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Property transfers

Amherst County

Adam G. Crago to David J. Newman. Lot 8, Fox Croft Subdivision, Courthouse District, $200,000

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to David Austin Kessmann. 143-145, 159-161 and 167-169, Wildwood Dr., Elon District, $369,000

Geraldine M. Coleman and Ada Nowlin to Kirkland A. McConaghy. Parcel, 18.709 acres, Elon District, $35,000

Roy C. Jude Jr. to Joseph and Amy Carderelli. Tract 10, section 4, Amherst Plantation, Madison District, $124,900

Jeffrey E.E. and Joan C. Porter to Jennifer Elizabeth Broggin-Dibba and Hazel C. Broggin. Parcel, three miles north of Lynchburg, 0.449 acres, Madison/Sanitary District, $153,000

Joseph D. and Felicia D. Kilgore to Benjamin R. and Melissa J. Bond. Lot 5, section II, McCarthy Subdivision, Town of Amherst, $275,000

Clara Maria Bright Betterton to Christopher E. and Stephanie M. Hicks. Lot 26, section 2, South Holiday Acres, Elon District, $145,000

Jeffrey David to Luis M. Calvo Fragachan and Michael Sterling Beatty. Parcel, 166 Tusculum Lane and 2 additional parcels, $560,000

Morcom, Philip A. Builders Inc. to Keri N. and Mark S. Bassie II. Parcel, 0.645 acres, Pleasant Ridge Estates, Elon District, $267,000

Harris David Arlinsky and Kathleen Marie Arlinsky, trustees to Christian and Lucinda W. Swartzentruber. Parcel, 46.089 acres, Molly’s Mountain Road, Temperance District, $355,000

Douglas Bland to Zachary G. Green. Parcel, 0.93 acres near Winesap, Elon District, $12,500

Appomattox County

Sharon K. Bryant to Timothy Kearns. Lot 1, 17.86 acres, Phelps Branch Road, Stonewall District, $65,000

Estaline A. McCraw to Joseph Cupo and Ann Roos. Parcel I, near U.S. 460. Parcel II, 0.241 acres, Va. 707, Sloverhill District, $110,000

Kathie C. Garris to F & W Property Group LLC. Parcel, Church St., Town of Appomattox, $42,000

Robert L. Mitchell Sr. and Frances M. Mitchell to Ian and Mariah V. Kyles. Lot 5, Stonewall Meadows Subdivision, Stonewall District, $220,000

Bedford County

Jodi M. Vincent to Kevin Layne and Paula Ruth Kelly. Lot 68, section 5, High Point Subdivision, Lakes District, $495,000

Edward J. and Theresa K. Mazeika to Sherrie D. Thibodeau. 3 parcels, Horseshoe Bend Road, Lakes District, $381,800

Michael S. Kirkbride to Brian J. Greig. Unit 56, phase 5, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $225,000

Erik Goughnour to Matthew D. and Jennifer B. Leslie. Tract 2, Wyatt’s Way, 40.39 acres, Lakes District, $175,000

Jeremy A. Woznik to Devyn J. Streisel and Michael J, Nill. Tract 10, Lake Acres, Lakes District, $170,000

Charles L. Hiltz to Smith Mountain Lake Airport LLC. Lot 79, section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $165,000

Jonathan H. Metz and Shareika Nicole Begley to Denita M. Laprezioso and Philip J. Laprezioso. Tract 54, section 2, Willow Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $138,500

Michael S. and Joyce C. Bane to Michael G. and Vicky B. Hamm and Michael T. Hamm. Lot 13, Hayward Dr., Blue Ridge District, $89,000

Clayton Burrell Webber to Amie M. Foutz. Parcel, Garner Road, Blue Ridge District, $80,000

Theresa Lynne Curro to William E. Pickett Jr. New lot 20, section 1, Mountain Meadows, Blue Ridge District, $79,500

Patricia S. Bolen to Gregory Harrison, trustee. Lot 21, section C, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $75,000

Jay McClellan Jenkins to Timmy Wayne Wrenn. Unit 2302, phase II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $70,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 22, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,000

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 21, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Jefferson Meadows LLC to David Ray Ratliff II. Lot 18, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

Jefferson Meadows LLC to Eleven Construction LLC. Lot 19, Jefferson Meadows Subdivision, $69,900

West Crossing LLC to Thomas Builders of Virginia Inc. Lots 1, 2, 7 and 10, section 7, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $1,125,000

Pamela J. Rochel and John W. Lytle to Stephen Earnest Chester. Lot 11, section 2, Hooper Woods, Jefferson District, $496,000

William D. Burnette, Nancy S. Burnette and Jeffrey A. Burnette to Lloyd Vincent Reid, Sandra Brown, Claude Alexander and Veronica Robinson, trustees. Parcel 2C, near Goode Road, Center District, $55,000

Scott Matthew and Melanie Hicks to William B. and Christina L. Moore. Lot 1, Cedar Ridge Dr., Jefferson District, $349,900

Irish Enterprises LLC to Nathanyl J. Behrens, Timothy P. Heins and Dee A. Heins. Lot 45, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $196,000

Jeff Crickenberger to Peggy K. Dillon. Lot 1, phase IV, Dogwood Court, Jefferson District, $215,000

Campbell County

Paul B. and Hailey A. Hermosa to Margaret C. Whiteman. Lot 3, section 2, Russell Springs, $218,000

Peak Rentals LLC to Lauren Mara Incontrera. Parcel A, 3,425 acres, Solitude Lane, $377,500

Rainbow Forest trust to Priority One Properties LLC. Lot 7, block 2, section 1, Rainbow Forest, $136,000

Duane W. and Marcia V. Kresge to Tiffany Nicole and Otis A. Owen Jr. Lot 44, section 1, Tanglewood Subdivision, $259,900

Sherman Toms and Mary Alice Toms to Estol F. Leonard. Parcel, Turkey Foot Road, $150,000

Jeffrey Woodson to Lorenzo Megginson. Parcel, Pleasant Valley Road, $119,000

Ricky V. and Brenda L. Simons to Son Hai Nguyen. Lot 26, Bob Hill Subdivision, $193,000

Gene Harry Roby to Shelton Homes and Rentals LLC. Lot 2, block 61, Bungalow Subdivision, Altavista, $46,000

Stephen G. and Elizabeth Ann Son to Holly and Terry St. John. Lot 2A, block A, Lo-Ray Acres, $207,500

Ricky D. Trent to James M. Wilcox and Lyly Taing. Lot 10, Hayden Fields Subdivision, $240,000

City of Lynchburg

Beverly Wooldridge Nyden, Robert Edward Wooldridge, Joshua B. Wooldridge, Mason B. Wooldridge and Nicholas P. Nyden to Kathleen Janelle Andrade. 4600 Boonsboro Road, $148,000

Melken LLC to Andrew K. and Julie A. Arrington. Part of lots 39-41, block 7, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $129,900

Mann Custom Builders Inc. to Robert Kyle and Lauren Maxwell Austen. Lot 14, Jamerson Real Estate Inc., $315,000

Barbara B. Mayer and Janice B. Dixon to BEF Land Company LLC. Lot 21, Old Mill Road, $375,000

Gordon Cudd, Steven H. Behnke and Mark A. Borel to Stephanie Setyon. Lot 13, unit 310, block I, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $142,000

Edith MacCorkle and Lyn Swallen, co-trustees to Mauricio Becerra. 2900 Rivermont Ave., $138,000

Teresa P. Bell to Melissa A. Gilbert. Lot 1, block V, section 12, Vista Acres, $168,000

Peter John Louise to Rebecca A. Crowell, Shawn Renee Bergen and Paige Michelle Coyle. Unit 400, Ivy Creek Townhomes, $124,000

Alexander Q. Hunter Sr. and Melissa D. Hunter to Letha Bishop. 940 Randolph Lane, $110,500

Diane T. Meeks to Amy L. Boyd. Lot 18, block 14, Westover Heights Addition, $95,687

Michael Johnson to Esther T. Braxton. Lot 146, Sterling Park Townhomes, $127,000

Ronald A. and Nancy K. Bryan to Amanda Michelle Velez. Lot 4, block U, Forest Townhouses, $94,900

Randolph College Incorporated to Christopher W. and Justine A. Button. 2470 Rivermont Ave., $192,725

Phyllis F. Callicott to Robert E. and Elaine B. Clark. 2305 Link Road, $30,000

James Edward Massie Jr. to Darlene Jewell Carter. Lot 4, block 3, section 2, West Lynchburg Land Co., $30,000

Stephen E. and Kathy B. Morris to Cascio Properties LLC. 2110 Rivermont Ave., $240,000

Jeremy B. and Rena E. Phillips to Elizabeth R. Cheatham. Lot 20, block 5, Westover Heights Subdivision, $169,500

Travis M. and Casey G. Henry to Joel Cockrell and Lydia Disher. Lot 3, block 9, Edley Addition, $205,000

Patricia T. and Terry L. Cook Jr. to Seth and Molly A. Jones. 3877 Peakland Place, $239,000

Douglas L. Cooper, Sherwood E. Cooper and E. Van Cooper to Todd V. Cooper. Lot 33, Doral Acres Subdivision, $185,000

Keri U. Ryser to Amanda K. Covington. Lot 402, Wyndsor Place Townhomes, $120,000

Jerry L. Falwell Jr. and Jonathan P. Falwell Sr., co-trustees to Cross Roads Investments LLC. Lot 28, block D, section 6, Vista Acres Subdivision, $142,000

Stephanie Setyon to Clinton S. Dodson and Pel C. Dodson. Lot 39, section 1, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $249,900

January Crews-Sanchez to Lucas P. Duhl. Lots 327-330, Lakeland Subdivision, $219,900

Drewry Sayles Properties LLC and Matthew M. and Sarah S. Krycinski to David M. and Betsy A. Ferguson. 225 Woodson Lane and 213 Denver Ave., $194,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Robert Babcock, 1300 Court St., renovation, $290,000

Falwell L.W. and Falwell, W.C. Flp, 128 Old Courthouse Turnpike, new construction, $300,000

First Church of Jesus, 219 Jackson St., addition, $396,415

Centra Health Inc., 3300 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $2,630,000

Surgery Center of Lynchburg, 2401 Atherholt Road, new construction, $6,000,000

Liberty University Inc., 1450 Regents Parkway, renovation, $106,545.64

1100 Main Street LLC, 1100 Main St., renovation, $150,000

James A. Scott & Son Inc., 1300 Old Graves Mill Road, renovation, $2,888,568

WSET Inc., 2320 Langhorne Road, addition, $7,900

City of Lynchburg, 216 12th St., repair, $44,000

Long Meadows Inc., 2725 Rainbow Circle, new construction, $160,000

Theodore Bell, 404 Alta Lane, new construction, $151,242.21

Mitchell Mays III, 4939 Mountain Laurel Dr., addition, $185,000

Chris Hancock, 403 Polk St., repair, $1,000

Lisa Ramsey, 2428 Old Forest Road, new construction, $170,000

Matthew Sackett, 2003 Link Road, renovation, $2,500

Nicholas Koscielny, 106 Amaya Dr., addition, $15,000

Jose Romero, 536 Savannah Ave., renovation, $4,000

Larry Dunn, 1800 Lakeside Dr., renovation, $2,000

ZZ & ZZ LLC, 112 Old Spring Way, new construction, $200,000

Gary Tinsley, 4636 Fort Ave., repair, $2,000

Rapid Home Solutions LLC, 1109 Moseley Dr., renovation, $70,000

927 Church Street LLC, 927 Church St., renovation, $335,712.31

John Horn, 100 Omega Court, renovation, $6,500

David Barnes, 104 Pennsylvania Ave., addition, $5,500

Julia Sprouse, 2836 Fulks St., renovation, $5,500


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