Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Kerf Properties LLC to Jarrett D. Tyree. Lot 42, Sandusky Park, section 1, Elon District, $158,000

David L. and Laurie W. Kidd to Karl P. and Katie L. Winters. Lots 19 and 20, Pine Crest Addition, Madison District, $184,900

Mark Opoka to Timothy Allen Hise. Lot 7A, Sibiakorfski Subdivision, Elon District, $121,500

Geraldine F. Moore to Lincoln S. Mead and Nancy W. Powers. Lot 33-D, block D, Lakeview Subdivision, $119,000

Richard H. Falls, Ronald L. Falls, Roberta F. Moore and Rebecca F. Wood to Otis and Melinda Oliver. Lot 38, section 1, Ivanhoe Forest, Elon District, $159,900

Carlton Timothy Wingfield Jr. and Phillip Michael Wingfield to Joyce B. and Samuel B. Moore Sr. All of lot 13, section 2, Mountain View Hills, $156,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Craig Elliott and Susan L. Womack to Amber Hailey and James Larry Phillips III. Parcel, Va. 700, 3.05 acres, Southisde District, $174,000

Kevin D. and Velvet G. Wyatt to Kristina M. Sale, Marjorie B. Sale and William G. Sale. Parcel 1, Va. 701, 2 acres and parcel 2, Va. 701, 1.03 acres, Cloverhill District, $194,900

Good Life LLC to Southern Comfort LLC. Lot 2, Judith B. Mann Subdivision, Southside District, $19,500

Dawn S. Utz and David Mark Scott to Matthew and Krystal Starling. Lot 13D, Walton Place Subdivision and additional parcel, 1 acre, Southside District, $205,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

George W. Ferrell and Kimberly F. Ferrell to Joseph A. and Corrine E. Stevens. Lot 11, River Rock, Blue Ridge District, $340,000

Louis Jeffrey and Linda T. Rakes to Roger L. and Julie C. Creasy. Lot 26, section 1, Brookledge, Blue Ridge District, $320,000

Wilbur T. Gregory Jr. and Bonnie B. Gregory, trustees to Patty V. Stanley. Lots 24 and 25, section 2, Village East, Lakes District, $285,000

Henry M. Stoll and Ruth M. Stoll to George J. and Bobbi P. Greco. Lot 4, Woodhaven Place, Blue Ridge District, $275,000

Denise J. Houcins to Timothy E. and Amanda K. Trent. Lot 7, Mariner’s Run, Lakes District, $246,000

Joseph A. and Corrine E. Stevens to Joseph M. and Ashley R. Mullen. Lot 13, section 3, Woodlake Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $219,900

Duvahl Louise Franklin to Amber Worrell. Parcel, Va. 617, 2.319 acres, Blue Ridge District, $140,000

Michael J. Duffin Sr. and Ada H. Solis to Joseph A. Dannel and Sarah R. Claytor. Lot 2, 0.520 acres, Lakes District, $117,900

William Robert and Angie Joy Edwards to Carles R. and Dottie Helmandollar. Lot 13, section 1, Kensington, Jefferson District, $339,900

Wayne E. Ries to Richard W. and Jacqueline H. Penoza. 212 Fox Runn, Jefferson District, $635,000

Richard G. and Gena L. Taylor to Thomas W. and Melanie D. Hudson. Lot 28, The Fields, Jefferson District, $339,900

Neil A. Dudley to Daniel P. Civis. Lot 2, block 10, section 3, Valleywood Townhomes, Jefferson District, $140,000

Lauren T. Brown to Mark A. Bowling. Lot 6, section 3, McIntosh Subdivision, Jefferson District, $159,900

Brian M. and Tracia L. Mills to Michael Thomas Gregory and Melissa Kathleen Meade. Lot 4, Ivy Woods, block 1, section 1, Jefferson District, $241,400

Benjamin Rodorique to Karl Gelles and Amy Gelles. Lot 4, section 1, Peaks View Estate, Center District, $280,000

Carol K. Cox to Sandra C. Wheelous. Unit 1, building T, Clays Crossing, Jefferson District, $165,000

Gerald J. Hodgert and Donna M. Hodgert to Erin M. and Forrest Cody Stephens. Lot 20, section II, Fox Hollow, Jefferson District, $188,900

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Brandon S. Eades to Charles W. and Rachel L. Lafon. Lot 89, section 3, Tavern Grove, $139,694

Chaseton Property Management LLC to Chaseton R. and Sydney E. Vaden. Lot 1, Hillsmans Corner, $148,000

L & B Family Properties LLC to William A. and Charlotte A. Davis. Lot 4, Evington Acres, $214,900

Richard P. and Janet C. Cunningham to Ventpow LLC. Lot 16, section A, Whitestone Subdivision, $150,000

Mark T. and Laura B. Miner to Karl A. and Teresa G. Armbrust. Parcel A, Va. 622, 1.169 acres, $204,500

James R. Benkahla to Jason S. Sundwall. Lot 5, 13th St., Altavista, $92,900

Adam J. Wooldridge and Melissa Dixon Wooldridge to Matthew and Allison Blanks. Lot 43, phase IIB, Leesville Road Estates, $314,500

Clarence A. and Goldie G. Dowdy to Bruce and Doris Alexander Burley. Lot 25, phase V, Runaway Bay, $28,875

Arthur H. Boscarino to Lewis E. Rickman. Lot 6, block 71, Broad Street Ext., Altavista, $182,000

Jeremy Capps to Katelyn Byrd. 2 parcels, Old Lynchburg Concord Road and parcel B, 1.07 acres, $160,000

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Joseph G. and Allison L. Webb. Lot 2, section 1, Bennington Manor, $170,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Bobby Joe Amos and Elizabeth Jane Flood to Elevations LLC. Lots 1-6, 13-18 and part of 19, block D, Park Ave., $3,500

Justin Thomas to Tiffany D. Atkins. Lot 2, Walter Smith Estate Subdivision, $180,000

James A. Barnes and Lauren E. Barnes to Kristian E. Munguia. Lots 21-24, block 2, Mountain View Acres Subdivision, $269,900

John A. Barrick to T.P.B. Enterprises LLC. Part of 8022 Timberlake Road, $315,000

Paul S. and Joanna H. Baker to Hwang Liberty LLC. Lot 1, section 1, block 5, Sandusky Hills Subdivision, $255,000

Knollwood Townhomes Property Owners Association to John A. Barrick. Part of 8022 Timberlake Road and additional parcel, $315,000

Sean and Lisa Lucena to Lauren Jonna Murphy Brown. 4721 Heritage Dr., $370,000

Stephen H. Merricks to Leslie Boehme. Lot 32, block F, Cornerstone Subdivision, $185,000

Corey Allan Shimmel and Sabrina M. Chicka to Robert A. Lagrassa and Michelle Vonnieda-Lagrassa. Lot 103, Dearington Subdivision, $179,900

Alan R. Tunkel to City Auditorium Holdings LLC. 1112 Main St., $800,000

Jeffrey D. Clemons Jr. and Brittany N. Clemons to Tyler L. Cooper and Madison N. Jacobs. Lot 26, Wellington at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $170,000

Patricia R. and Joseph W. Culbreth III to Elliott J. Clifton. Lots 26-27, block D, Evergreen Subdivision, $285,000

Joseph A. and Jessica L. Sanders to Kestrel B. Kerl and Lincoln E. Evans Jr. Lot 24, block 34, Westover Heights Subdivision, $109,900

Charles E. Flournoy Jr. to Robert W. and Linda M. Everson. Lot 6, block 2, section 2, Boonsboro Forest Subdivision, $255,100

F & J Enterprises of Lynchburg LLC to T & C Enterprises LLC. Lots 120-126, block 3, Hollywood Subdivision, $226,200

Emmett L. Sprouse to Rosa M. Garner. Lot 11, Rutherford Townhouses Subdivision, $81,500

Goshen Living LLC to Derek A. and Olivia C. Smith. Lot 4, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $113,500

Cornelia W. Hailey to Jessica Postell. Lot 6 and part of lot 7, block 1, Sunset Heights Addition, $139,900

Building permits

Amherst County

T & W Properties, 4529 S. Amherst Highway, roof, $39,640

Benuel Esh, 1337 Indian Creek Road, accessory structure, $10,000

Phillip Camden Jr., 314 Hico Dr., garage, $18,000

SP Shopping Center LLC, 109 Seminole Plaza, roof, $18,000

Kimberly Jernigan, 143 Maple Lane, pool, 41,000

Scott Campbell, 859 Father Judge Road, pool, $32,649

Todd Payne, 190 Sylvan Lane, $91,000

Justin Fulcher, 4334 Lexington Turnpike, addition/renovation, $25,000

Joseph Hunt, 142 Kilmarnock Lane, addition, $52,000

Harry Good, 382 Wild Rose Lane, tent, $1,715

Steven Hayes, 125 Black Twig Lane, pool, $40,000

Amherst County Habitat for Humanity, lot 33C Pendleton, new dwelling, $60,000

Circle Investment LLC, 120 S. Main St., repairs, $20,000

William Fulks, 189 Bethel Lane, new dwelling, $130,000

Susan Wade, 130 Timber Lane, deck, $7,800

Terry Thompson, 511 Dillard Hill Road, new dwelling, $166,000

Patricia Meade, 162 Nottaway Dr., new dwelling, $260,000

Bradley Day, lot 13 Naola Springs, new dwelling, $303,000

Commercial Steel Erection Inc., 1065 Wright Shop Road, replace cellular tower, $15,000

Clifford Salvia, 1343 Wares Gap Road, pool, $20,000

Craig Pleasants, 269 Pierces Mill Road, alteration, $3,000

Carolyn Creammer, 112 Spring St., addition/renovation, $5,000

MH Hospitality Group LLC, 5016 S. Amherst Highway, rebuild hotel lobby, $160,000

Virginia Christopher, 494 Kentmoor Farm Road, $120,000


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