Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

David A. Neighbors to 29-3GEE LLC. Tract A, lot 1, 1.087 acres and lot 2, 2.776 acres. Tract B, 1.001 acres, Elon District, $200,000

Lazy River LLC to Town of Amherst. Parcel, 7.010 acres, Courthouse District, $35,000

David A. Neighbors to James Benkahla. Parcel, 0.177 acres, designated residue area, Madison District, $25,000

Brian J. Mcavoy to James L. Bennett and Shirley A. Bennett. Lot 6, 5.008 acres, section II, New Bethel Estates, $65,000

Board of Supervisors of Amherst County Virginia to Winton Farm LLC. Parcel, Winton Country Club, Patrick Henry Parkway, Temperance District, $800,000

Barbara P. Harler and Mickel E. Branham to Barbara P. Harler. Lots 12, 13 and 14, block B, Monroe Heights, $7,125

Kenneth C. Canody to Sharon Stitler. Parcel, Paulownia Ridge Farms, 11.030 acres, Elon District, $48,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Matthew L. Thompson and Brittany C. Thompson to Jason W. and Erin V. Elliott. Parcel, 5.88 acres, Wood Lawn Trail, Southside District, $30,000

Stephanie Gilliam and Robert C. Stephens to William C. Spence-Dickerson. Lot 13, 1 acre, Va. 26, Stonewall District, $182,000

C. Kenneth and Saundra L. Doss to Adream Pannell Davis. Parcel A, 1.28 acres, Southside District, $9,000

Gensone and Associates to Robert A. Chandler. Lot 1, 4.08 acres, Stonewall District, $11,000

Barry Gray Maxwell to Thomas G. and Evangelin A. Maxwell. 3 parcels, 234 acres, near Pamplin, 1/8 interest, $71,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Halesford Harbour LLC to HH Holdco LLC. 1336 Campers Paradise Trail, additional parcel on Campers Paradise Trail and parcel off of Kasey’s Lakeview Dr., Lakes District, $8,300,000

Susan D. Miller to Matt Mullen and Brenda H. Davis. Lot 34, Mayberry Hills, Lakes District, $238,000

James F. and Carlin V. Hounshell to Elei Safar. Parcel, Falling Creek, Blue Ridge District, $227,250

Todd E. and Cristy G. Boothe to James Roy and Sherry Ormond Worley. Parcels 1-3, 56.51 acres near Roye Farm Lane, parcel 4, 2.28 acres, Va. 635 and parcel 5, 30 acres, Va. 635, Blue Ridge District, $200,000

Manning Investments LLC to Jacob A. Catron. 8810 Dickerson Mill Road, Lakes District, $120,000

Jonathan William Kelly to Joseph S. and Amanda K. Mitchell. Lots R and S, Happy Acres Subdivision, Lakes District, $65,000

Earl W. Boyd Jr. to Nulife Properties LLC. 15906 and 15908 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, Lakes District, $60,000

Carol B. and John M. Kerr Jr. to Pamela A. Henne. Revised tract 1 and tract 2, 4.003 acres and tract 5, 2.048 acres and parcel 2, High Acres Road, and new tract 3, 1.595 acres, Center District, $479,000

Larry E. and Ileen G. Wrenn to J.C. Laughlin Builders Inc. Lot 231, section 8, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $52,000

Larry E. and Ileen G. Wrenn to J.C. Laughlin Builders Inc. Lot 230, section 8, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $52,000

Marvin O. Heptinstall to Jeffrey B. and Donna F. Hutchinson. Parcel, 11.811 acres, Mentow Dr., $59,500

Jonathan M. McGorman and Destiny B. and McGorman to Lance and Anna M. Lankford. Lot 35, Lake Vista, section II, Jefferson District, $245,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

In Good Company LLC to Joshua A. and Kelsey L. Morton. Lot 5, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $34,900

Joseph Manning III to Cynthia Darlene Gilliatt and Louis Scicli. Lot 40, section 2-A, Wildwood, $237,500

Secretary of housing and Urban Development to Pual L. Foody and Penny Foody. Lot 14, section 2, Happy Valley Subdivision, $100,000

Myron L. and Cheryl P. Williams to Flat Creek Development LLC. Parcel, Va. 696, 4.476 acres, $72,000

Edward E. Eades to Patricia Kay Wintle. Lot 41, section II, Tavern Grove, $126,000

Kevin R. and Lindsay D. Demshar to Brian W. and Keyla D. Jones. Lot 3, section 2, Deerfield Subdivision, $207,900

Richard P. and Janet C. Cunningham to Ventpow LLC. Lots 1 and 2, section E, Powhatan Cox Tract, $475,000

Robin D. Vance to CCott LLC. Parcel, U.S. 29, 1 acre, Flat Creek District, $167,500

William H. Price to Calvary Chapel of Lynchburg. Tract A, 0.52 acres, College District, $300,000

Kevin W. Lacy and Norma J. Brown to Orie and Megan T. Franklin. Lot 11A, Viewmont Dr., $179,500

Ashley D. and Thomas J. Bright Sr. to Alexander T. and Laura N. Grant. Lot 23, section 3, Cresthaven Subdivision, $222,000

Carrie Lynn and Michael Frank Wright to Ashley D. and Thomas H. Bright Sr. Lot 30, Leesville Road Estates, phase IIA, $299,900

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Adam Thomas Sorrells to Matthew Yates, Lot 5, block 1, Craddock Addition, $105,000

Josephine Rivera to Ronald J. and Jennifer R. McBridge. Lot 21, block F, Town Center at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $359,000

Signature Properties of Roanoke LLc to Daniel and Daniela Klein. Lot 3, Fountain Gate Townhomes Subdivision, $125,000

Lydia A. Kalyna, trustee to James R. and Lisa S. Richards. 3849 Peakland Place, $279,900

Peter and CAryn Jerominek to Samuel G. and Jacqueline Renee Murch. Lots 53-59, Montridge Place Subdivision, $135,000

Steven and Christina R. Hillis to Aaron M. and Lindsey G. Thompson. Lot 9, block 3, Pleasant View Addition, $82,340

Gantt Investment Corporation to ECP LLC. Lots 300 and 303, Wiggington Place Townhomes, 3299,800

Constance W. Waller to Shawn A. and Jessica L. Fressler. Parcel, 16th St., $52,500

Devante W. and Katelynn Farthing Franklin to Blake M. Washburn and Gentry M. Dove. Lot 37, section 2, Mill Bridge Court Subdivision, $157,000

Byforce LLC to Grayson Smith. Lot 16A, block D, Southhill Park Subdivision, $76,398

Daniel Ray and Martha F. Davis to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 13, Oak Hill Addition, $22,900

Brendan E. and Jennifer D. Cunningham to Cullen M. Jennings. 4410 Goodview St., $183,500

Isabelle Marie McMahon to William P. and Sara K. Burton. 1640 Spottswood Place, $223,000

Moorman Drive Trust to Reid W. and Kimberly R. Burnette. Lots 8-10, Nester Lots Subdivision, $65,500

Heather Johnson Watson to Allison Leigh Brice. 303 Oakridge Blvd.,$149,00

Keith W. and Nancy L. Barker to John Bollig and Andrew Bonner. Lot 15, block B, Oak Hill Addition, $78,600

Laura Eagle Watts to Julian Bradley and Tia Scott Adams, Unit 301, Wiggington Place Townhomes Subdivision, $137,500

Rosamond Netcott Phillips, trustee to 1855 Investments Company. 1115 Knight St., $23,500

Building permits

SJ Lynchburg LLC, 2303 Bedford Ave., renovation, $485,000

LU Plaza Holdings LLC, 2323 Memorial Ave. Suite 25, renovation, $5,000

Genevas Place LLC, 722 Commerce St., renovation, $150,000

Piedmont Real Estate Holdings, 201 Mill Ridge Road, addition, truck terminal $1,194,538

Liberty University Inc., 751 Mountain View Road, renovation, $30,272.50

Liberty University Inc., 1120 Hershey-Esbenshade Dr., renovation, $10,243.13

LU Candlers Station Holdings, 3754 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $4,909.38

Victor Weatherholt, trustee, 101 D Northwynd Circle, renovation, $1,100

Robert Babcock, 1300 Court St., renovation, $300,000

Chopper’s Incorporated, 900 Main St., renovation, $166,163.24

Centra Health Inc., 3300 Rivermont Ave., renovation, $148,000

LU Wards Road Center Holdings, 2315 Wards Road, new construction, $381,950

JB Forehand 7 Co. Inc. 4925 Boonsboro Road 18, renovation, $20,000

City of Lynchburg, 216 12th St., renovation, $50,000

City of Lynchburg, 3180 Fort Ave., renovation, $15,000

Norfolk & Southern Railway, 1650 Memorial Ave., addition, $29,671

Dustin Dewitt, 1913 Broadway St., new construction, $100,000

BR Enterprises LLC, 1305 Lockewood Dr., new construction, $275,000

Victor Weatherholt, 126 Phillips Circle, renovation, $12,000

Marcus Corbett, 109 Federal St., renovation, $3,000

Jeffrey Fried, 1 Willow St., addition, $5,000

Terry Dickert, 7116 Taylor Road, renovation, $37,275

Wallace Vaughan, 137 Jubilee Dr., renovation, $19,900

Joseph Carrara, 311 F St., renovation, $5,600

Hans Schubert, 218 Holcomb Path Road, renovation, $7,257

William Phelps, 1505 Clayton Ave., renovation, $46,000

Jason Bivens, 1017 Moreview Dr., addition, $14,000

Broward Homes LLC, 1336 Bedford Ave., new construction, $1,500

Logan’s Landing LLC, 6335 Logan’s Lane Building A, new construction, $2,100,000

Logan’s Landing LLC, 6335 Logan’s Lane Building B, new construction, $2,700,000

Logan’s Landing LLC, 6335 Logan’s Lane Building C, new construction, $4,700,000

Logan’s Landing LLC, 6335 Logan’s Lane Building D, new construction, $3,100,000

Mark Daly, 612 Fleetwood Dr., renovation, $12,000

Ronald Thelin, 3515 Otterview Place, addition, $73,000

Nirvana Residential Services LLC, 4425 Montgomery Road, addition, $6,058.53

Hudson Builders Inc., 1233 Lockwood Dr., new construction, $225,000

Debra Griffin, 206 Wyndpark Circle, renovation, $10,000

William Hammersmith, 3824 Cambria St., addition, $9,800

William Gada, 107 Amaya Dr., addition, $17,000

Richard Brenneisen, 3929 Boonsboro Road, addition, $9,508.57

DD Old Mill LLC, 725 Mill Stream Lane, repair, $243,267.80

Taylor Jacobson, 1513 Clayton Ave., renovation, $20,000

Emilio Euceda, 2307 Fort Ave., repair, $12,000

David Petty III, 280 Trent’s Ferry Road, renovation, $10,000

Eleven 25 of Virginia LLC, 1125 Old Graves Mill Road, addition, $5,000

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