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Property transfers

Amherst County

Elizabeth S. Burton to Emery L. Grosvenor. Revised lot “A” and “B”, two parcels, Laurel Dr., $40,000

William M. Woodson IV to Leo R. and Betty W. Bryant. Parcel, fronting on Old State Road, 2.161 acres, Courthouse District, $70,000

Brotherhood Construction LLC to Shannon Marie Moore. 1284 Richmond Highway, Courthouse District, $139,900

London Inc. to Kristina Lynn Barger. Lots 6-9, block B, south of Wright Shop Road, $138,900

Christopher W. and Susan T. Mills to Anna Reid. Lots 50-52, Silk Farm Addition and additional lot, Elon District, $151,500

Shirley Marie McCray to Kevin L. and Lynn Mays. Parcel, West Perch Road, $35,000

Mark Russell and Stephanie Hatch Johnston to Felicia A. Krantz. Parcel, Warwick St., $89,900

Appomattox County

Jamerson Real Estate Inc. to Michelle Renee Romanac. Lot 33, North Avenue addition, Town of Appomattox, $18,000

Mary Elizabeth and Malcolm M. McCormick Jr. to Anthony L. and Heather Spence. 627 Applegate Road, $169,000

Independence Foundation Inc. to Edwin and Judith Padilla. Parcel B, 16.094 acres, Southside District, $25,000

Sharon Zavilla to Daniel Wells. Lot 15B, Walton Place Subdivision, Southside District, $133,400

A & E Properties LC to Curtis Morgan. Parcel 1, 2.272 acres, Southside District, $55,000

Bedford County

Jimmie C. Claybrook Jr. and Ann Claybrook-Horne to Michael L. Yates and Kayla D. Redden. 2173 Turner Branch Road, Blue Ridge District, $365,000

Stephen J. and Dorothy C. Sullivan to Thomas M. and Cynthia Labelle. Lot 57, section 2, Harbor Village, Lakes District, $30,000

John R. Roller and Judith G. Roller, trustees to Kristin Foley. Lot 92, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $187,500

Jordan Parker, successor trustee, Earl L. Spurrier, and Margareta K. Spurrier to Kevin Benjamin and Heather Mynes Glymph. Parcel 1, Craddock Shores and 204 Valley Mill Road, Lakes District, $425,000

Katherine Milan Virak, Patricia Milan Eichenberger, Pamela Milan Gruver and Christopher Boyd Milan, trustees to Jennifer A. and Paul A. Hummel III. 609 Surfside Dr., Lakes District, $411,000

Ashley B. and Glenn D. Kendrick Jr. to Douglas Dylyn and Haleigh Ann Schaeffer. 1115 Jobee Lane, Lakes District, $244,000

William E. Altizer and Marcia M. Altizer to Tyler J. Smith and Rebekah L. Smith. 1895 Spradlin Road, Blue Ridge District, $229,950

Earl Dennis Chenoweth to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 38, section 1, Foxwood, Center District, $180,000

Cottontown Partners L.L.C. to Greystone Builders LLC. Lot 25, section 1, Autumn Run, Jefferson District, $40,000

Marci G. Martin to Rita A. and John P. Schellenberg. Lot 8, Freedoms Haven Subdivision, Jefferson District, $364,900

West Crossing LLC to Benjamin F. and Ashley F. Walls. Lot 5, section 20A, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $53,000

Gerald D. Jones and Kathleen F. Jones to Kyle A. Larsen. 1240 Blue Ridge View Circle, $146,000

Yvonne M. Wright to Dustin Wray Goff and Samantha Lee Booker. 1580 Woods Road, $111,000

Wanda E. Craven to Mary F. Streeter. New lot 34, Sleepy Oak Villas, Jefferson District, $280,900

Lillian D. Wright to David A. and Jill T. Camp. Lot 19, section 1, Meadow Wood, Jefferson District, $321,400

Linda G. Gross and Mark J. Kuno to Todd S. and Elizabeth P. Ramsey. New lot 5, Summit Crossing, $378,000

Wayne and Rosamond Phillips to Ryan S. Campbell. Lot 31, section II, Fox Hollow, Jefferson District, $206,995

Joseph M. and Jennifer M. Sandridge to Richard Harold and Paula Anne Metts. Lot 89, section IV, The Woods on Wiggington, Jefferson District, $292,000

Tri County Properties LLC to Greg Bentz Sr. Tract 5, subdivision of property of Tri-County Properties, Jefferson District, $50,000

Stephen W. Scoles, Glen A. Scoles, Cherise E. Bates and Eric B. Scoles to Kendall S. and Tammi Moore. Amended lot 6, section 1, Glenbrooke, Jefferson District, $191,000

Campbell County

Concord Central LLC to Michael Carlyle Robertson. Parcel, Va. 677, 7.520 acres, Flat Creek District, $65,000

Jennifer P. and David B. Stocker II to Keith W. and Valerie L. Ewell. Parcel, fronting on LaPrade St., Town of Brookneal, $39,500

John W. Coffer to Dudley K. Lawhorn. Lot 3, Kingsway, $138,900

Dossie Adams to Jerry L. Adams. Lot 3, Pannells Road, $10,000

Roberta B. Clay, trustee to Amberdawn O. and Larry W. Bailey Jr. 50 Stratford Road, $300,000

Logan R. and Madelene E. Martin to Daniel Everett II. Condominium Unit 115, Lighthouse Condominium, $120,500

Michael Lee Arthur to Julio Solorzano Colindres and Andrea Christin Parisi. 268 Homewood Dr., $98,900

Horace J. Hurtt, June J. Nowlin, Harold L. Hurtt, Edmonia McLaughlin, William H. Hurtt Jr. and Hugh F. Hurtt to Sharon Bryant and Sheila Roper. 548 Lewis Ford Road, $233,100

Leah C. and Stanley Harris to Christopher Holguin. Lots 10, Tweedy Estates Subdivision, $260,000

Wooldrdige Landscaping LLC to Gary M. Hite. Lot 8, block 2, section A, Hyland Springs, $216,000

Larry W. Bailey Jr. to Brenda S. Reid. Lot 16, block A, section 2, Jefferson Manor Subdivision, $200,000

Ruby Mason Shipman to Eric A. and Jaclyn M. Glass. Tract 2, Seneca Heights, $20,000

Glover D. Gilliam to Garry P. Gilliam and Robin G. Johnson. Parcel, fronting Colonial Highway, 2.732 acres, $75,000

Amanda M. Villameriel to Christopher R. and Amanda R. Newsome. Lot 15, section 5, Wildwood, $225,000

Corey F. and Marybeth V. Evans to David L. and Rachel A. Hale. Lot 38, Concord Estates Subdivision, $272,000

Lofton Leasing LLC to Angela J. and Benjamin Revely Jr. Lot 34, Troublesome Creek, $77,000

Randy Haynes Tomlin to Rebecca A. Triplett. Lot 1, section 3-A, Wildwood, $205,000

Tom Loi Vo to Derek Scott Catron. Lot 16 and part of lot 15, block 2, Castle Craig Heights, $149,000

Laura W. Bryant to Gerald L. and Donna M. Boyd. Lot 25, section 1, Hunters Mill Subdivision, $310,000

Emberly Way LLC to Allkes LLC. Lot 4, Emberly Way Subdivision, $55,000

Jason Scott Campbell to Christine Ana Lucia Avery Castillo and Esteban Alvarez Mendez. Lot 26, Russell Meadows, $245,000

Ashley D. Holloway to Albert J. Cooke Sr. and Suzanne R. Cooper-Cooke. Lot 3, block 63, Bedford Ave., Town of Altavista, $169,900

In Good Company LLC to Samuel McCurdy and Lorena McCurdy. Lot 13, fronting Va. 24, Village Highway, $25,000

Vladislav A. Kabatov to David E. Morris. Lot 8, Ellen Acres Subdivision, $220,000

Warren Younger to Maxie Ledon and Violetta Dawn Crews. Lot 10, J.J. Estates Subdivision, $4,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Teresa Bailey. Lot 47, section III, block B, Carriage Grove, $274,950

Fralin Company of Central Virginia to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 47, section III, block B, Carriage Grove, $30,000

Teresa Y. Bailey to Kayla Elaine Wade. Lot 30, section III, Knoll Woods Subdivision, $100,000

City of Lynchburg

Franklin W. Neumann Jr. to Andrew Taylor Lykins and Effiemae Camille Hillier. 1124 Toledo Ave., $150,000

George D. Ferguson Jr. and Mary H. Ferguson to James A. McGill. Lot 9, amended plat of Orchard Acres, $195,000

Wendy M. Pribble to Gingerbread Manor Inc. 2920 Richard St. and lot 10, plat of Zechini Subdivision, $70,000

Amy D. Ford to Ethan B. Vandeperre. Lot 2, Palmer Lots, $185,000

TOF LLC to Neil Ellis Properties LLC. 3715 Mayflower Dr., $406,100

Robert B. Claunch and Shannon G. Vincin-Claunch to James Scott and Rachel Alden Campbell. Revised lot 79, section 2, Willow Bend, $218,000

Cynthia Lee Saunders to William R. and Susan W. Norris. 3331 Woodridge Place, $225,000

Jonathan Paul Perrotto and Judith Ann Perrotto, trustee to Tony Curtis Davis. Lot 9, block 4, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $300,500

Tony Curtis David to Shea C. Thomas. Lot 34, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $489,900

Leann T. Scarr to Clayton F. and Mallori Teegarden and Connie B. Watkins. 507 Capstone Dr., $292,500

Seven Hills Real Estate Holdings LLC to BC of Edenton LLC. Parcel, corner of Buchanan St. and 13th St., $7,500

Barbara Streine to Joseph and Margarette M. Paul. Lot 5, phase I, Stonemill, $189,900

Michael Robert and Rebecca Ann Bergin to Matthew M. and Heather D. Goodwyn. 1124 Rugby Road, $205,500

Elizabeth Grace Fowler to Amber R. Dawson. 5636 Edinboro Ave., $123,700

Adrien Lya Hobson to Zacry M. and Megan E. Kolegue. 1920 and 1930 Wards Ferry Road, $99,000

Amanda L. Harvey, trustee to Stephen V. and Tina A. York. 443 Wiggington Road, $240,000

Charles John Ransom Jr. and Stephanie Ransom to ZZ & ZZ LLC. 100 Miles Pl., $160,000

Sharon R. Teufel to Duane D. Davis III and Virginia I. Harris. Lot 76, section 3, Windsor Hills, $260,000

Fred C. and Shirley T. Thomas to Mary B. Murphy Revocable Trust. Lot 8, block 1, section 3, Sandusky Hills, $16,000

Carol L. and Gregory D. Jones Sr. to Gingerbread Manor Inc. 2212 Memorial Ave., $76,000

Shannon Leigh Watts to Robert Schudler. Lots 31 and 32, block 14, Golf Park Subdivision, $160,000

Abigail Lenz Lawton to Justin G. Davis. Lot 1, block B, Grand View Village, $208,000

Chadwick F. and Sandra C. Lindsay to Ross L. and Caitlin B. Garner. 1605 McVeigh Road, $170,000

William L. and Darlene F. Clark to Joshua Steven Propst and Blake Austin Phillips. Lot 31, block 3, Edgewood, $140,000

Kings Grant Enterprises LLC to Jeremy Dillinger. Parcel, intersection of Botetourt St. and Pansy St., $53,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Victoria’s Inventory LLC, 208 Bridge St. 210, renovation, $30,000

Charles Ohmart, 104 Gatlin St., renovation, $20,000

Jubber Dunnaville, 1402 Ashbourne Dr., addition, $10,560

Thomas Carter, 1114 Rhode Island Ave., renovation, $6,900

Ashkor Real Estate LLC, 81 Federal St., repair, $7,500

Bugg Family Properties LLC, 3501 Fort Ave. 3, repair, $2,267.52

Nancy Marion, 1318 Church St., renovation, $155,000

Arthur Smith, 2032 Mimosa Dr., addition, $7,920

McKenna Coalson, 419 Ridgelawn Place, addition, $4,157.12

Rebkee Partners Grace Street, 1503 Grace St., renovation, $4,000,000

Lighthouse Enterprises LLC, 2209 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $30,000

Richard Cunningham, 2113 Tulip St., renovation, $30,000

Penny Barden, 744 Bonair Circle, renovation, $8,000

Timbers LLC, 3320 Old Forest Road, apartment complex, $3,200

Daryl Calfee, 306 Rivermont Ave., addition, $36,000

Economic Development Authority, 109 Ramsey Place, renovation, $121,997

Flowers Banking Co. of Lynchburg, 1904 Hollins Mill Road, renovation, $400,000

Flowers Banking Co. of Lynchburg, 1904 Hollins Mill Road, addition, $3,800,000

McDonald’s Corporation, 2325 Memorial Ave., renovation, $600,000


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