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Property transfers

Amherst County

Larry L. Lindberg, trustee to Michael J. and Cathy J. Kicinski. 424 Main St., $29,900

Eleanor W. Tabor to Sidney H. and Sharon L. Storozum. Parcel, Peters Hollow Road, 13.577 acres, $53,900

Favor of God Builders LLC to Flint and Brooke Ferris. 911 Amelon Road, $224,900

Jeffrey M. Carter to Rebecca McArthur. Lot 15, section II, Vannmead, Elon District, $300,000

Linda F. Spencer to Gregory E. Johnston. 290 Woodrow Ave., $112,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen A. Baker. Parcel, Thomas Road, $68,000

Carolyn S. Horsley to Sameer M. and Brooke S. Patel. Parcel, 28.7517 acres, near Elon Road, $94,900

Main Street Trust to Gingerbread Manor Inc., 182 Main St., $27,500

Bryan Elwood and Deborah Ashbrook Mays, William Craig and Theresa Mitchell Mays and Faye Allen Mays to Appalachian Power Company. Parcel, Substation Lane, $47,690

Appomattox County

Orie J. Millner, trustee to Hans Peter and Lori Trout Paulsen. Parcel, Va. 656, 5.02 acres, Cloverhill District, $165,000

Donovan and Renee Campbell to Jonathan A. and Michelle R. Watson. Lot 16, section III, Wildwood, Southside District, $229,900

Kendall S. and Tammi G. Moore to Corey F. and Marybeth V. Evans. Lot 3, Country Club Acres, Southside District, $390,000

Sareenia Jean and Everett Neil Gunter to Sara Garreston and Marvin Henry Driggers Jr. Parcel, Va. 695, 3.80 acres, Southside District, $253,900

Harold W. Sandusky, Patricia A. Sandusky, Nancy C. Sandusky Krasowski and Andrew T. Krasowski to Robert C. Stephens II and Robert C. Stephens III. Two parcels, near Skyline Road, 2.47 acres, Stonewall District, $38,000

Thomas Harold Chambers III, Julia C. Austin and Hugh P. Andrews to Hugh P. Andrews, William B. Austin and Julia C. Austin. Three tracts, Central Church Road, $70,000

Bedford County

Jade Foundation LLC to William and Christine Barnett. Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, phase II, Harbour Heights, Lakes District, $46,000

Anthony V. Alukonis to Fred W. Smith. Parcel, Saunders Road, Blue Ridge District, $20,000

Hasemann Properties Inc. to William Joseph and Janine M. Groves. Lot 19, Indian Hills Subdivision at Orrix Creek, Lakes District, $21,900

Harry C. Lunsford III and Melanie S. Lunsford to Jerry L. Hawk and Carla G. Hawk. 114 Woodley Road, Lakes District, $545,000

Donald R. Sims and Patricia B. Sims to Denise Ramey, David Banks and Richard A. Reed. Unit 226, building 2, Deerwood Pointe, Monocan Shores, Cluster 1, Lakes District, $375,000

Mary G. Wiseman to David E. Mellichamp. 207 Cove Point Trail and additional parcel, Lakes District, $289,000

Tommy Musselman to Robert G. Hazen and Cookie J. Wall. Lot 11, section 1, Regency Hills, Blue Ridge District, $270,000

Brad Davis Dinwiddie to Mark W. and Teresa J. Petrazio. 1620 Ayers Road, Lakes District, $227,000

Highland Oak LLC to Todd Morris & Sons Construction Inc. Lot 21, Highland Oaks, Jefferson District, $53,000

Highland Oak LLC to Todd Morris & Sons Construction Inc. Lot 6, Highland Oaks, Jefferson District, $53,000

Mary C. Batton to Teresa Batton Grant. Lot 11, section 7, Peters Estate, Jefferson District, $150,000

Kevin R. and Paula Mereness to Travis Lee and Crystal Amy Collette. Lot 20, section 10, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $375,000

West Crossing LLC to Douglas C. and Dana M. Davenport. Lot 10, section 18, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $259,900

Landfall LLC to Gustavo A. and Carol A. Espinosa. 1160 Thomas Randolph Place, $522,000

Bradford Scott Grant to Eric S. Cebry. 1909 Penicks Mill Road, $155,000

Jeffrey L. and Ruth Hurley to Glenn L. and Amanda V. Simpson. 1213 Turkeyfoot Road, $470,000

Daniel R. and Nancy L. Mitchell to James and Kami Scott. Lot 68, Haines Point, Jefferson District, $385,000

Kimberly C. Ross and Bryan D, Cocke to James J. and Melinda M. Bittner. Lot 32, section 1, Laurel Lake, Jefferson District, $698,000

Jonathan W. and Denise D. Deverna to Nicole Ashley Campsey. Lot 3, section 2, Poplar Hollow, Jefferson District, $249,900

Campbell County

Rebecca C. Napolillo, Leslie W. Cohoon and Willis E. Cohoon to David W. Byerly. 353 Timberlake Dr., $194,900

Jason Clark and Kathie Brown Taylor to Schyler C. and Brooke C. Higgins. Tract 7, block 2, section 6, Holiday Forest, $75,000

Robert Adolph Kantmann and Wanda Lee Kantmann, trustees to Ryan A. and Hannah G. Lee. 178 Bob Circle, $205,000

Lauren Koenig Lesniak to Allan T. and Heather A. Mailloux. Lot 25, section 1, Russell Meadows, $310,000

Lindsey D. and Joseph S. Perrow to Ashley Lynn Worsham and William Malcolm Perrow. 1986 Old Rustburg Road, $187,000

Christopher L. Howard to David A. Wheeler and Deborah L. Wheeler. 3731 Dearborn Road, $343,500

Christine F. and Earl W. Harp Jr. to Jacob T. Dombrowski and Callie R. Morgan. Parcel, Va. 609, 1.04 acres, $137,500

Emberly Way LLC to D.S. Zechini Construction Inc. Lot 8, Emberly Way Subdivision, $52,000

Samuel L. Gutherie III to Lauren D. and Mark A. Keesee Jr. Lots 11 and 12, subdivision of property of R.A. Stevens and Odessa Stevens, $123,700

Janice K. and Robert N. Minkler III to Michael A. and Shannon L. Farris. Lot 16, London Forest, $300,000

Michael A. Farris and Shannon L. Keen to Taylor M. Bell. Lot 6, section 11, Shenandoah Subdivision, $211,000

Cynthia A. Keen to Mark Deshano and April Deshano. Lot 10, Spring Meadow Subdivision, $68,000

Christopher S. and Emily B. Morrison to Roderick L. Johnson. Lot 15, 5.701 acres, $229,000

Sabrina Y. Tomlin to Kevin Robert and Paula L. Mereness. Lot 5, subdivision for Phoenix 1 Investment LLC, $350,000

City of Lynchburg

Powell Property Network Inc. to Neal D. Phillips. 4237 White St., $148,500

Linken Investments LLC to Sara Tepes Handaric. Lot 28, block 15, Westover Heights Addition, $119,000

Brady & Crist Dentists Inc. to Suzanne Henri Inc. Lots 11 and 12, block 2, Radcliff Addition, $220,000

Deofil LLC to Home Development Institute LLC. 1301, 1317 and 1319 Harrison St., 1321 Grace St., 611 and 613 Washington St., $102,000

Justin P. and Diane R. Eades to Benjamin James and Sarah Crozier Bajramoski. 1711 Link Road, $264,000

Jerry L. Jackson to Ericka C. Fortune. 2210 Tulip St., $40,000

Jaya S. Tiwari and Sridevi Jaya Tiwari, trustees to TT Rehab LLC. 1014 Polk St., $35,000

Joan B. Williams to Christopher C. Langley. 215 Scothum St., $81,000

Christine H. Donald to Allan L. and Wanda H. Booth. Lot 8, block 8, Westhaven, $140,000

James E. Rice to Cameron L. Johnson. 114 E. Cadbury Dr., $101,900

London Inc. to Chase A. Sexton. Lot 5 and additional parcel, block 47, Fairview Heights, $139,000

Janet E. Fielder to Sasha S. Thornhill. Lot 5, block F, South Hill Park Subdivision, $121,000

Seng Jun Bang and Young Ran Choi to Jose Eustacio Valdez. Lot 7, block 7, section 2, Long Meadows, $165,000

Priority One Properties LLC to Charles Ryland Ansell. 1219 Stratford Road, $89,900

Edward J. and Anita M. Kuhnley to Michael J. Jones. Lot 7, block 4, section 1, Boonsboro Forest, $253,150

NBS Holdings LLC to Mitchell Blake Shorter. 1301 Filmore St., $15,000

Charles A. Dunbar and Richard L. Dunbar to Scott W. and Elizabeth M. Smith. 215 Harrison St., $327,000

John Bollig and Andrew Bonner to Daniel P. Fee. Lot 15, block B, Oak Hill Addition, $89,000

Daniel Walid Daoud, Walid Hanna Daoud and Lamis Joseph Abdo to Steven Mathew Ham. Lot 19, block 8, section A, Sandusky Acres, $219,000

Robbie N. Johnson to Jennifer L. Glorioso. Lot 3, block 3, section 3, Boonsboro Forest, $204,000

Adam Hopkins to DM Investment Group LLC. Lots 1 and 2, block 10, Map of Craddock Addition, $10,000

Ethel J. Taylor to Terry L. Newcomb and Katherine E. Newcomb. 2382-2384 Aragon St., $26,550

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

MTE LLC, 1415 Kemper St., renovation, $500,000

Timberlake Funeral Home Inc., 7404 Timberlake road, renovation, $455,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 7824 Timberlake Road, new construction, $1,458,100

Liberty University Inc., 1971 University Blvd., repair, $9,400,000

CB Fleet Inc., 4615 Murray Place, renovation, $7,300,000

Randall Simpson, 110 Ramsey Place, modular construction, $14,700

Loyal Order of Moose, 2307 Lakeside Dr., addition, $34,647

Peaks Holdings/Dr. James Burton, 3718 Old Forest Road, renovation, $12,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3405 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $750,000

Liberty University Inc., 3700 Candler’s Mountain road, renovation, $60,000

PSA Properties LLC, 1900 Park Ave., addition, $5,000

Tomahawk LLC, 208 Tomahawk Industrial Park, renovation, $75,759

City of Lynchburg, 501 Leesville Road, repair, $556,325

ROO LLC, 3044 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

ROO LLC, 3044 Fulton St., new construction, $160,000

Garry Teague, 1207 Ashbourne Dr., renovation, $16,260

Tice Schenkel, 1505 Radcliff Ave., addition, $4,608

Bell Terrace Developers LLC, 300 Alta Lane, new construction, $151,053.25

Bell Terrace Developers LLC, 306 Alta Lane, new construction, $151,053.25

Bell Terrace Developers LLC, 312 Alta Lane, new construction, $151,053.25


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