Property transfers

Amherst County

Fallon N. and Wayne H. Berryman Jr. to Donnie J. and Casie Ward. Parcel, fronting Va. 730, Elon District, $139,900

Elizabeth A. Tiller to William John Alloway. Lot 13, Buffalo Ridge, $117,000

Margaret S. Bradbury to Adam Bundy. Parcel, Va. 622, Madison Heights, $71,000

Abraham L. and Angelic M. Yousef to Mark E. and Patricia J. Chapman. Parcel B, Va. 1108, 0.463 acres, Courthouse District, $140,000

Lawrence W. Hall Jr. and Virginia A. Hall to Ethan M. Chase and Katrina P. Chase. Parcel, 2.16 acres, Va. 726, Courthouse District, $195,000

Favor of God Builders LLC to Brenda L. and Terence A. Russell. Lot 2, 0.613 acres, Elon District, $184,900

Flipped LLC to W4 Properties Madison Heights LLC. 2 parcels, west side of U.S. 29, 1.023 acres and additional parcel, 0.737 acres Elon District, $40,000

Iris G. Martin, Jeane T. Wingfield and Martin and Wingfield Partnership to Iris G. Martin. Lots 1-3, Clearview Road, Elon District, $235,000

Appomattox County

Adam B. Spencer to Caitlin S. Bowyer. Lot 9, Stonewall Meadows Subdivision, Stonewall District, $192,500

Michael A. Shupe, Kimberly S. Wheeler, Jason W. Shupe, Walker A. Shupe and Linda B. Shupe to Woodland Road Properties LLC. Lots 5 and 6, Town of Appomattox, $150,000

Larry and Deborah Rakes to Paul R. Stuke. Parcel, Va. 616, 46.35 acres, Cloverhill District, $242,050

Jacqueline L. Hancock and Nathaniel Gregory Megginson to James A. Moore Sr. Parcel, Va. 605, 0.45 acres, Stonewall District, $4,500

D & D Land Holdings LLC to Lee M. and Sandra A. Hughes. Lot 3, Mount Cut View, Cloverhill District, $239,900

Logan T. Collins to Kendrick L. Rose Jr. Lot B, o.88 acres, Va. 26, Southside District, $154,900

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. and Benjamin D. Cole to Thomas M. Rice. Parcel Va. 607, 58.751 acres, Stonewall District, $75,080

CMH Homes Inc. to Carl E. and Darlene F. Crews. Lot 4, 11.11 acres, Southside District, $162,989.63

James W. Siano to Alan S. and Laura H. Briceland. Lots 36-38, Falling River Acres, Southside District, $240,000

Pamela Chilton-Ward to Jonathan and Latrina Moore. Parcel, 4.44 acres, Va. 657, Stonewall and Cloverhill Districts, $100,000

Vanessa A. Camperlengo to John and Kristin S. Wright. Parcel, 66.15 acres, Va. 605, Stonewall District, $490,000

Bedford County

Brenda C. and Jake R. Ferrell Jr. to Brian and Laureen Lampl. Lot 45, Dixie Acres, Lakes District, $610,000

Shaun Thaxter, trustee and Gillian Thaxter, trustee to Robert S. and Nancy J. Brown. Lot 3, section 3, The Cove at Mariner’s Landing, Lakes District, $466,000

Harry B. Smith, co-trustee to Mark G. Luongo. Unit 232, building 1, Deerwood Pointe, Monacan Shore, Blue Ridge District, $408,000

Danny Brian and Shayne Marie Sims to Colin VanBryce and Isabell K. Zaretti. Lot 3, Creek Edge, Blue Ridge District, $289,950.

Wesley L. Shepherd and Jeanette S. Lyon to Tommy Joe and Jackie M. Kent. Lot 6, section II, Johnson Farm Subdivision, Lakes District, $280,000

Barry C. Compton Inc. to Jonathan T. White and Madison B. White. Lot 6, Morris Brothers Subdivision, Blue Ridge District, $191,500

Bradley N. and Aileen M. Strong to Warren L. and Kimberly P. Brock. Lot 9, Map of Suntree, Blue Ridge District, $166,500

Michael and Susan West to Ralph J. and Jacqueline Kay Updike. Part of parcel E, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $163,000

John F. Vallimont to Keith R. Lambert, trustee. Lot 8, Mountain Shadow Cove, Blue Ridge District, $60,000

Robert Goff II, James Goff and Carol G. Massie to Tony A. Huffman. Unit 211, building 1, Walnut Ridge Country Townhomes, phase I, $165,000

Danny Tyree Builder to Tracey R. Douthat. Lot 54, section 4, Cedar Rock, $472,000

Dolores E. Giles Martin to Joseph C. Shipman. Lot 88, Poplar Forest, Jefferson District, $228,000

Roberta B. Clay, trustee to Pamela D. Staton and Robert A. Staton Jr. Lot 2, Somerset Meadows, Jefferson District, $69,900

Lois Virginia Babb to William Scott and Tonya Rieley Hengerer. Parcel, Patterson Mill Road, Peaks District, $174,000

Frank J. Akerson to Anthony Lyde Axt Jr. Portion of a parcel, 1.222 acres, Forest Road, Center District, $35,000

Ronald R. Bender and Paula D. Bender to Ronald E. Lovings. Lot 7, Trents Meadow Farm, Jefferson District, $875,000

Rachel M. Saunders to George A. English. New lot A1, 1.905 acres, Center District, $25,000

Allen W. Harvey Limited Partnership LLP to Carlos Michael and Joyce L. Duncan. Lot 4, section II, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $339,000

Campbell County

DeeDee Renee Stern to Kenneth A. and Donna F. Spencer. New parcel A, 9.039 acres, Flat Creek District, $10,000

Charles G. Mocsiran and Brenda C. Mocsiran to Jonathan Tidwell-Bamberg. Parcel, 0.247 acres, part of Arlene Crouch property, Vista District, $119,900

Jessica K. and Charles R. McRaven II to Bradley Pauley. Parcel 4, Bumgarner Dr., $188,000

Mary Francis Lewis to Cody H. Yarborough. Lot 8, section 1, Cedar Acres, $171,000

Numa Ray Lee and The Numa Ray Lee Revocable Trust to Charles T. and Wanda S. Umphlette. Parcel A, Va. 615, 1.82 acres, $22,000

Clinton W. and Shirley B. Dudley to Michael Lewis Irby. Parcel, 3 acres, Patrick Henry District, $23,000

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Melvin L. Graves Sr. Lot 9, Chellis Ford Road, $4,250

The County of Campbell, Virginia to OBAN Land & Realty LLC. Parcel, Va. 701, 1 acre, $3,172.37

The County of Campbell, Virginia to Thomas R. McDaniel. Lot 309, phase IV, Runaway Bay, $5,000

Jeremy D. Rawlings to Nicholas Ryan Baker. Parcel, Va. 680, 5.01 acres, $80,000

City of Lynchburg

Angela N. Toms to Ryan and Corey Thomas. Part of lot 59 and lots 60-62, section A, Morningside Heights, $153,000

Glen D. and Kristi B. Shelton to Susan B. Tryall. Lot 10, section 1, College Park Subdivision, $150,000

Hannah J. Nelms to Thomas J. Rickabaugh. Lot 27, section 1, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $249,000

Daniel R. and Nancy L. Mitchell to Sutton LLC. Lot 28, section IV, Willowbend Subdivision, $123,500

Meg-Drew Properties LLC to Brandon R. and Donna R. Radford. Lot 34, section 1, Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $276,500

Nicholas M. and Brittany A. Liberto to Terry L. and Denise E. Kelley. 706 Byrd St., $139,900

RTB Properties LC to Flomar2LLC. Unit 118B, Parkside Grande at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $127,000

Thomas Wayne St. John Jr. to Amy Lynn and Tommy Wayne Hanks Jr. Lots 16-17, block 48, Fairview Heights Subdivision, $135,000

Charles S. Olson and Louanna D. Olson to Nicholas C. Freesland. Lots 5 and 5A, section D, Linkhorne Forest Subdivision, $335,900

Wahoo Properties LLC to Janet E. Fielder. Lot 2, block 3, Glenwood Addition, $54,000

Tamphia Cox to Thomas P. and Debra R. Lawrence. Lot 116, Northwynd Villas Subdivision, $174,900

Fellenger Properties LLC to Christopher S. Garrett and Evelyn G. Chandler. Lot 20, block 6, Westover Heights Subdivision, $118,000

George William Bennett Jr., Johns Sankiewicz and Dennis Morandy to Michael L. Dillard. Lot 2, Campbell Ave, $72,000

Terry J. and Melissa R. Thompson to Eric M. and Leslie W. Baugher. Lot 5, Citation Run Subdivision, $600,000

Easton Avenue Trust to Barrington Properties. Lot 6, block 45, plan A, Rivermont Company Subdivision, $87,843

John and Emma F. Avery to Michael A. Gillette and Jodi K. Gillette, trustees. Parcel, fronting 16th St., $65,900

William H. Cooper Jr. and Annette H. Cooper, trustees to Lindsey L. and Kevin S. Midkiff II. Part of lots 4 and 5, block 5, Inglewood Subdivision, $290,000

Scott L. Waldron and Patricia M. Waldron to Martha W. Addington. 200 Gaddy Road, $175,000

Kaplan Russell LLC to A Mullins Properties LLC. Lot 2, Fifth St., $94,000

Joseph E. Payne and Amanda Payne to Roy A. McCullough and Joyce E. McCullough. Lot 6, W.G. Moss Estate, $129,900

Omar D. Hussamy to Carla Berry Hamilton. Lots 23-24, section 1, Rivermont Subdivision, $15,000

Faye E. James to Claytor G. Coleman III. Lots 4 and 5, block 41, plan A, Rivermont Subdivision, $45,000

Mary Boone Dovel to Kellie Owens Reams. Unit 7, Rivermont Condominiums, $180,000

John and Debra Dateo to Autumn Rae Quinn and Mary Louise Dillon. Lots 49-54, bock 3, Heath Ave., $182,900

Pearl T. Shirey to Jason C. Burger and Gail A. Hamilton. Lot 8, block C, Fort Hill Manor Subdivision, $110,000

Building Permits

City of Lynchburg

A Mullins Properties LLC, 506 Madison St., renovation, $12,000

Liberty University Inc., 100 Towns Court, new construction, $31,011,888

Morris Property Management LLC, 1713 12th St., repair, $25,000

Bohling Enterprises LLC, 3410 Forest Brook Road, renovation, $125,000

Randolph College, 5 Quinlan St., renovation, $3,500,000

White Oaks Wards LP, 2245 Langhorne Road, addition, $3,500

Liberty University Inc., 2300 Carroll Ave., addition, $13,000

City of Lynchburg, 800 Orchard St., renovation, $3,000

Marvin Jones, 5925 Quaker Parkway, addition, $12,936

Mark Schomaker, 517 Cornerstone St., renovation, $8,700

Andrew Mueller, 420 Preserve Dr., renovation, $45,000

David Horner, 403 College Park Dr., repair, $9,044

Kent Almond, 749 Crestwood Circle, repair, $7,625

Sellari Enterprises Inc., 146 Craftsman Way, new construction, $325,000

Matthew Schubert, 1120 Heath Ave., renovation, $7,425

Giau Pham, 100 Seven Oaks Dr., renovation, $22,000

Thomas Thomas Jr., 109 Trinity Court, renovation, $55,000

Gerald Edlin, 2116 Longwood Road, renovation, $25,000

Stacey Meyer, 1015 Jackson St., renovation, $1,000

David Falwell, 4306 Richmond Highway, addition, $43,000

Lisa Pugh, 100 Sandbridge Court, addition, $9,082

ASSYRIA LLC, 711 Hancock St., renovation, $25,000

Cook Family LPI, 4635 Oxford St., renovation, $5,550

Cook Family LPI, 4631 Oxford St., renovation, $11,100

Richard Edwards, 130 Richeson Dr., renovation, $31,000

Joseph Orchowski, 209 Trents Ferry Road, addition, $13,500

Jacob Strong, 3208 Maryland Ave., repair, $1,000

Amherst Home Buyers LLC, 311 Grove St., repair, $15,000

David Sims, 3218 Downing Dr., addition, $23,630

John Kerr, 1425 Brookville Lane, renovation, $8,568

Bryan Burke, 4753 John Scott Dr., renovation, $5,000

Rivermont Presbyterian Church, 2436 Rivermont Ave., repair, $250,000

Robert Luse, 202 Huron Ave., addition, $20,125

Baller Enterprise LLC, 61 Jackson St., addition, $21,000

Brian Davis, 1125 Glenfield Dr., addition, $2,000

Paragon Holdings LLC, 316 Wadsworth St., repair, $3,310

Michael Christmas, 65 North Princeton Circle, renovation, $110,000


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