Trader Joe’s, Cheesecake Factory, an indoor water park, a casino. These were but a few of the responses we received after polling our newsroom staffers about what they would like to see in Lynchburg.

Then we opened it up to readers, and you all came through. Among the suggestions we received: A beach at the foot of the Percival’s Island bridge downtown, an outdoor amphitheater or concert venue, dockless scooters and bike shares, and businesses ranging from Alamo Drafthouse to Lidl to Duck Donuts.

Another suggestion that piqued our interest was a “container park like in Vegas.” After some Googling, we discovered the city’s Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping center that’s made from repurposed shipping containers and is home to boutiques, restaurants, a playground with a giant treehouse and an “immersive, 4K-visual dome entertainment experience” featuring reclining seats. It also hosts live music events. Count us as on board with that one!

Here are some of your suggestions, and keep scrolling through the gallery to see our original newsroom picks.

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