Property transfers

Amherst County

Forrest and Diane Bryant to David Wray and April Bently. Parcel 1, 65 acres, Va. 624 and parcel 2, 16.215 acres, Madison District, $170,000

Patricia Tomlin Cash to Charles R. Falls and Patricia L. Falls. Parcel, 0.48 acres, Elon District, $80,000

Mary N. Contarino to Dixie 400 LLC. Lot 6, on the Old Country Road, Elon District, $126,000

Michael W. Dowdy to Wendell K. Moses and Ellen G. Ford. Lot 60, section 1, on Mountain View Hills, Elon District, $160,000

Kristina Adaire Floyd to Christopher E. Duff. Lot 2, section 2, Sims Acres, $122,500

Carla A. Paiva to Samantha W. and Edgar A. Fitzgerald Jr. Lot 15, section 1, Deerfields, Courthouse District, $392,000

David S. Freeman and Scott A. Williams to Joel T. Williamson. Lot 9 and lower portion of lot 9, 13.63 acres, Brown’s Mountain, Pedlar District, $40,000

Timothy D. Kruggel and Nicole N. Kruggel to Bennett E. and Nancy W. Haden. Parcel, Bob White Road, Courthouse District, $125,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Blake T. Howery. Lot 14, Wynbrooke, $204,850

Appomattox County

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to RAM Realty Holdings LLC. Parcel, 79.94 acres, Stonewall District, $139,000

Gordon E. Ford to Jonathan Gordon Ford. Lot 1, 5 acres, fronting Old Richmond Road, Cloverhill District, $180,000

Joyce Paige Eggleston to Jamerson Real Estate Inc. Parcel, 1 acre, Va. 600, Cloverhill District, $16,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC to Chad M. and Amy C. Pugh. Lot 23, Hunting Ridge Subdivision, Cloverhill District, $235,000

Thomas G. Hughes and Barbara Sheila Hughes to Christ W. Cooper. Lot 38, Jonesfield Subdivision, Southside District, $149,888.30

Bedford County

Deborah A. Rogers to Allen Mountain Properties LLC. New parcel “A”, 0.800 acres, Center District, $2,800

Jackie L. Waller and Tracy R. Waller to Julie A. Phillips. Parcel, Va. 699, Blue Ridge District, $130,000

Vicki G. Raines and Wallace S. Raines to Mark A. and Krista A. Chittum. Parcel, 20 acres, Lonely Hollow Road, Lakes District, $400,000

Vicki R. Raines and Shelby Goad Apffel to Mark A. and Krista A. Chittum. Parcel, 82.359 acres, Lonely Hollow Road, Lakes District, $322,185

Donald H. Phillips to Amanda Hope Martin. Parcel, Va. 688, Peaks District, $86,000

John B. and Jacqueline R. Inge to Kenneth M. Wiegman. Lots 45 and 46, block 15, Price Addition to Montvale, Blue Ridge District, $171,000

BKC Properties Inc. to Frank L. Leftwich Jr. Parcel, Jordantown Road, Blue Ridge District, $31,000

Michael K. and Lisa A. Nutter to Pennie Carol Forehand. Lot 8, Breezy Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $189,500

Bonnie A. Swanson to Joseph W. Johnson Jr. Unit 26, Boonsboro Commons, Jefferson District, $324,500

Foster Construction Inc. to Timothy Darrell Penick. Lot 16, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $240,000

Margie G. Campbell to Roger L. and Dora G. Painter. Lot 1, section 1, Panorama Acres, Peaks District, $2,000

L. Wayne Arthur and Wanda A. Harris to Regina A. Nolan. Lot 3-18, Mountain View Jefferson District, $153,900

West Crossing LLC to Foster Builder Inc. Part of lots at Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $265,000

Patricia Avery to Owen K. Fahy. Lot 22, section IV, Blumont Estates, Jefferson District, $193,500

Jason Dean and Kimberly Dawn Hartman to 4D Construction Inc. Unit 203, Lakeside Manor of Poplar Forest Condominium, phase II, $73,000

Campbell County

Alma Mae Irby to Alvin C. Watts and Deborah A. Watts Parcel Va. 24, 1.90 acres, Flat Creek District, $19,250

Zach D. and Candace B. Kingrea to Tyler Ming and Amanda Rae Nobilini. Lot 2, Aldridge, $177,500

Nelson Davis Kyle II to Timothy A. and Glenda C. Wood. Lot 51 and part of lots 52 and 53, Chellis Ford Road, $15,700

Stanley D. and Vickie Walters Weeks to Justin H. and Kevin W. Lakes Jr. Lot 7, section 1, Rising Sun Estates, $250,000

Craig P. Tiller to Edward Y. Ling. Lot 29, section A, Whitestone Hills Subdivision, $120,000

Edward F. and Diana B. Parker to Tevin T. and Katie D. Manns. Lot 18, White Pine Acres, $197,000

Timothy W. and Celia S. Stern to William Carl and Julie Shankula Rice. Lot 26, Troublesome Creek, $58,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chadley R. Shelton. 2 parcels, part of lots 5 and 6, block 61, Bungalow Subdivision, 10th St., Altavista, $32,500

David L. Smith to Warmstone Properties LLC. Parcel, Va. 622, 1.514 acres, Flat Creek District, $50,000

Kenneth W. and Nancy R. Turner to Bradley W. and Lauren Womack. Lot 3, section 2, Carter’s Crossing, $229,400

William P. Tomlinson and Jane B. Tomlinson to Mason A. Huggins. Lot 23, London Forest, $234,000

City of Lynchburg

Samuel W. and Kimberly C. Yeatss to Jarvis A. Sales. Lot 13, block G, Fairmont Addition, $150,000

Herbert W. and Diane Circkenberger to Ronald P. Aiosa II and William Boswell III. Lot 7, section 2, Hudson Tract, Southland Acres, $175,000

Amanda Marie Olias to Robert W. Austin. Lot 1, block 3, Panorama Hills Subdivision, $217,000

Randolph College, Incorporated to Bald Eagle Properties LLC. Lot 2 and part of lot 3, block 101, plan B, Rivermont Subdivision, $224,900

Lauren D. Olson to Garrett N. and Savannah B. Ballard. Lot 16, block 1, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $119,400

Noah D. Barrett and Rebekah H. Barrett to Thomas E. Brennan. 1220 Clay St., $204,000

Norma J. Blankenship to Sarah A. Gregory. Lot 76, Legacy Oaks Subdivision, $195,500

F. Patrick and A. Noel Yeatts to David A. and Laura S. Brat. Lot 9, block B, Royal Court Subdivision, $685,000

C. Michael Gambone, trustee to Hannah J. Poucher and Grant M. Kittrell. 3102, 3104, 3106 and 3108 Staunton St., $152,500

Marianne C. and Robert H. Branch Jr. to Lone Wolf Investments LLC. Lot 17, section 1, Boxwood Subdivision, $215,000

Pamela A. Carder to Shaun William Roman. Lot 4, block 17, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Co., $120,000

Chesterfield Place Trust to Zachary C. and Lillian C. Carter. Lots 271-274, Windsor Hills Subdivision, $238,200

William L. Chapin to Giles K. Sydnor. Part of lots 2-3, block B, Spottswood Subdivision, $227,500

DRV Construction LLC to Shantez Monet Custis. Lot 24, block A, section 1, Georgetown Forest Townhouses, $79,200

Angelia L. Murphy to Latonya Forrest. 1623 Buchanan St., $73,000

Meredith A. Gardner to Charee C. Gile. Lot 54, Indigo Run Townhomes Subdivision, $119,500

Karoly and Karolyne Gerstner and Kornel Gerstner to Jason D. and Amy R. Moyer. Lot 101, unit 406, College Square Subdivision, $142,500

Jane Himes to Crystal L. Green. 141 Holcomb Path, $155,000

Sharon S. Griffin to Stuart and Taylor Hiers. Lot 26, section 5, Richland Hills Subdivision, $153,600

Omar Hussamy to William L. Hamilton. Parcel, Reusens Road, $2,000

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Joshua M. Vaughan. Lots 31-33, High Point Development Subdivision, $142,900

Patrick Grayson Sherman to Maxwell R. Jennings. Lot 114, Heritage Court Subdivision, $99,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Jeff Overstreet, Blue Ridge District, garage, $5,000

William Roberts, Blue Ridge District, garage, $36,400

Emory Cochran, Blue Ridge District, farm building, $7,000

Robert Meyer, Blue Ridge District, garage, $10,200

Michael Angove, Blue Ridge District, addition, $18,000

Lee Wenzler, Blue Ridge District, addition, $15,000

Frances Bayne, Center District, addition, $17,000

Daryl Hubbard, Center District, new dwelling, $443,900

Richard Goodwin, Center District, pool, $35,500

Benjamin Hodges, Center District, addition, $2,500

Christopher Blair, Center District, addition, $35,000

County of Bedford, Center District, pavilion, $3,300

Danny Tyree Builder Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $410,000

Godsey McGehee Inc., Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $18,000

Grandview Course LLC, Jefferson District, duplex, $180,000

Joseph Lima, Jefferson District, pool, $44,000

Steven Euhus, Jefferson District, addition, $30,000

Randall Dunn, Jefferson District, alteration, $75,000

Nathan Hilton, Jefferson District, alteration, $19,470

Grandview Course LLC, Jefferson District, duplex, $165,000

Daniel Morris, Jefferson District, alteration, $3,000

TEVA, Jefferson District, sign, $1,000

Kevin Shotwell, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $440,000

William Moore, Jefferson District, addition, $5,000

Donald Hendricks, Jefferson District, addition, $1,200

Theodore Williams IV, Jefferson District, pool, $50,000

Andrew Vest, Jefferson District, pool, $35,000

Apocalypse Ale, Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $15,000

David Briggs, Lakes District, alteration, $246,352

Edward McNally, Lakes District, alteration, $274,500

Edward Lazowski, Lakes District, addition, $99,700

Ronald Belle, Lakes District, garage, $20,000

Fred Ruble, Lakes District, addition, $25,000

Daniel Glatfelter, Lakes District, storage building, $25,000

Gary Chapman, Lakes District, storage building, $3,500

JB Enterprises LLC, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $90,000

Diane McVanney, trustee, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $50,000

Byron Powers, Lakes District, addition, $30,000

Alexander Newmark, Lakes District, alteration, $125,000

Basil Bays, Lakes District, addition, $23,575

Theresa Stallman-Corsepius, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $3,000

Richard Hartley, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $100,000

Gregory Plasters, Lakes District, addition, $139,773

Gloria Millner, Peaks District, addition, $45,000

Leo Van Vliet, Peaks District, garage, $20,000


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