties LLC to Lynchburg Aaron LLC. 5515 Fort Ave., $1,525,000

Catherine F. and Newll Sanders Jr. to James Carroll Thompson Jr. Lot 17, section 3, New Towne Subdivision, $163,900

Catherine F. and Newll Sanders Jr. to James Carroll Thompson Jr. Lot 16, section 3, New Towne Subdivision, $163,900

Essie C. Smith to Streamline LLC. 919 First St., $8,500

Essie C. Smith to Streamline LLC. 920 Second St., $7,000

Frank Troy to University of Lynchburg. Lot 5, section 1, College Lake Park Subdivision, $211,667

Larry D. Walker II and Harmoni N. Walker to James D. and Alyson N. Mitchell. 4733 Oxford St., $122,000

Carlton T. Wingfield Jr. and Philip Wingfield to Tabitha Chanel Banks. Lot 4, block 4, section2, Long Meadows Subdivision, $149,900

Phyllis Parker Taylor to Bradley Hart LLC. 1117 Hollins St., $32,007

Christopher R. Glime and Mary Katherine R. Glime to Paul J. Campbell and Jeannie L. Campbell. Lot 20, section 5, Cedar Ridge Subdivision, $202,000

Malia Craig King to David Wendall Craig. Lot 13, section 3, College Park Subdivision, $80,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ryan S. and Allyson B. Croyle. Lot 13, block B, section 2, Blue Ridge Farms Subdivision, $115,001

Harold D. and Margaret D. Jones to Equity Trust Company. Lot 54, Wellington at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $174,500

Streamline LLC to Edward Hall. Lots 6-7, C.W. Wharton Estate Subdivision, $28,000

Ross L. and Noel K. Harrison to Virginia A. Shull. Lot 7, block 12, Craddock Addition, $149,000

House of Benjamin LLC to Taylor Rymer. 907 Monroe St., $110,000

Charles A. and Anita E. Solow to Mark W. and Kathryn K. Place. Lot 19, section 3, Oak Grove Place Subdivision, $388,000

Michael T. and Jennifer L. McLeory to William J. and Bonnie S. Smalley. 301 Norfolk Ave., $315,000

Randolph Street Trust to Profits LLC. 1000 Randolph St., $18,000

Grayson James Smith and Robert Gregory Smith to Robert Gregory and Barbara H. Smith. Lots 9 and 10, Park Highlands Subdivision, $26,000

Annjo Land Corp. and Coleman Family LLC to 434 Center LLC. Lots 3, 2B and 2A, Greenstone Commercial Center Subdivision, $2,245,000

Leon Calloway to Appalachian Management LLC. 1612 Union St., $14,000

RTB Properties L.C. to Stephan Baptista. Lot 11, block 1, Roseland Park Subdivision, $47,500

Bugg Family Properties LLC to Townhouse 27 LLC. Lot 4, Rutherford Townhouses, $41,500

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to LBR Investments LLC Lot 9, block 56, Fairview Heights Subdivision, $29,000

Anita C. and Michael A. Chambers Sr. to Jawan D. Noell. 936 and 1010 Randolph Lane, $169,999

Flora B. Davis to Ryan and Skylar Hansen. 27 Huron Ave., $60,000

Building permits

City of Lynchburg

Gregory Brochon, 478 Rivermont Ave., addition, $21,000

Jonathan DeWease, 690 Leesville Road, renovation, $7,750

Leslie Basten, 1615 Morrison Dr., addition, $47,500

Terence Foley, 1201 Grove Road, new construction $80,000

Terence Foley, 1199 Grove Road, new construction, $27,126

Narciso Betances, 1015 Perrymont Ave., renovation, $7,000

Bryant Vennable, 115 Pacos St., renovation, $3,000

Charles Yarbrough, 103 Earls Court, renovation, $59,000

Bradley Gibbons, 2219 Mimosa Dr., renovation, $15,000

Thomas Thomas Jr., 109 Trinity Court, addition, $63,000

Gary Davis, 4403 Hilltop Dr., repair, $2,208

Stella Boley, 5148 Boonsboro Road, addition, $20,600

Mark Sheehan, 2029 Burnt Bridge Road, repair, $10,500

Next Chapter Homes LLC, 1112 Monroe St., repair, $5,000

Trenton Butler, 912 New Hampshire Ave., repair, $11,145

Paragon Holdings, 316 Wadsworth St., repair, $5,000

Janet Fielder, 2417 Mosby Ave., new construction, $70,000

David Truitte, 3200 Landon St., new construction, $210,000

Christopher Normyle, 3219 Azalea Place, renovation, $60,500

Anthony Dipietro, 5913 Quaker Parkway, renovation, $6,000

Robin Dyke, 106 Kings Dr., renovation, $9,600

Elizabeth Buchanan, 4605 Boonsboro Road, repair, $4,400

Emanuel Seewald, 454 Victoria Ave., renovation, $120,000

Henry Hallstrom 267 Riverside Dr., repair, $5,000

Tanwab Properties LLC, 2251 Otey St., renovation, $10,000

Stone Trust Properties LLC, 730 Stuart St., renovation, $4,000

Across The Bridge LLC, 502 Victoria Ave., renovation, $20,000

Constance Coleman, 108 McKenna Circle, addition, $28,000

Veda Brown, 1912 Boston Ave., renovation, $26,258.38

Kenneth Hite, 434 New Britain Dr., renovation, $45,200

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