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Property transfers

Amherst County

Carlton T. Wingfield Jr. and Phillip M. Wingfield to Latisha Y. Husted. Lot 14, section 1, Forest Park, Elon District, $110,000

Old Stage Capital Corporation to Asheton and Tara Root. Parcel, near Wells Road, Maidon Heights District, $125,500

Eric Graves to Mary and Mark Opoka. Lot 7, near Cedar Gates Road, Elon District, $212,000

Frank A. Wood Jr., trustee to Joseph B. Hovanec. Two parcels near Va. 621, 66.029 acres, Temperance District, $275,000

Independence Mall of Madison Heights Inc., to Central VA Home Buyers LLC. Lot 47, Old Stage Run Subdivision, $87,500

Daren and Pammi Jo Lam to Michael S. Pitsenbarger to Christina Dovel. Parcel, Riverville Road, Courthouse District, $105,000

Ray E. Taylor to Karlee Properties LLC. Parcel, Leisure Lane and parcel, Richmond Highway, Courthouse District, $90,000

Goshen Living LLC to Amber N. Marstin. 112 Wells Road, $167,000

Jeffrey Polly and Tasha Polly to John Steven and Doris Mays Moses. Parcel, 12.506 acres, near Allwood, Pedlar District, $130,000

Franklin B. and Susan M. Walton to Bennett P. and Dynolene A. Walton. 594 Warrick Barn Road, $80,000

Appomattox County

Jonathan D. Ford to Robert Kevin and Joy B. Bagby. Lot 10, Woodchase Subdivision, $30,999

Travis K. Cottrell to Heather L. Doss and Colton A. Mullins. Lot 6, Tanyard Branch Acres Subdivision, $190,000

Paul and Robertta Todd to Russell and Tamara Flamm. 353 Phelps Branch Road, $205,000

Carlton E. Womack and Kathy O. Womack to Erin M. Smith. 1842 Hollywood Road, $275,000

Stucker LLC to Spencer Properties LLC. Lot 23, Meadow Lark Subdivision, $85,000

Robert C. Stephens Jr. to Jennifer M. Stephens and Robert C. Stephens III. Parcel, Old Salem Church Public Road, $25,000

Bedford County

Anthony D. and Abigail Leeann Wilson to Rebecca Ann Callahan. Lot 11, Crum Estates, Lakes District, $205,000

TCS Lake House LLC to Kylor E. and Susan F. Whitaker. Lot 3, 1042 Jolly Roger Court, Lakes District, $870,000

Judith M. Mackey to Mark Dennis Brown and Patricia A. Points. Lot 97, section 3, Village East, Lakes District, $409,000

Fred W. Smith to Lester O. Spradlin. 11875 Stewartsville Road, Blue Ridge District, $127,500

Kenneth David Martin Jr., Cynthia Louise Martin Arthur and Donna Sue Martin Farmer to Eric M. and Melinda G. Wiseman. Two parcels, Gravel Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $210,000

Matthew A. Rose to Elizabeth A. Griffith. Lot 2-A, Mineral Springs Village, Blue Ridge District, $182,500

Jane G. and Charles R. Compton Jr. to Troy Lee and Sandra Lee McDaniel. Parcel, Porter’s Mountain, 30.335 acres, Blue Ridge District, $50,000

Leland M. and Sarah M. Bell to Matthew and Alisha D. Crouch. Parcel A, Forest Brook, Jefferson District, $229,400

Jean M. Forman to Howard L. and Linda C. Jennings. Unit 1, building 18, Jefferson Villas at Forest, Jefferson District, $258,500

Keri A. Lockey to Thomas Andrew and Jill Marie Ribaric. Lot 20, Casaloma Subdivision, $38,500

Susan G. Wood to Bradley Powell Broughton and Christine Suzanne Broughton. Parcel, 47.17 acres, near Suck Springs Church, Center District, $300,900

Davisbuilt Inc. to Daniel M. Mowry. Lot 2, Pilgrim Place, Center District, $301,600

Melody W. and C. Wayne Eggleston Jr. to Carole A. Skelly. Lot 32, section 17, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $298,000

Charles B. Cole Jr., Douglas W. Cole, Brenda C. Arthur and Steven S. Cole to Matthew and Carley Bodily. Lot 36, section 1, Foxwood, $321,500

David L. and Elizabeth C. Taylor to Orsolya E. Berty. Lots 13 and 13A, section 1, Raleigh Manor, Jefferson District, $275,000

Gregory Alan Bluck to Lean and Stanley Harris III. Lot 34, section II, Lake Vista, Jefferson District, $265,000

Christopher P. and Judith M. Taylor to David B. and June R. Hay. Lot 29, section 5, Farmington at Forest, $495,000

Charles W. Preston III and Danielle J. Preston to Ryan J. Marano and Sarah M. Marano. Lot 62, Haines Point, Jefferson District, $289,900

Triple A Investments LLC to Zachariah J. Jensen and Brandi Jensen. Lot 2, 40.09 acres, The Cifax Tract, Jefferson District, $297,900

Woodland Investment Group LLC to Joey Dawson Woodworking Inc. Lot 3, Everett View Subdivision, Jefferson District, $52,500

Lake Manor Developers LLC to Hong Zhang and Johnny Jiang. Revised lot 46, Lake Manor Estates, Jefferson District, $715,000

Grant and Stephanie Babkow to Stephen M. and Leigh Patten. Lot 105, section VI, Brookstone, Jefferson District, $410,000

Francine D. and James R. Dye III to Abraham Joseph and Rachel Abraham Joseph. Lot 43, section 3, Hooper Woods, Jefferson District, $341,900

Jennifer Rene Deal and Rudy Dela Cruz Jr. to Richard F. and Tempra M. Bellamy. Lot 11, Va. 670, 1.596 acres, Center District, $319,900

Campbell County

Matthew L. and Alisha D. Crouch to Kristin C. Pinkard. Lots 28-33, Va. 622, Midway Heights, $167,500

Quincy A. Wyatt Jr. to Fabrina M. Goodman. Lot 12, subdivision of No. 1 property located about 7 miles of Altavista, $121,100

J. Johnson Eller Jr. to Robert and Nancy A. Colandrea. 909 Bedford Ave., $185,000

Phoenix1Investment LLC to Vernon E. and Linda L. Reid. Lot 4, section 2, Trent’s Landing, $69,900

Wheeler Estates LLC to H & S Holding Properties LLC. Lot 9, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $33,500

Wheeler Estates LLC to H & S Holding Properties LLC. Lot 8, Wheeler Estates Subdivision, $33,500

Virginia W. Gibson to Lorylee S. Duncan. Lots 17 and 18, subdivision No. 2, Winden Hills, $189,000

Mervil Eilene Moore Kowatch to New Seas Investment LLC. 164 Cape Charles Square, $125,000

Nickolas Petrick and Susan Petrick to Jessica Carol Jones, Sidney Carroll Jones and Nancy Green Jones. Unit 332, The Lighthouse Condominium, $129,900

Equity Trust Company to Kody Scott and Marissa Green Johnson. Lot 3, Oxford Furnace Road, $257,900

Phoenix Property Group LLC to Stephen J. and Brianne L. Bell. Lot 28, section 1, Trent’s Landing, $377,150

Avis Evans Wilson to Joshua K. and Tiffany M. Coffey. Lot 6, section 1-D, Wildwood, $289,900

Emily Londeree to Hannah E. and Jeremy J. David. Lot 43, Westward Park, $212,500

Eric and Joanne Hershberger to Sarah Paige Zimmerman and Bradley Christopher Kresge. Tract 8, block 2, Woodridge Estates, $227,900

Gloria C. Metz to Deventures LLC. Parcel, Va. 646, 0.948 acres, $120,000

William R. and Ruby G. Caskey to Jeffrey M. Carter. Lot 3, Spring Mill Road, $42,500

Barbara F. Petitt to Thomas P. and Lori D. Lamartina. Lot 6, Pinedale Subdivision, $30,000

Dennis T., Gerald Freeman and Rueben Irvine to Jeffrey E. Wilson Jr. and Lindsey Hooper. Parcel, 21 ¾ acres, about four miles north of Evington, $59,900

ECP LLC to Derek D. Wood. Lot 26, section 1, Lighthouse Townhouses, $120,000

Ashley L. Worsham to William D. Compton to Bryan A. Moody. Lot 102, section 2, Braxton Park, $150,000

ECP LLC to Derek D. Wood. Unit 360, Lighthouse Townhouses, $115,000

Kelsey and Justin Mitchell to Heather Marie and Zane Daniel Winters. Lot 5, Sunrise Hills, $195,900

David Van Wyhe to Brenda Howard Parrent. Lots 9 and 10, fronting Va. 714, $81,500

Susan K. Gearhart to Haniel and Carmen A. Singh. Lot 7, section 1, Osage Grove, $268,500

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Kevin W. Wilson and Heather M. Braswell. Lot 24, section III, block B, Carriage Grove, $284,950

City of Lynchburg

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Nathan S. France and Vitoria Viero Trevisan. Lot 30, block 5, Westover Heights, $178,400

Gregory A. McCrickard and Edwin S. McCrickard Jr. to Bambi Heather Durham. Lot 1, block 2, section 1, Sandusky Hills, $137,500

Dennis A. and Phoebe M. Leidstrand to Bin Han and Victoria Sun. Lot 26, block F, Cornerstone, $183,000

Bugg Family Properties LLC to Goodwright Properties LLC. Lot 26, Rutherford Townhouses, $44,700

Michael L. Dillard to Avemco Properties LLC. Lot 7, block 3, Glenwood Addition, $64,000

3 IN 1 LLC to Kreon LLC. 310 Walnut St., $95,000

Mid Atlantic Property Services LLC to Jeffrey Austin and Misty Chantell Stawasz. 401 Hood St., $78,250

Deborah Woodall-Stevens and Thomas Scott Woodall to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lots 8 and 9, block 10, Sunset Heights Addition, $55,000

Tammy K. Foutty to Kevin G. Morton and Brenda G. Smith. Lot 2, block 3, Wilton Addition, $78,000

Charles S. and Louanna D. Olson to Austin and Jennifer Olson. 329 Peninsular St., $189,900

Kay Putney Gantt to Antonio A. and Lori J. Ped. Lot 6, section 2, Forest Dale, $162,000

Jacob Jarmin and Sierra JArmin to Thomas J. and Vivian K. Norton. Lot R11, block R, Cornerstone, $330,000

Barry W. and Genevieve J. Kenny to Peter Robinson. Lot 26, block E, Fairmont Addition, $145,000

Daphne C. Taylor, Jo Anne Carlton, James Philip Carlton and Robert Brian Carlton to D & J Calfee LLC. Lots 18-20, Somerset Park Addition, $122,500

DRV Construction LLC to Daniel R. Cockrell. 2048 Overbrook Road, $165,000

Matthew H. Thomas Jr. and Clarence Seay to Edward D. and Clara M. Jones. 740 Winston Ridge Road, $20,000

Gerald Bryan and Rebecca Lynn Gentry to Nancy Lynn Ahson. Lot 15, block 11, Westover Heights, $159,900

DRV Construction LLC to Gingerbread Manor Inc. 2202 Memorial Ave., $45,900

Memorial Kari LLC to DRV Construction LLC. 2202 Memorial Ave., $40,000

Madeline Marie Yeatts to John Arthur Nelson and Lauren Elizabeth Gitchel. 899 Brook St., $89,000

Kevin Venhorst to Lynchburg Area Veterans Council Inc. 1309 Garfield Ave., $82,375

Gregory E. and Lisa William Smith to NBS Real Estate LLC. Lot 7, block 2, Floridan Gardens, $40,000

Robert Carter and Gwyneth M. Tatum to Scott Douglas and Susan Ward Renstrom. 1699 Spottswood Place, $257,000

Adam and Christi R. Stalcup to Duncan Z. Copen. Lot C, Sunset Heights, $123,000

Mary B. Chamberlin to Jackson L. and Laura C. Dunn. Lot 14A, Westover Heights, $154,000

Loretta Ann Ramsey Fortune and Russell G. Ramsey Jr. to JAM89 LLC. 906 Wiggington Road, $105,000

Matthew S. Creasy to Joshua D. Scullen. Lots 112-115, block 3, Hollywood, $90,000

Bobby and Carolyn Hemric to Forest Commons LLC. Lot J-4, block J, Cornerstone, $275,000

David Marcus to Sarah N. Glosenger. Lot 5, block 2, section 5, Sandusky Hills, $195,000

Nancy A. Dalton to Patti M. Phillips. Lot 13-2, building 13, Stonegate Villas, $231,900

BDE Management LLC to Cornerstone Professional Offices LLC. Lot 13 and lot 14, block C, Wyndhurst, $575,000

Nathan D. McClure III to Rachael W. Lee. Lot 13, section F, Linkhorne Forest, $225,500

William A. Hylton Sr. to William A. Hylton Jr.Lots 36-38, block D, Edgewood Addition, $75,000

Stephen Neal Marks to Louis Tanner. Lot 11, block 5, section 2, Long Meadows, $169,900

Sellari Enterprise Inc. to Salvatore Sam Petros and Donna Jean Petros. 141 Craftsman Way, $422,935

Henry Michael and Jerri Bruns to Michael F. Engle. Lot 3, section 1, Primrose Park, $191,000

Beeler Properties 2 LLC to Streamline LLC. Lots 9 and 10, block 3, Roseland Park Addition, $48,000

Thomas Garvey to Sarah R. Scott. Lot 4, block C, Fort Hill Manor, $115,500

Chadwick F. Bryan to Jacob Lukin Jennings. 3816 Cambria St., $119,000

Stepehn J. and Brianne L. Bell to Christopher Warren Bright and Thomas Leroy Bright. Lot Q8, Cornerstone, $292,500

Perry Lee Jones to WBW Investments LLC. 1202 Wards Ferry Road, $70,000

Diane Kramer Williams, Fayne Scott Kramer, Michael Craig Kramer, William Henry Kramer, Kevin Reed Kramer and Alan Zane Kramer to Frank Williams Jr. and Paulette Williams. Lot 4, section 3, Cedar Ridge, $185,000

John H. Thompson and William D. Hall to Ross C. Rebhan and Jessica Leigh Hall. 115 Wayne Dr., $130,000

Ryan J. and Sarah M. Marano to Zachery T. and Stephanie E. Lantz. 214 Ivy Dr., $285,500

Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, Incorporated to Gingerbread Manor Inc. Lots 1 and 2, block 11, Rivermont Plan A, $100,000

FOF LLC to Michael Leroy and Aja Harris. 1810 Broadway St. 213, $132,500

Christopher R. and Amanda R. Newsome to Reed G. Kramer. Lot 105, Sterling Park Townhomes, $130,000

Building Permits

Appomattox County

Jonathan Moore, 5922 Stonewall Road, deck, $2,500

Warren Coleman, 3420 Double Bridge Road, new dwelling, $156,735.64

Bruce Fisher, 144 Cow Way Lane, finish basement, $8,000

Carlton Reeves, Red House Road, addition, $70,000

Brooke Baldwin, Little Cub Road, new dwelling, $350,000

D & D Holdings LLC, lot 8, Mountain Cut Road, new dwelling, $150,000

D & D Holdings LLC, lot 7, Mountain Cut Road, new dwelling, $150,000

Appomattox Habitat for Humanity, lot 8, Pine View Estates, new dwelling, $65,000

Andy Booth, 268 Autumn Lane, addition, $40,000

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