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Property transfers

Amherst County

Donald Webster Diggs to Renee Doggs. Lot 12, Hillcrest Dr., Elon District, $117,000

Ieke O. and Mark W. Scully to Michael James and Sandra Kay Dietrich. Parcel, Waugh’s Ferry Road, Town of Amherst, $450,000

Randy L. Mounts to Joshua Braxton. Lot 8A, Va. 624, Mount Estates, Madison District, $96,000

William Harvey Boyd to Thomas O’Shey and Kimberly Wade Boyd. Lot 4, section V, Forest Oaks, Elon District, $170,000

Lori Michelle Cox and Eric Scott Beard to Audrey C. Cash. Lots 1 and 52, U.S. 29, Elon District, $35,000

Carolyn C. Patrick to Jennifer D. and Christopher S. Terry. Parcel, Dolphins Dr., $110,000

Isabel V. and William J. Newcomb III to Laura A. Gray. Lot 2, section 1, Rosecliff Farms, Courthouse District, $385,000

Sally Leftwich Love and Sheila M. White to Henry Paul and Judith L. Strock. Parcel, 37.183 acres, near Allwood, Pedlar District, $111,900

Charlene H. Padgett to Main Street Trust. Lot 3, Madison and Sanitary District, $27,500

James R. Spouse to Benjamin Pearson and Lateisha Jenkins. Tract 2A, Boxwood Farm Road, $165,000

Appomattox County

William A. and Rebekah B. Burke to Lovis L. Walker III. 128 Morningside Dr., $187,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Michael Stewart and Kimberly Smith Barney. Lot 79, Sunset Ridge Subdivision, Stonewall District, $35,000

Susan Gertrude Mundy to Janet L. Warner. Lot 21, Skyline Road Subdivision, Stonewall District, $205,000

Mark and Stacy Landis to Daniel and Kimberly Wilson. Lot 4, near Va. 627, 10.23 acres, Cloverhill District, $33,000

David E. Kress to Matthew D. Page. Lot 70, Jonesfield Subdivision, Southside District, $169,000

Bedford County

Paul Douglas and Cynthia Ann Broden to Jamil Chris. Parcel, Buck Mountain Road, Blue Ridge District, $196,900

Karen Pescatore to JGK Properties LLC. Lot 7, Garlough, Lakes District, $175,000

Susan Bryan and Gerald L. Williams Jr. to Fred W. Smith. 11875 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $90,000

Randolph F. Fisher and Kathleen M. Fisher to Sylvester J. Jones. Lot 16, Hazelwood Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $88,000

John A. Carter Rental Properties LLC to Randall R. Kolb and Sharon E. Kolb. Parcel, Doe Lane, Lakes District, $59,500

Ginger Merridith Pollack to NOL-COL LLC. Unit 3201, phase 3, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $57,500

Jerry C. and Patricia M. Thompson to Julia P. Linkenhoker. Lot 1, Meadors Spur Road, Blue Ridge District, $28,000

Pamela L. Tilley to Crispin Quiroz-Estevez and Wendy Yessenia Hernandez-Aldana. Lot 2, section A, Blackwater Subdivision, $18,500

Robert Glen Massie and Larry Burton Massie to Kevin and Dawn Romine. Lot 44, Va. 643, Town of Bedford, Center District, $14,000

Legendary Lands of Virginia LLC to Charles C. and Jennifer Shae Billingsley. Parcel, amended tract 1, 61.645 acres, Goode Road, Center and Jefferson Districts, $500,000

Legendary Lands of Virginia LLC to Michael L. and Lisa B. Arthur. Parcels, Goode Road, $1,650,000

John and Kristen Hark to Chris M. Steuck. Lot 9, section 1, Mt. Haven Subdivision, Jefferson District, $341,000

Irish Enterprises LLC to Juan J. Tapia Ancalle. Lot 54, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $204,900

Jo Clare Wilson and Nancy K. Anderson to Russell P. Waugh. Lot 4, section 1, Glenbrooke, Jefferson District, $205,000

Touchdown Properties LLC to MJD Builders Inc. Lot 52, Summerfield, Jefferson District, $50,000

Sarah B. Begin to Daniel Robert Shelton. New lots A and B, Hunington Dr., Center District, $32,000

Dennis A. Gottuso to Timothy D. Talley and Whitney L. Talley. Lot 9, section 1, Gilfield Village, Jefferson District, $410,000

Helen Wilson to William Pierzala and Amanda Pierzala. Lot 54, section III, Lake Vista, Jefferson District, $319,000

Cunningham Brothers Enterprises LLC to Miranda and Drew Skiff. Lot 3, Shadewood Dr., Jefferson District, $115,000

West Crossing LLC to Kartikeya Sriniwas Remanthan and Aparna Neela Bhaskarpantulu Ramsesh. Lot 20, section 9, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $50,000

William E. Ware III to Samuel J. and Karinna L. Hall. Lot 5, Bradford Crossing, $410,000

Campbell County

Elderberry of Altavista LLC to Altavista Real Estate Holdings LLC. 1317 Lola Ext. Ave., $9,785,000

Brenda T. Whorley and Edgar T. Puckeral Jr. to Joyce Balas. Lot 8, section 1, The Crossings, $165,900

Michael J. Brooks to Madison A. Beede. 94 Wyatt Circle, $83,000

Jennifer A. Silk to Cheyenne Nicole Bomar. Lot 3, block A, section 1, Mrs. L.W. Kirkland Subdivision, Va. 24, $122,500

Nicholas A. and Erika D. Cheatham to Kristina M. Crank. Parcel B, Va. 607, Winfall Road, Patrick Henry District, $33,000

Michael P. and Julia A. Conger to Robert Day. 2424 Lewis Ford Road and additional parcel, $226,600

David Wendall Craig and Malia Craig King to Malia Craig King. Part tract 1, Hills Creek, 59.001 acres, $46,000

Jonathan E. and Candace N. Witt to Dalvin D. Duffy and Destinee B. Mitchell. Parcel, Beech Ave., Altavista, $158,000

Brooke A. and Robert L. Finch III to Christopher Glenn Hogan and Peyton Mundy. Lot 20, Dale Ave., Altavista, $182,000

Timothy W. and Margaret Anne Martin to Foundation for Sustainable Research and Development. Parcel, Main St., Brookneal, $7,000

Williams Investments LLC to Samantha M. Gourley. Parcel, northerly half of lot 2, Barbour Dr., $132,500

Kenneth R. and Jamie H. Kirby to Justin H. and Summer Harris. Lot 16, section 3, Meadowlark Estates, $239,300

Numa Ray Lee, trustee to Edwin E. Hines. Parcel, Va. 615, 0.965 acres, Long Mountain District, $65,000

Roberta Lee Spencer to Andrew S. and Ivy H. Maddox. Parcel, Halseys Bridge Road, $165,000

Joseph Lamagna III and Elizabeth A. Vanderburgh, trustee to Mark R. and Bonnie R. Keith. 278 Town Fork Road, $430,000

Dale R. and Elizabeth W. Woods to Barbara C. Maddox. Lots B1 and B2, section 1, Terrapin Creek, $295,000

Robert C. Harris to Jennifer S. Martin. Parcel, Va. 648, 0.46 acres, $103,550

Jared H. and Danielle R. Roeber to Edmond Miller Jr. Lot 4, block A, section 1, Sherwood Forest, $182,500

Robert L. Shepard, co-trustee and Sally Shepard, co-trustee to Robert S. Smith. Lot 17, Sunburst Acres, $76,000

M. Barry Stephens to Angela M. Stacey. Lot 9, section B, Farfields, $100,000

City of Lynchburg

Saalma 2 LLC to Carter G. Nelligan and Liddell M. Watts. Lots 4-6, block D, Spottswood Subdivision, $207,000

Lorenam Snell and Laura J. and Ernest W. Adams IV to Adams Investment Properties LLC. 316 Twin Oak Dr., $117,500

Lorenam Snell and Laura J. and Ernest W. Adams IV to Adams Investment Properties LLC. 320 Twin Oak Dr., $117,500

Lorenam Snell and Laura J. and Ernest W. Adams IV to Adams Investment Properties LLC. 308 Twin Oak Dr., $117,500

Lorenam Snell and Laura J. and Ernest W. Adams IV to Adams Investment Properties LLC. 300 Twin Oak Dr., $117,500

David W. and Ann M. Alldredge to Jordan D. Tillas, Rachel K. Tillas and Angelo C. Tillas. Lot 2, block D, Fort Hill Manor Subdivision, $134,900

John Austin S. Basten to James H. and Marjorie M. Murphy. Lot 24, block 75, Randolph Macon Heights Subdivision, $265,000

Donald W. and Rhonda Mallory and Justin D. Mallory to Emily Budowanec. Lot 109, Northwynd Villas Subdivision, $182,000

Rolou Atlanta LLC to Wesley Carpenter. Lot 11, section 3, Hudson Tract, Southland Acres Subdivision, $155,000

Linda F. Carter to Timothy James Ernest. Lot 97, Tyree Addition, $22,500

Tracy L. Crews to Ladonna Merkey. Lot 7 and part of lot 8, block B, Park Avenue Addition, $20,000

Rebecca E. and Hugh C. Davis IV to David Alexander and Jacqueline Falwell Nardi. Lot 2, section 6, Irvington Park Subdivision, $427,000

Charles M. and Stephanie E. Wright to Amber Marie Dizon. Parcel A, section A, Morningside Heights Subdivision, $167,000

Elliott L. Shearer to Teresa L. Martin. Lot 24, section 2, block E, Georgetown Forest Subdivision, $125,000

Terrapin Properties LLC to Noah’s Ark LLC. Lot 59, Airfield Terrace Annex, $79,000

Old Forest Road #63 Trust to Wentworth Holdings LLC. Lot 63, Sterling Park Townhomes, $122,000

Kevon L. and Hannah N. Swaby to David L. Pelkey. Lot 2, section 5, New Towne Subdivision, $179,900

Whitney L. Talley to Stephanie Wright. Lot 21, Woodbridge Place Subdivision, $243,000

Robin C. Jones and Jeannette Elcan Arrington to Jermale Allen Poindexter. Lot 4, section 2, New Towne Subdivision, $176,500

Narcissa E. Basten to John Austin S. and Trisha L.O. Basten. Lots 3-4 and part of lot 5, Woodridge Place Subdivision, $550,000

Michael A. and Jodi K. Gillette to Jeremiah P. Guelzo. Lots 38-39 and part of lot 40, block A, Riverside Development Corporation Subdivision, $177,000

Dustin Dewitt to Robert Hamilton Blanchard. Lot 16, block 5, College View Terrace Subdivision, $174,900

Jeremiah P. and Mauresa N. Guelzo to Julie G. and William O. Boyd III. Lot 1, block 1, section 3, Boonsboro Forest Subdivision, $269,000

Roland B. Jones and Alison B. Jones to Parker D. Campanella and Mary B. Chamberlin. Lot 17, Manton Wood Subdivision, $344,900

Gregory P. and Brittany R. Thomas to John W. and Linda S. Crane. Lot 27, block 1, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $149,900

Lofton Leasing LLC to Cordell M. Knowles and Bernice Watkins-Knowles. Lot 35B, block 1, Westover Heights Subdivision, $160,000

Willis Holdings LLC to Denise Poore. Parcel, Sussex St., $14,000

Larry Wayne Thomas to David Richardson and Herman A. Richardson. 3316 Daniel Ave., $149,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Cynthia Thomas, 2647 Nicopolis Dr., deck, $5,000

Jennifer Hollis, 1647 Cedar Creek Lane, alteration, $20,000

Lawrence Dolby, 1359 Lakeland Pines Dr., dock, $94,650

Michael Danos, 2215 Meadors Spur Road, Jacuzzi spa, $5,800

Charles Gauldin, 1093 Pokeys Creek Road, renovations, $35,409

Kirk Knott, 5976 Horseshoe Bend Road, renovations, $170,000

Tamla Nichols, 1557 Bore Auger Road, garage, $9,800

Donald Crouch, 5330 New London Road, solar panel system, $32,130

Kendall Ray, 1223 Gladden Circle, pool, $37,000

Jason Ely, 112 Westgrove Road, new dwelling, $180,000

Jeffrey Tidrow, lot 18, Waterford, new dwelling, $450,000

Angela Zimmerman, 119 Gala Dr., alterations, $10,000

Clint Seckman, 1749 Ivy Wolf Lane, pool house, $75,000

Gordon Smith, 113 Bent Tree Road, alterations, $40,000

S.J. Neathawk Lumber Inc., 1049 Beale Trail Road, remodel, $25,000

Robert Crie, 103 Elm Court, dock, $33,000

F&S Building Innovations Inc., lot 18, section 18, Farmington at Forest, townhome, $235,000

F&S Building Innovations Inc., lot 19, section 18, Farmington at Forest, townhome, $235,000

Ethan Murphy, Craig Lane, new dwelling, $224,743.87

Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC, lot 7, section 1, Boonsboro Meadows, new dwelling, $150,000


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