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Property transfers

Amherst County

Harold W. Woody to Habibullah Wajid. 3956 South Amherst Highway, $220,000

Atlee W. and Heather R. Rea to Robert Schumacher. 164 Myrtle St., $215,000

Stephanie Lynn Williams to Marilyn R. Kirshberger. Lot 6, Wynbrooke, $194,000

The McBride Family Trust to I.H. McBride Sign Company. 4998 South Amherst Highway, $375,000

David R. Hutcherson to Harold L. and Debra M. Viar. Lot 8, Subdivision of the Mantiply Estates, $30,000

Lovell W. Hawes and Bessie L. Hawes to Christopher J. and Amanda L. Hamilton. Tract 1, U.S. 60, near top of Long Mountain, and tract 2, acres, Pedlar District, $97,500

Hillcrest Associates Inc. to Tony McBride. Lot 17, 1 1/3 acres, bordering on the Old Amherst Highway and Lynchburg Highway, $4,000

Robert Wayne Harris to Christopher Wayne Harris. Lot 7, west of U.S. 29, near the water supply tank, $72,000

Charles Wilson and Deborah Irish Jennings to Amy Jennings Falls. Parcel A, 1.075 acres, Elon District, $125,000

Margaret M. Gill, Dianne M. King and David A. Martin to Nueva Asambleas de Dios. Lot 4, Little House, Elon District, $53,000

Appomattox County

Ramon Santana Jr. to Bruce P. and Carlos Richter. Parcel, Sunnydale Ave., $138,900

Benny O. Marston and Kenneth L. Marston to Leander Robinson. Lot 2, section 1, Glover Estates, $10,000

Triple 2 Farms LLC and J.H. Fitzgerald Jr. to Duane D. and Stephanie B. Gilliam. Parcel 1, lot 1-10, Meadow Dr., 196.66 acres, VA. 665 and parcel 2, 28.87 acres, VA. 665, Stonewall District, $600,000

Steven T. Conner Homes LLC to William Ryan Hamsely and Lindsey Gabrielle Nicholas. Lot 5, fronting Va. 630, 1 acre, Southside District, $155,000

Bedford County

Steven K. and Lee A. Byer to Samantha L. Blevins. Lots 4 and 5, Hanley Acres, Lakes District, $145,000

Pensco Trust Company to Berkley Steven Byrd and Tina Lupacchino. Parcel, Horseshoe Bend Road and additional parcel, Jeffrey Acres, Lakes District, $110,000

Tammie B. Bramlett to Maria A. Huffman. Parcel, 31.32 acres, Blue Ridge District, $94,000

Jonathan L. Long to Henry J. Brown III and Audrey Cheryl Brown. Lot 1, Map of Parkway View Acres, Blue Ridge District, $20,000

Tammac Holdings Corporation to Bobby Joseph Kentrolis. Lot 38, Map of Village Green, Blue Ridge District, $20,000

Janice M. Bashlor to Jonathan L. Long. Parcel, Treetop Lane, Blue Ridge District, $20,000

Deborah S. Masters to John L. Ford. Lot 45, block II, Beechwood Shores, Lakes District, $3,500

Elmer Wayne Davis to Drema G. and Billy Joe Chitwood. Lot 2, block 12, Hidden Cove, Blue Ridge District, $1,000

Wendy Casto and William Neil Rommel Jr. to Michael D. and Patti O. Jurkus. Lot 3, Longbranch St., Peaks District, $54,900

Warmstone Properties LLC to Jeffrey Allen Ruff, Gary Payne and Joy Payne. Lot 22, Town of Bedford, $130,000

Carl D. Windsor to Anita C. Chambers and Michael A. Chambers Sr. Lot 19, section 11, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $449,900

A.J. Lucas Jr. and NBS Real Estate LLC to Jacob Mashburn. Parcels, Mill Lane Road, Jefferson District, $68,500

Allison T. Dixon to Alan Perkins and Noah Gale. Residue of lot 4, section V, Raleigh Manor, Jefferson District, $474,900

Sandra K. Spence and Beverly R. Craig to Robert S. Bonheim Jr. Lot 8, section 3, Whitecomb Center Woods, $30,000

J.C. Laughlin Builder Inc. to Saunders Family Properties of Forest LLC. Lot 5, Va. 811, Forest Road, Jefferson District, $440,000

Irish Enterprises LLC to Rhonda E. Pommert. Lot 42, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $189,900

Campbell County

Gerald Fisher Elder to Nicholas A. and Erika D. Cheatham. Parcel B, VA. 607, 1.589 acres, $18,000

Earlene M. Berger to Mark J. Alger. Parcel E, near Goat Island Road, 2.100 acres, $9,000

Genelle Williams Leonard, Deloris L. Cunningham and Barbara William Leonard to Benjamin S. Fisher. Parcel, East Ferry Road, 75.169 acres, Patrick Henry, $225,000

Jamie Johnston to Christian M. and Shannon L. Stratton. Lot 30, Carson Subdivision, section 3, $245,000

Bum Su Kim to RVC Real Estate Partners LLC. Lot 4, phase 1, section 3, Lighthouse Townhouses, $98,000

M.J.D. Builders Inc. to Carolyn W. White. Lot 5, Robertson Village, $315,285

Wade Riner to Haley Maddox. 31 Whitetail Road, $110,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Bruce A. and Patty M. Owens. Lot 5, section II, Stoney Creek Subdivision, $102,500

Aspiring Developments LLC to Christopher Uriah Wilson and Ciara Janelle Campbell. Lot 26, Oxford Farm, $221,920

Jedi Construction LLC to Robert B. Wallace and Sarah J. Boderck. Archer’s Creek, Long Mountain District, $192,000

In Good Company LLC to Rebecca Lynn Brewer. Lot 16, section III, Long Mountain Farm Subdivision, $55,000

Gary T. and Tammy M. Trent to Arica Nicole Brown and Nathan R. Villeneuve. Tract B, 8.97 acres, $43,000

City of Lynchburg

Timothy and Kimberly Ernest to Allen Nasser Jakaira Sanani and Miranda Nicole Kammers. Lots 20-22, block K, Mountain View Addition, $88,500

Frances R. Keeler to Fleetwood Drive Properties LLC. 509 and 603 Fleetwood Dr., 601 Sanhill Dr., $450,000

Charles K. Hendricksen to Hillary C. and Lee B. Neighbors III. Lot 28, Manton Wood Subdivision, $285,000

Oaklink LLC to Christopher L. and Betsy L. King. Lot 57, phase IV, Preserve at Oakwood Subdivision, $109,000

Janet W. and Woodrow W. Meredith Jr. to Paris Creek LLC. Lot 75, Indigo Run Townhomes, $102,500

Hillary C. and Lee B. Neighbors III to Phyllis C. Moody. Lot 7, block II, section A, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $185,000

Melissa Stutesman to Elizabeth A. and Jeremy M. Ralston. Lots 58-59 and part of lot 60, W.E. Dowdy Tract Subdivision, $131,900

Reedy Creek Properties LLC to Charanpreet Rathore. 1403 Monroe St., $15,000

Aldon R. Gilbert to Stephanie Y. Vass. 324 Willow St., $70,000

Concord Central LLC to Clyde E. and Connie W. Campbell and Alex W. Campbell. 2823 Carroll Ave., $185,000

Cortney D. Brown and William C. Rountrey to Donald Robert and Mandi Lea Graham. 2101 Park Ave., $95,000

Janet E. Fielder to Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc. Lot 12, block 37, Fairview Heights Addition, $13,000

Philip R. Lucado to Charles W. and Jacqueline M. George. Lot 1, block 1, section 2, Linkhorne Forest Subdivision, $189,000

Graves Mill Associates LC to Ty Investments LLC. Unit 2, McConville Park Condominium, $105,000

Bruce E. and Ellen C. Habitzruther to Ian A. Mayhew. Lot 23, section 3, Kenwood Hills Subdivision, $166,600

Robert B. and Miranda E. Heath to Damonna T. and John David Meskill Jr. Lot 13, block 2, section 2, Sandusky Hills Subdivision, $205,500

John D. Krantz and Gerald L. Krantz to Patricia K. Hiner and Marilyn G. Scruggs. Lot 10, section 2, Windsor Hills Addition, $167,000

Omar D. Hussamy to James A. and Carolyn J. Wicks. 273 Riverside Dr., $5,760

Judy D. and Busey T. McCraw Jr. to JMH Development LLC. 1210, 1212, and 1214 Main ST., $750,000

Austin C. and Emily T. Kirtlan to Haley Madison Painter. Lot 2, block V, Forest Townhouses, $114,900

Essie C. Smith to Eric West. 917 First St., $5,000

Bruce E. and Ellen M. Habitzruther to David D. Braswell. Lot 31, section 1, Kenwood Hills Subdivision, $195,000

Teresa Y. Harris and Yolanda Vaughan to Evan R. Camilleri. 1500 Eighth St., $28,500

Laura L. Meadows to Samantha Hayman Carter. Part of lots 15 and 17, block A, Fairmont Addition, $149,900

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Margaret Mary Gugliotta. Lot 1A, Hollister Acres Subdivision, $320,900

Bryan G. and Melissa Ventre to Bradley J. and Ashley K. Darr. Lot 17, block D, section 8, Blue Ridge Farms Subdivision, $133,900

William E. Wegert, James C. Eno and Dorlisa R. Willis to Freeman Family Enterprises LLC Lot 30, block 3, Craddock Addition, $130,000

Mary Nancy Claros and Brinson C. White II to DRV Construction LLC. Lot 27 and 28, block 12, Roseland Park Addition, $56,100

Michael Dainis Mayer and Ann T. Mayer to John A. and Nanette S. Speery. Lot 21A, phase II, Villas at Stonemill Subdivision, $215,000

Building Permits

Appomattox County

Steen Arthur, 1559 Spring Grove Road, sunroom addition, $72,000

Thomas Burnett, 174 Cornfield Lane, 23 solar modules, $49,820

Richard Phelps, 10672 Oakville Road, change deck into sunroom, $20,000

David Wright, 2810 Paradise Road, garage slab, $13,000

Galilee Baptist Church, 1044 Old Courthouse Road, ramp, $1,500

Lonnie Faulkner, lot 2, near 5060 Red House Road, new dwelling, $220,000

Derbyshire Structures LLC, 157 Sunset Ridge Dr., finish basement, $100,000

Woodland Road Properties, 201-B Main St., renovations, $40,000

Woodland Road Properties, 201-A Main St., renovations, $40,000

Emily Sayers, 2369 Salem Road, additions and alterations, $30,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, 766 Columbus Road, garage, $15,000

Richard Tartaglia, 561 Police Tower Road, pole barn, $24,900


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