Property transfers

Amherst County

APPTEC Property Holdings LLC to Tony C. and Gail H. Campbell. Parcel, 176.793 acres, Richmond Highway, Courthouse District, $615,000

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Amanda Marie Inc. Lot 27, section 1, West Briar, Elon District, $95,500

Elaine F. Phelps to Raul Lopez Ascencio and Josefina Santiago Cruz. Lot 64, Montrose Heights, $2,700

Duncan C. and Janice S. Augustine to Michael A. and Dena G. Lee. 580 Kenmore Road, $168,000

Carrie Gina Ayers Stinnett to Cecil E. and Jean P. Thacker. Lot 4, block 1, phase V, unit 104, Royal Gardens, $113,500

B & N Land & Equipment LLC to Clifton Mays. Parcel 1, lot 1, 5 acres and parcel 2, lot 2, 6 acres, Bethel Commons, $59,400

B & N Land & Equipment LLC to Judy Torboli. Lot 3, section II, New Bethel Commons, $33,000

Daniel Cecil Birdie Jr. to Glenn A. and Christie T. Bailey. Lots 7 and 8, section 1, River James Overlook, $292,000

Appomattox County

Mark W. Marston to Lonnie Lee Faulkner. 3 parcels, 27.497 acres, Southside District, $98,000

David G. Waller Sr. and Laurie Waller to Rodney Martin and Shelley G. Ebbs. Parcel, 4.850 acres, Va. 667, Stonewall District, $100,000

Classic Country Homes Inc. to Blake A. Johnson. Lot 23, Woodchase Subdivision, Southside District, $185,500

Sharon K. Bryant to Michael S. Miller. Lot 7, 23.28 acres, Va. 613, Stonewall District, $90,000

Bedford County

Joshua D. Saul to Cody J. Feury and Brandi L. Gulley. Parcel, Morris Road, Blue Ridge District, $132,000

Tiffani Amber Harris and Dallas Dwayne Yopp to Michael D. Hogan. Lot 7, Meeks Farm, Lakes District, $185,000

Susan Rhyme and Linda Rhyme to Mitchell and Lisa Marie Elmer. Lot 1, 1.24 acres, Lakes District, $272,500

Tracy Craghead to Wendy Witt Plattus. Residue of lot 1, 2.346 acres, Lakes District, $21,000

J & L Investment Properties LLC to Tyler L. Casey. Building 4, unit 8, St. Christopher’s Landing Condominium, Lakes District, $92,000

Joanne G. and Louis H. Milotte III to Joshua T. Holland. Parcel, Va. 24, 1 acre, Lakes District, $158,000

Bernd Krause to Michael and Nicole Lipscomb. Lot 1, Ivy Grove, Jefferson District, $16,000

Robert D. Gouin to Genett and Brenda D. Moore. Lot 2, Club Terrace, Jefferson District, $311,500

Arline S. Barksdale to George K. Leahey. Unit 8, Dogwood Court, phase III, Jefferson District, $224,000

Alvin L. Forehand Jr. and Pernice C. Forehand to William P. Tomlinson and Jane B. Tomlinson. Lot D-2, 3 acres, Sharps Mountain Road, Peaks District, $405,200

Kevin B. Shotwell to Leeana Miller Tankersley. Lot 25, Highland Oaks, Jefferson District, $480,000

Irish Enterprises LLC to Cymric David Lathan and Spencer E. Latham. Lot 39, section 13, Farmington at Forest, $194,900

Campbell County

Teresa Stafford and Edward J. Carr III to Juan M. Arellano and Megan M. Froeschl. Lot 25, section II, Jefferson Gardens, $224,900

Christian S. and Shirley U. Barger to Lloyd J. Matthes and Sandra L Matthes, co-trustees. Lot 1, section 6, phase 3, Village at Greenview, $127,500

Mona P. and Scott Bennett Jr. to Larry W. Roach. Parcel, 35.55 acres, Town of Altavista, $75,000

Gary Steven Bunch and Edwin Vaden Bunch to Drew I. Wells. Lot 4, section 1, Cherry Hill Estates, $160,000

In Town Enterprises LLC to Robin R. Johnson and Lawrence W. Burley Sr. Parcel 8D3, Altavista, $160,000

Thomas Scott Wilkerson to Carroll R. and Judy E. Cook. Lots 134-138, Woodlawn Subdivision, $100,000

Roger T. Eubank to Emmett P. Cunningham. Parcel, Bedford Ave., Altavista, $129,000

Justine H. and Kevin W. Lakes Jr. to Danny Lee Davis and Jennifer S. Riggs. Lot 4B, section II, Long Mountain Estates, $170,000

Christopher K. and Jessica J. Donovant to Sterling T. and Rachel L. Harrison. Lot 3, Callahan Estates, $314,900

James L. and Wanda D. Holt to Justin William Younger. Tract 4, Va. 602, 49.27 acres, $130,000

City of Lynchburg

Jack E. May Jr. and George O. May to Cathy L. Wyatt and Brenda S. Hunt. Lot 4, section 3, Oak Park Subdivision, $437,650

Charles M. Lowry to Paul and Stacy Tabor. 2007 Tulip St., $15,000

Constance W. Harris to John A. and Kimberly B. Saville. Lots 23-26, Edgewood Subdivision, $65,900

Melken LLC to Tashama Woodberry. Lots 9-11, block 27, plan A, Rivermont Company Subdivision, $75,000

Thomas M. Rice to Kimberly R. Younger. Lot 42, section 1, Forest Dale Subdivision, $219,000

LTD Properties LLC to 542 Leesville LLC. Lots 100-103, 106-107 and 109-112, Heritage Court Subdivision, $715,000

Keith W. Baker to Avemco Properties LLC. 1808-1810 Shaffer St., $80,000

Theda Maxine Ross to Belong Here Homes LLC. Parcel, C St., $40,000

Michelle K. and Harry P. Cabell Sr. to Marvin and Ashley St. Macary. Lot 9, section 3, Maple Hills Subdivision, $227,000

Melvin H. Campbell to Warren D. McCracken. Lot 4, block 7, Homewood Acres, $55,000

Martin Santiago Cruz and Luiza R. Martinez to Misty Lynn and Stanley Crawford Ward Jr. Lots 32-33 and part of lots 31 and 34, block 13, Golf Park Subdivision, $145,600

Paul A. Goff to Larry D. and Sheila M. Sumler. Lot 34, section 1, Turtle Creek Subdivision, $180,000

J. Eugene Kidd, trustee to Bethany C. Hartman. Lot 3, block 1, Forest Townhouses, $87,500

Minh D. Ta and Tracy T. Nguygen to Tshambe A. and Alicia A. Hubbard. Lot 6, Bethel Park Subdivision, $475,000

JACCS Inc. to Nicholas J. Sweet. Parcel, Moorman Dr., $169,900

Brian J. Lancenese and Brandy M. Lancenese to Maxim A. Perminov and Elena V. Nalley. Unit 414, lot 2, Wyndhurst Subdivision, $148,000

Scott and Christina M. Spaulding to Sheneka Lefay Reid. Part of lot 21, block 58, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $137,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

Alisan LLC, 3112 Old Forest Road, addition, $230,000

WSET Inc., 2320 Langhorne Road, repair, $117,839

GENEVAS Place LLC, 722 Commerce St., new construction, $450,000

700 Main Street LLC, 700 Main St., renovation, $1,000,000

Church of the Nazarene, 1737 Wards Ferry Road, foundation only, $350,000

R.E. Hartless Jr., 2419 Wards Road, repair, $25,000

Cameron Colquitt, 910 Harrison St., renovation, $95,000

Madalina Erighin, 2239 Woodcrest Dr., renovation, $10,230

Jacob Strong, 1233 Lakeview Dr., renovation, $9,744

DRV Construction LLC, 2313 Acorn St., new construction, $185,328

Wayne Moore Jr., 2716 Farmington Place, renovation, $36,000

John Guzlowski, 4904 Mountain Laurel Dr., renovation, $35,000

Timothy McGinn, 1208 Brandon Road, addition, $17,820

Long Meadows Inc., 3048 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

Janet Jackson, 923 Johnson Road, renovation, $19,728

Terry Jones, 2480 Link Road, addition, $25,000

Robert Everson, 2021 Longwood Road, renovation, $8,000

Meg Chisler, 1107 Toledo Ave., renovation, $13,000

Richard Johnston, 204 Westover Blvd., renovation, $9,000

Chase Seavers, 1039 Ardmore Dr., renovation, $10,000

John Seminatore, 2104 Link Road, renovation, $14,000

James Marcouillier, 401 Northwynd Circle, renovation, $4,000

Willie Butler, 411 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $80,000

Kipp Bergum, 215 F St., renovation, $5,000

Thomas Meyer, 102 Oakwood Place, renovation, $50,000

Ian Smithson, 4784 John Scott Dr., new construction, $700,000

Thomas Taheny, 3818 Cambria St., repair, $35,750

WEMBOO LLC, 409 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $60,000

Carol McAlexander, 413 West Cadbury Dr., repair, $95,000

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