Property transfers

Amherst County

Pamela Creasey Floyd, David R. Creasey and Clayton P. Creasey Jr. to Hrather Rice Donald and James B. Tweedy. Parcel, 1.60 acres, Winesap Road, Elon District, $107,000

Stepp & Walters Properties LLC to Preston A. Cunningham. Parcel, fronting U.S. 29, 3.197 acres, Courthouse District, $155,000

John J. and Sue Ellen Petchul to Adam Gregory and Michelle Hopkins Crago. Parcel “A”, Va. 739, 22.006 acres, Courthouse District, $97,000

Jill L. Winfield to Michael T. Fitzgerald. Lot 8, section 3, Westview, Elon District, $163,000

Julianne Campbell Snow to Carol J. Hutcherson and Debra R. Gardner. Lots 1-6, subdivision of portion of Gohn Trace, Elon District, $86,500

Diane L. Gryctko, Marcia L. Sutler, Rebecca Anne Leftwich and Kames William Leftwich to Brian H. Hudson, Parcel 1, Va. 728, 0.925 acres. Parcel 2, 0.925 acres, Va. 728. Parcel 3, 0.291 acres, Parcel “E”, $123,000

Coretta M. Jennings to Danielle G. Sparrow. Lots 118-121, Kiddhurst Acres, Elon District, $53,000

Austin H. and Brooke L. Morgan to Daniel N. Travis. Lot 7, block 1, section 1, Magruder Hills, Elon District, $177,000

William H. Saunders to Charles S. Schmid. Lots 1-7, 104.56 acres, Temperance District, $525,000

Appomattox County

Kathleen A. Szabo to Joseph W. and Christina L. Keller. Parcel, 19.8 acres, Cloverhill District, $262,500

Richard Todd and Dana T. Garrett to Thomas A. Goin. Parcel, fronting U.S. 460, two miles east of Appomattox, 1.95 acres, Cloverhill District, $112,000

James Moss to David A. Johnson. Tract 2B, 4.48 acres, near the intersection of Va. 647 and Va. 685, $25,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Michael Stewart and Kimberly Smith Barnet. Lot 77, Sunset Ridge, section IIIB, Stonewall District, $41,500

Bedford County

John T. O’Neil and Joyce P. O’Neil, trustees to Timothy J. and Darenda O. Lease. Lot 36, section 1, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $685,000

Dorothy S. Deved to Polly A. Zimmerman. Lot 62, section 2, Village East, Lakes District, $415,000

David F. and Denise K. West to Gordon R. and Constance W. Smith. Lot 44, block 2, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $283,000

Guido A. Manzo and Lora L. Manzo, trustees to Mark A. Johnson and Ann H. Farrar. Lot 4, section I, Forest Cove, Lakes District, $225,000

Alice A. Peverall to Thomas W. Arsenault. Lot 56, section D-3, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $182,500

Thomas A. Hayden to Deisi Suyapa Miranda Aguilar. 204 Timberline Trail, Blue Ridge District, $23,500

John M. Eddins, Laurie E. Brandt, Coleen E. Whitefield, James W. Eddins and Michele E. Tester to Hanna Heath. Lot 50, block II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $20,000

Warren and Bobbi Peters to Phillip D. and Sierra D. Smith. Lot 4, Carmel Acre Estates, Peaks District, $270,000

Johnnie W. and Deborah E. Brassell to Shane Lovelace ad Stacy Johnson Lovelace. 1272 Landover St., Center District, $319,900

Larry E. and Ileen G. Wrenn to Ronald L. and Jennifer Trapp. Lot 7, section 1, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $358,900

Cottontown Investments LLC to Larry Evans and Ileen Wrenn. Lot 58, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, Jefferson District, $285,000

Billy E. Boswell to Paula Nicole Wood Burrington, unit 134, building 3, Sunset Ridge Townhomes, Jefferson District, $169,000

Lisa T. and Ernest J.H. Mann Jr. to Grayson A. and Amber B. Edwards. Parcel, Va. 602, 0.710 acres, Peaks District, $100,000

Jimmie and Susan E. Underwood to Scott E. and Kimberly R. Hooks. Lot 5, Va. 640, Beaver Brook, Peaks District, $240,000

Campbell County

Emily P. Thomas, Russell A. Morris and William P. Anderson, trustees to Ronald F. and Holly A. Souza. Lot 7, section 1, bock 1, Seminole Ridge, $134,900

Jack F. Corier and Jocelynn L. Fulcher to Lauren Elise Cash. Lot 6, Jefferson Garden Subdivision, $189,900

Michael R. Carroll to Lloyd J. Matthes and Sandra L. Matthes. Lot 8, section 6, Village at Greenview, $135,500

Mildred Ferguson Candler to Randall and Debbie Candler. Parcel, Va. 650 and Va. 654, 3.11 acres, $17,000

Matthew A. and Katherine F. Deloach to Bryant J. Campbell. Lot 30, section 5, Moss Creek Village, $189,900

Campbell Highway Trust to Shannon T. Pennix. Parcel, 0.463 acres, Campbell Highway, $140,000

Virginia Bowling, Michael Grant, Terry Grant, Carolyn Tyree, Phillip Grant and David Sprouse to Crew Home Solutions LLC. Parcel, intersection of Leesville Road and Sunburst Road, 0.395 acres, Flat Creek District, $115,000

Lois B. Booker and Keonya C. Booker to Megan E. and Jonathan Michael Grim. Lot 34, section 4, Wildwood, $215,000

James Deroy Shaw Jr., Deborah Shaw Hensley, Lorie Renea Shaw Lewis and Barry Alan Chism to Stacy M. Smith. Lots 47-51, Valley View Heights Subdivision, Altavista, $119,900

Carter Bank and Trust to County of Campbell. Parcel 1, Yellow Branch, 23.369 acres, Flat Creek District, $545,000

Donald H. and Verdean Abernathie to Glenn C. and Loretta S. Mason. Lot 24, Poplar Ridge, $365,000

City of Lynchburg

Land Group and Bradley/Thornhill LLC to Acme Holdings LLC. Lot 9B, 1 First Lynchburg Industrial Park Subdivision, John Capron Road, $1,406,893

Bradley/Thornhill LLC to Acme Holdings LLC. Lot 9B, 2 First Lynchburg Industrial Park Subdivision, Odd Fellows Road, $343,107

Thomas D. Thornton III to Robert Garland and Jeanne Ellen Allen.3843 Fort Ave., $300,000

Andrew Trowbridge to Christina M. Bakerlaar. Lot 14, block 2, Melwood Addition, $144,900

Harriet L. Beazley to James Adam Barnes. Unit 11, Parkmont Condominium, $123,600

Kenneth F. Beck to Amanda L. Kintner. 312 Old Graves Mille Road, $204,000

Christopher and Robyn Williams to Phillip J.R. and Catherine L. Beeson. Part of lots 2-3, block 1, Fort Hill Addition, $280,000

Margaret A. Byrne to Justine Emilia Betzler. Lot 17, block 6, Westover Heights Subdivision, $179,900

Catherine Jodell Scudder Burke and Cynthia Ann Scudder Freeman to Everest T. Solutions LLC. Lots 24-28, Landon Woods Subdivision, $195,950

Phyllis J. Calvert to Carolyn J. Landrum to Joseph Lynkins. Parcel, Wise St., 448,500

Hector and Desirae F. Cortez to Soli and Kelly Thomas Jugar II. Lot 3, block 3, Hickson Place Subdivision, $139,000

L. Robert and Sandra O. Halpin to Russell A. and Stephanie J. Lescault. 1500 Madison St., $330,000

Lucy C. Irvine to Pedlar View LLC. Lots 19-21, High Point Development Subdivision, $137,900

Ronald J. Jarrett to William S. Rea. Lot 8, 0.459 acres, Old Graves Mill Road, $80,000

Royal C. Knight to Ronald William Slagle. Parcel, Orchard St., $2,500

Sussex Street Trust to Mulligan Holdings LLC. Lot 34, block 34, Westover Heights Subdivision, $32,900

Silverado Investment Group LLC to Odd Fellows Holdings LLC. Lot 9A, Industrial Park Subdivision, $1,125,000

Building permits

Campbell County

Emberly Way LLC, Emberly Way, new dwelling, $240,000

Corey Harbour, 266 Frost Dr., deck, $7,500

Eleven Construction LLC, Timber Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $200,000

Wayne Shupe, 5768 Lawyers Road, pool, $8,000

Large and Phat LLC, Lynbrook Road, new dwelling, $289,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC, Beech Tree Lane, new dwelling, $375,000

Bryan Sundblom, 112 River Road, pool, $8,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC, Beech Tree Lane, new dwelling, $375,000

Joseph Yoder, 5920 Brookneal Highway, renovation, $7,500

Talon Investments LLC, 20460 Lynchburg Highway, signage, $18,473

James Herrmann, 79 Mountain Peak Dr., addition, $7,000

Aaron Tippett, Bishop Creek Road, new dwelling, $385,000

Harvey Perkins III, 307 Myrtle Lane, deck, $25,000

James McCloskey Jr., 427 Bedford Springs Road, deck, $2,000

Sterne & Company LLC, Timber Ridge Dr., new dwelling, $200,000

Shane Smith, 40 Tanglewood Dr., deck, $8,000

Ralph Walters, 1574 Lewis Ford Road, addition, $14,000

Yvonne Hansotte, 56 Farmers Road, addition, $59,000

Gregory Doss, 3126 Red Oak School Road, pool, $10,000

Ellen Conboy, 1863 Mt. Airy Road, storage, $40,000

Jeffrey Marshall, 1655 Austin Mill Road, walkway and landing addition, $15,000

Tevin McIvor, Village Highway, new dwelling, $110,000

WK Land and Timber LLC, 8708 Wards Road, sign, $6,450

Valda Rowe, 598 Mt. Vista Dr., finish basement, $7,500

Philip May, 39 Bumgarner Dr., renovation, $10,000

Ricky Trent, Colonial Highway, new dwelling, $240,000

Michael Wheeler, 379 Churchill Dr., deck, $2,000

John Mason, 5995 Lawyers Road, new dwelling, $185,000

Foster Propane LLC, 1729 Calohan Road, renovate interior for offices, $275,000

J.Miles Properties LLC, 99 Campbell Highway, replace canopy, $38,602

Brian Main, 93 Shelly Court, renovate, $1,000

JC Land and Timber LLC, Leesville Road, new dwelling, $300,000

Vance Driskill, 171 Hicks Road, sunroom addition, $25,000

Nicholas Beasley, Beasley Road, new dwelling, $300,000


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