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Property transfers

Amherst County

Barbara J. Hamble to Lori Dawn McCoy. Lot 5, Wellington Forest, $148,900

Isabel C. and Preston B. Hundley Jr. to Eldon Miller. Lot 42, Whispering Oaks Subdivision, $38,000

Larry L. and Phyllis H. Garlick to Larry S. Scruggs Jr. Parcel, fronting Va. 600, 4.21 acres, Courthouse District, $43,500

Krysten O. and James P. Hunt Jr. to Larkin E. Scott and William Orme III. 160 Abbitts Dr., and seven additional parcels, Abbitts Dr., $186,500

First Properties Inc. to A One Eagle Auto Sales LLC. 3789 S. Amherst Highway, $245,000

Brotherhood Construction LLC to Felicia Lynn Jones. 1282 Richmond Highway, $105,000

Jean B. Schaar to Jonathan Browning and Mikaela A. Meeks. Parcel, Buffalo Bend Dr. and part of additional parcel, Grandma’s Hill Road, $23,675

Morcom, Phillip A. Builders Inc. to Lillie A. Butler. Lot 2, section IV, Pleasant Ridge Subdivision, Elon District, $244,900

CYMA LLC to Dohnavan W. Miller and Amanda Jade Shelp. Part of lots 40-42 and Pine Crest Addition, Madison District, $118,000

Zachary Keith Scott to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 59 and 60, Lamont Acres, Elon District, $106,000

Appomattox County

Mary Elizabeth and Malcolm M. McCormick Jr. to Anthony L. and Heather Spence. 627 Applegate Road, $169,000

Independence Foundation Inc. to Edwin and Judith Padilla. Parcel B, Robinson Road, $25,000

Sharon Zavilla to Daniel Wells. Lot 15B, Walton Place Subdivision, Southside District, $133,400

A & E Properties LLC to Curtis Morgan. Parcel 1, 2.27 acres, Southside District, $55,000

Larry F. Smith and Ruth G. Smith to Troy J. and Sandra L. Alexander. Lots 69-72, Celestial Heights Subdivision, $129,000

James P. Todd to Lori Anne Mitchell. Parcel, 1.94 acres, Va. 620, Cloverhill District, $20,000

Bedford County

Savanah Songer and Adam Arnold to Victoria Hope Toner and Jerime Dwayne Ciafardini. 1005 Lloyds Store Road, Blue Ridge District, $165,000

Pensco Trust Company to Thomas James Cooper. Parcel, Tolers Ferry Road, Lakes District, $24,000

Kirsten Collen (Braun) Dooley to Douglas A. Hicks Jr. and Amy L. Horrocks. 1113 Quail Dr., Blue Ridge District, $300,000

James R. Cordle to John William Macleod Sr. and Roderick Macleod. 704 Farmer Lane, Blue Ridge District, $85,600

Jennifer A. Gerding to Eunice M. Nogueras-Negron. Parcel 6, section III, block B, Lakewood Subdivision, Lakes District, $22,500

Beverly J. Synan to Justin J. and Lindsey M. Wolfe. 403 Brookledge Dr., Blue Ridge District, $385,000

John P. Kirby Sr. and Brenda J. Kirby to Summit Investors Group Inc. Two parcels, Rocky Mountain Pike and Va. 24, Lakes District, $100,000

Christopher and Sammie R. Boone to Jared L. Lopez. 1283 Virginia Woods Dr., Lakes District, $289,000

James S. Bogue and Karen P. Lowe to Sandra P. Oliver. Unit B7b, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $285,000

Quantum Building and Development Company to Gerald P. Kelly and Helen M. Kelly, trustees. Lot 33, Mayberry Hills, Lakes District, $240,000

Christopher R. Kimberling and Dorothy M. Kimberling to Dennis C. Brown and Christiane L. Foster. Lot 6, block III, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $32,000

Kevin D. Griffin to Wendy Witt Plattus. Lot 13, Huntington Heights, Center District, $75,000

Anita W. and Robert V. Crowder III to Bryan C. Canada. Lot 13, Greenbrook, Jefferson District, $287,000

Frederick P. Reynolds to Moira B. Moon. 4200 East Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, $125,000

Forest Road Trust to Rivertree Enterprises LLC. Parcel “A”, Va. 221, 6.185 acres, Center District, $64,500

Emily Heather and Herman Carl Kastroll V to Hannah and Christopher Deaton. Lot 14, section 1, Poplar Forest, Jefferson District, $240,000

Capital Sales LLC to Sean P. McKittrick. Lot 42, Fairdale Farms, Peaks District, $114,950

Chad Everett and Addison Nicole Brafford to Heather Nicole Guilliams. 1194 Overhill Trail, $305,000

Suzanne M. Schiefer to Travis L. Calloway. Lot 21, section 4, McIntosh Subdivision, $225,000

Doris E. Johnston to Barry and Wanda Cantor. Unit 1, building 2, Jefferson Villas at Forest, Jefferson District, $265,500

Wanda S. and Barry I. Cantor to Alan D. and Sharon G. Womack. Lot 34, section 4, The Meadows, Jefferson District, $302,500

Fred A. and Lisa D. Karnes to Jason and Wendy Lewia. 2767 Forbes Mill Road, $285,000

Reba Lee Anthony to Joshua A. and Tracey E. Whitlow. 2920 Goode Station Road, $147,900

Robert M. Hall to Jason C. and Brittany D. Townsend. Lot 6, section 15, Peter’s Estate, Jefferson District, $310,000

John E. and Cynthia D. Patterson to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 29, section 3, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $50,000

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. and Jefferson M. Catlett to J. Clinton and Tamera H. Rivers. Three parcels, near Hurricane Dr., Peaks District, $638,543

Brent W. Lilly Inc. to Anthony R. and Jennifer M. Arrigo. Lot 33, section II, Governors Hill, $190,900

Tamara and Robert A. Lemon Jr. to Paul A. Lautermilch, trustee. Lot 16, Ivy Hill, Jefferson District, $375,000

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Keith C. and Marilee J. Blendowski. Revised lot 59, Lake Manor Estates, Jefferson District, $572,900

Jason Charles and Wendy Renee Lewia to Roy and Steffani Brady. Lots 20-B, 21-B, 22-B and 23-B, Town of Bedford, $215,000

Perry H. and Nancy Knudson to Tara Lemmon and Daniel James Ange. Lot 26, Ivy West Subdivision, Jefferson District, $253,900

Danny H. Freeze Jr. to Frederick Fleming Jr. Lot 46, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, Jefferson District, $270,000

Maddox & Sons Construction Inc. to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lots and 3, Boonsboro Meadows, Jefferson District, $100,000

Abbey Glen LLC to Equity Enterprises 1984 LLC. Lot 4, Boonsboro Meadows, Jefferson District, $50,000

Christopher L. and Leann R. Young to Michael J. Templeton and Mary K. Herbert. Lot 39, Terrance View, section III, Jefferson District, $432,000

Campbell County

Nancy H. Reynolds to Kathryn Helen Camper. Lot 107, section 2, Braxton Park, $181,900

Karlin J. and Susan E. Schrock to Jessica Jones Moran. Parcel, Woodrow Lane, $276,000

Emberly Way LLC to ALLKES LLC. Lot 7, Emberly Way Subdivision, $55,000

Bacon Enterprises Inc. to A & D Coffee House LLC. 1040 Main St., $150,000

Charmain LLC to Crystal Bay Enterprises Inc. Lot 16, block 32, Main St., $237,500

Fred Thomas Lamonds and Charlotte Marie Lamonds to Augusta Clark Construction LLC. Lots 1-3, section F, Ridgeway, $66,000

Warmstone Properties LLC to Phillip Ray Grant. Parcel, Va. 622, 1.514 acres, $155,000

Shirley C. Lanier to Lisa A. Harris. Parcel, near Evington, 2.673 acres, $15,000

21 Cape Henry Investment Trust to William J. and Jacqueline A. Bowman. Unit 326, Lighthouse Condominium, $120,000

Travis C. Saunders and Sydney F. Puryear to Stan Carroll and Marjorie Carroll. Lot 124, section 2, Braxton Park, $165,000

Lesser B. and Eugenia M. Wilkinson to Rose Mary Fongeallaz. Lot 88, section 2, Braxton Park, $179,900

Kevin C. and Nancy A. Segard to Richard Emmett and Lyndsey Michaelle Worrell. Lot 27, section 2-A, Wildwood, $250,000

Maryland B. Lindsay to Brittany R. Garcia and Nicole A. Lowes. Lot 28, block 3, Briar Cliff, $117,525

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Kay S. Roh and Ayoung Shin. Lot 37, phase III, Leesville Road Estates, $328,182

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 37, pahse III, Leesville Road, Estates, $45,000

Mark A. Inlow to Jason Scott and Jennifer Justis Campbell. Lot 2, section C, Hyland Springs, $175,000

Bessie H. Pollok to Thornton Clay and Debra D. Crews. 303 Ivy Knoll Dr., $322,000

Malcolm Hugh Murphy Jr. to Jimmy D. and Loretta G. Rice. Lot 10, Winston Ridge Subdivision, $25,000

Rebecca Martin to Kenneth R. Martin and Bonita V. Gunn. Tract 4, Halsey Farm, $5,000

Lynn M. Patterson to Meagan Hope McGuire and Daniel Matthew Ore. Lot 13, section 2, Village at Greenview, $104,500

Willow Estate LLC to JC Land & Timber LLC. Lot 1, section 1, Gable Crest Subdivision, $54,000

Charles D. Mattox to Campbell County Land & Cattle Company. Parcel, Tardy Mountain Road, $30,550

Sarah Paige Madsen to James D. and Nancy A. Felt. Lot 7, section 1, Emerald Meadows, $160,000

Charlotte Ann Davis to Brenda S. Phillips. 740 Russell Woods Dr., $135,000

Ryan P. Litz to Stacy B. Wade. Parcel, Va. 669, $139,900

Norma Lee H. Reynolds and Connie H. Elliott to Connie H. Elliott and Everette L. Elliott. Parcel, Va. 832, $41,850

City of Lynchburg

Chris and Dian Hancock to Matthew David Shinsky. 1404 Taylor St., $90,500

Coastal City LLC to Judith E. Gillum. 1512 Clinton St., $105,000

JRF Rentals LLC to Yvette A. Harris. Lot 8, Rutherford Townhouses, $53,900

Kyle Dearmon to Kyle Lee and Rebekah Lynn White. 407 Yeardley Ave., $178,500

Maple Tree Partners LLC to Donald L. Chambers. 1118 Stratford Road, $123,400

Richard E. and Lyndsey M. Worrell to James Trevor Johnson.106 Federal St., $116,000

Edward D. and Cynthia D. Wayland to Sarah W. Bell. 1040 Rivermont Terrace, $255,500

Samuel J. and Jessica R. Sensabaugh to Michael D. Greenough and Janice L. Hablas. 4922 Myrtle St., $125,500Greystone Builders LLC to Daniel L. Dulgher Jr. and Dilyn C. Riddlesperger. Lot 19, Brenleigh Grove, $193,200

Matthew J. and Stacy R. Glasgow to Senitz Family Home Builders LLC. Lot 8, block G, section 4, Blue Ridge Farms, $141,000

Stephen R. Magann to Ruth Ellen Bieri. Lots 376-379, Map of Lakeland, $140,700

Ronald L. Dudley and Madeline S. Russ, co-trustees to Noah S. Grove. Lot 5, section II, Sheffield, $140,000

TLF Holdings LLC to Paul Pavlides. Unit 22, 11th Street Lofts, $190,000

Steven T. Conner, J.P. Marston and Kenneth L. Marston to Elevation LLC. Lot 7, section A, Linkhorne Forest, $4,000

Hayward B. and Jaime C. Guenard to John L. Boland. Lot 7, block 2, section 1, Boonsboro Forest, $241,000

Kelly M. and Charles S. Glenn III to Ashley D. Willis. Lot 47, Knollwood Townhouses, $97,000

Susan K. Davis and Patricia K. Ring to Randy A. Anderson and Diana P. Anderson. Lots 114-117, block G, Rivermont Heights, $78,300

Billy C. and April L. Moses to Gilbert C. and Sharon M. Thurston. Lot 1, section 2, College Park, $212,750

Terrie D. Donovan to Patsy C. Davis. 4908 Boonsboro Road, $180,000

Burk Properties L.L.C. to CPC Properties LLC. Lot 5, block 8, Central Park Addition, $45,000

James M. Varndell to Terence and Susan Foley. 4625 Ferncliff Dr., $2,000

Donald M. Rowe to Terence and Susan Foley. 630 and 634 Selene St., $15,000

Dodd F. and Sophia P. Harvey to Hakan and Selda Altan Ozturk. Lot 21, block 2, section 3, Boonsboro Forest, $245,000

Clif Hastings, trustee to MB Development LLC. 2317 Kemper St., 2314 Holliday St., 2301 Kemper St., 2200 Tazwell Ave., 1700 Patterson St, 2541 Holliday St., 2540 Tazwell Ave., 1721 Price St., and 1011 Miller St., $110,250

JPFJR LLC to Freeman Family Enterprises LLC. 616-618 Norwood St., $99,500

Richard P. and Janet C. Cunningham to Justin Michael Ansley and Kara Elizabeth Bowden. 133 Holmes Circle, $105,000

Michael L. Arthur to Akossiwa Togbe. 1512 Toledo Ave., $104,900

Kristie Engel to Andrew Brady McClure. 315 Prince St., $121,400

Jonathan J. and Jessica A. Gonzalez to Justin Michael Latham. 1101 Toledo Ave., $141,900

Haniel and Carmen A. Singh to Brandon Richard and Kristin Lynette McBride. Lot 3, block 2, section 5, Sandusky Hills, $199,000

HG Properties 01 LLC to Carlen Joseph Gordon and Charity Michelle Durie-Gordon. Lot 4, block A, Georgetown Forest, $109,900

James C. and Allen Cater Whitehead to Central VA Home Buyers LLC. Lot 15, Stuart Heights, $35,000

Reginald Wayne Johnson, Lisa Renee Johnson and Jessica A. Jenkins to Central VA Home Buyers LLC. 1508 Augusta St. and lot 34A, Washington Heights, $50,000

Kevin Wilson to Seth T. and Sarah E. Maples. Lot 7, section V, Sheffield, $179,900

Lisa A. Harris to Timothy J. Lachance. 2505 Old Forest Road, $113,900

Nathan J. and Whitney F. Akers to Amanda Hahn. 1508 Sangloe Place, $169,000

Kim M. Williams-LaPrade to Marlin Travale Jones-Foster and Anna Gentry Jones-Foster. Lot 5, section IV, Woodbine Village, $133,000

Timothy R. and Laurie R. Honig to Benjamin James and Heidi Denae Terry. Lot 12, section I, Sheffield, $125,000

Building Permits

Bedford County

Sean Goodwin, 1049 Beale Trail Road, commercial building alteration, $25,000

Robert Crie, 103 Elm Court, addition to dock, $33,000

James McIntyre, 100 Lynchburg Camp Road, new dock with walkway, $25,000

Delmar Kidd, 1183 Hannabass Dr., addition to dock, $35,775

Donald Craighead, 103 Aspen Road, new dock, $75,000

Alexander Ertel, lot 64, Peaks View Lakes Estate, new dwelling, $175,000

James Doyle, 2049 Moneta Road, storage building, $7,426

Barbara Field, trustee, 4239 Jordantown Road, accessory apartment, $35,000

Thomas Arsenault, 809 Gap Bridge Road, pool, $9,000

Jody Mayhew, lot 5, Huntington Woods Estates, new dwelling, $250,000

John Loucks, 1115 Smartview Lane, kitchen remodel, $33,000

Gregory Elerick, 15791 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, garage, $40,000

Faye Doughty, 1972 Sandy Ford Road, pool, $12,027

Lyle Schweitzer, 5636 Goode Road, sunroom, $28,500

Patrick From, 1272 Trap Branch Road, sunroom, deck and mudroom, $28,405

Dana Walker, 815 High Point Road, rood over deck, $10,975

James Bowen, 205 Merrywood Dr., garage, $5,700

Phillip Circle LLC, 1101 Bateman Bridge Road, reface billboard, $100,000

Gordon Smith, 113 Bent Tree Road, alterations, $40,000

Equity Enterprise 1984 LLC, lot 3, Boonsboro Meadows, new dwelling, $130,000

Equity Enterprise 1984 LLC, lot 7, Boonsboro Meadows, new dwelling, $150,000

Sandra Gravely, 1778 Powell Lane, alterations, $1,520.94

Glen Gentry, 1201 Overlake Ave., alterations, $300,000

Abraham Persinger, 3735 Bore Auger Road, pool, $34,000

Ethan Murphy, Craig Lane, new dwelling, $224,743.87

Tom Fielder, 311 Bass Cove Road, garage with bonus room, $100,500


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